The Awkward Handshake Edition

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There are many things happening in cyberspace and we know that you are busy with your regular office life. Now it is our duty to show you what is happening in this space and we will bring links, articles, images, and videos for you on a regular basis from all over the web. That you can entertain yourself at the weekend.

These articles will fill with many hilarious, scary, funny, shocking images and their descriptions. Today, we have named this article as Awkward Handshake Edition, here you will see some moments that will give you refreshment as you deserve. So, let’s get dive into the ultimate fun.

Here Are 20 Awkward Handshake Edition

1. Mother of Flags!

Mother of Flags!

This flag is a really complex and at the same time fun too. If you put a deep look in Norway’s flag you can see there are also 6 more flags into this one. The country flags you can find on Norway’s flag are Indonesia, Poland, Finland, France, Netherland, and Thailand.

2. Hurricane Effect!

Hurricane Effect!

Memes are always fun to see and to create. Here in this meme you can see someone who is holding his umbrella on Hurricane and it is almost collapsed and the man has got an extraordinary facial expression and it feels like Halloween.

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3. Paintception!


Well, have a break if you are feeling confused to have this. Well, A painter has painted paint here! actually, he has painted that he has been painted by a painter! It confuses me too. So, what’s your perception of this painting?

4. Are you a priority?

 Are you a priority?

Here, in this photo, you can see a puppy sitting on a bag named “Priority Mail”. The meme creator captured the right moment and created this one. It is like the puppy is saying “Why can not I seat here, I’m a priority right?”



Now, this is really funny. Here you can see an employee of an office is working and in her back, there is a piece of paper. This paper is saying not to disturb him without it is necessary and he also answered some basic questions there rather someone calls him to ask these questions.

6. Whatcha Thinking?

 Whatcha Thinking?

A funny meme on Baseball again. The two players from different teams have fallen down in the ground and it looks like they are discussing something. This photo is hilarious and baseball is heaven for meme artists.

7. Small Hulk

Small Hulk

What is the first thing came on your mind after seeing this photo? Hulk is smashing Maestro. Though A piece of cake is replacing Maestro here. But the little guy who is playing is like a heaven.

8. Color Book!

Color Book!

So, what are you thinking about this photo? are you going to paint this one? Is not it seems too easy? well, it’s a drawing book of kids, and what are you doing here? move to next!

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9. Hilarious Newspaper Photobombs: Forced Perspective

Hilarious Newspaper Photobombs: Forced Perspective

This is a funny thing. This is also a creative thing too and this started by a famous director who used to do this from the still photographs of his movies and from then it got very popular and here you can see the photos!

10. YMCA


This is hilarious, this advertisement is saying about a dance competition arranged by YMCA and the meme creator just make the fun out of this photo. It is really hard for us to understand Chinese and what about dance on Chinese?

11. The Lion King

The Lion King

Here you can see that someone has collected too many lion king staffs like dolls, plastic chassis and many more. Are you a cartoon and comic lover like this guy then we are pretty sure that you have a collection like this too on your house.

12. Duh, It’s my DAD

Duh, It's my DAD

This is so funny. A Seal is putting up his small one and it looks like it is saying”I MADE THIS”. Every father should keep some humor about his kids we suppose. This is real love and hilarious too.

13. CuTe!


So, are you made of Copper and Tellurium? This meme has got viral all over the internet because it is CUTE! The perfect idea by a meme maker and a good humorous meme could make your day we believe so.

14. Top 10 Classic Horror Stories

Top 10 Classic Horror Stories

In our very childhood we used to read books like this, can you remember this thing? Top 10 best horror stories and when we grow up we are arranging articles for you like this, so similar wages, is not it?

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15. Beer Tank!

Beer Tank!

Have you ever drink Gunniess? It is absolutely amazing to have. Well, it is in a shop in Ireland, here you can see a tank what they have planned to showcase all of their collections in one place and it is beautiful and creative.

16. Bathroom Freak!

Bathroom Freak!

Read the whole conversation fully, actually, we know you have read it before. As this is a common joke. Two people are talking to each other and suddenly discovered that one is talking over the phone and the other one thought they were talking with each other! Pathetic!

17. It is Swift Story!

It is Swift Story!

Taylor Swift is a famous singer and who does not know about the controversies around her. Especially about her breakups! Here the meme creator makes a fun out of her and shows how she make songs after getting a breakup.

18. Mini ME!

Mini ME!

This is a love thing you can see on this picture a little kitty is standing besides its mother and the meme creator put the perfect words to show the love to reflect the love between them as you can see the tag line!

19. Macro Photos of Animal Eyes

Macro Photos of Animal Eyes

Are you a photographer and like macro photography? It is something different to feel the beauty of capturing photos. Here in this picture a cat’s eye in this picture and here is the magic it looks a gigantic one.

20. Picture of the Week A top Earths Atmosphere

Picture of the Week Atop Earths Atmosphere

Now, at last, we have come to nature and you can see the beautiful and healing scene. A photograph which has captured from a handsome height and the earth looks like floating heaven from there.

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