20 Awesome Ways To Improve Your Memory

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A human brain is a huge storage of information. But it has not that much speed to recall anything instantly from its storage. Even sometimes we forget that what we have in our breakfast in the morning. But there are some criteria to improve your memory. So we make a list of those criteria. Let us talk about it.

Here Are 20 Awesome Ways To Improve Your Memory

1. Relate Information to What You Know

Relate Information to What You Know

You can attach new information to the knowledge you already possess, though it is a simple article or new knowledge that demands past knowledge. For example, by connecting with the person you know about the life of the same area, you can easily remember the address of a person. For this reason, most teachers push their thoughts about the issues they know about their students before studying them. They can improve their understanding by linking their past knowledge to the curriculum they are about to send.

2. Rehearse the Information

Rehearse the Information Awesome Ways To Improve Your Memory

The more you rehearse the more you can memorize. It is perfect to enhance your brain’s memory. When it is the time of recalling the information you will not face any obligations.

3. Play game

play game Awesome Ways To Improve Your Memory

Playing a game is not a bad idea. You could play with your colleagues and children. So your mind will be refreshed.

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4. Plan


Making a plan is a good idea about memorizing anything. This is the era of the smartphone. Even you could make a to-do list with the smartphone to make things synchronized.

5. Pay Attention

Pay AttentionPay Attention

If you cannot recall anybody’s name easily just you have introduced, it is really embarrassing. So keep talking with that person and look at his face for a while and utter his name at least for thrice. Hope it will assist you a lot to memorize. If it becomes a habit then you will never forget anything.

6. Relax

11-610x360 Awesome Ways To Improve Your Memory

Being relaxed is not only good for health but also helpful for the brain. If you are used to be relaxed at your young age then you will not face memory loss at your old age.

7. Avoid Stress

Avoid Stress

Stress is a big factor behind your memory loss. You will start to forget everything when you are under stress. So it is not only bad for health but also for your brain. Being stressed for a long time could damage the hippocampus an important part of your brain, this part of your brain is responsible for recalling old memories and generating new ones. So try to make yourself out of this stressful situation.

8. Be a Teacher

Be a Teacher

Teaching a great way to make your memory sharp. As a teacher, you have to teach the same thing again and again. So what you are teaching, you will never forget. Even you could spread your knowledge to your family and neighborhood.

9. Build a Healthy Relationship

Build a Healthy Relationship

Making a healthy relationship is always good for health. But now it is scientifically proved that it is also good for your brain. Human is naturally intended to maintain the social relationship. The human cannot live in isolation, he will lose all of his memory and even he cannot gain new ones. Making friends is a good idea, a pet could be adopted as a friend too.

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10. Eat the Right Food

Eat the Right Food

To maintain good health a balanced diet is a must. Some components are working behind our memory, such as omega-3 fatty acids, choline, and vitamin D. You can take foods which are rich in these. Complex carbohydrates are another factor behind mental energy. Omega-3 is available in coldwater fish like sardines, salmon, tuna, herring, etc. It also available in flaxseed, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and soybeans. Calories should be burned or should limit the consumption. Need to avoid those food containing saturated fat. You should avoid other processed foods and red meat. But instead, eat more fresh vegetable and fruits.

11. Exercise Your Brain

Exercise Your Brain

In addition to maintaining your body’s fitness, you have to take part in some brain exercises such as Sudoku, Chess, Mahjong, or playing card games. Win it or lose it this is not a fact.

12. Find Your Inner Talents

Find Your Inner Talents

Let creative streams flow through some new learning. It is not a problem that you do not know how to sing, write, draw or take pictures – it’s not late yet. Let’s release the subconscious mind by experimenting with new skills, create new links in your mind and possibly create a social network.

13. Focus on the Basics

Focus on the Basics

Focusing on the basics is a perfect idea to keep your brain alive. Such as how to update your personal computer’s os. You do not need to learn all newton’s theory at all.

14. Get Enough Rest

Get Enough Rest

This world is so busy nowadays, sleeping for 6 to 8 hours sounds so dreamy now. However, less sleep is bad for your mental condition and can lead to memory loss. A nap is at least a must in our daily life.

15. Give Yourself Time to Form a Memory

Give Yourself Time to Form a Memory

The memories can be easily lost as they are fragile and easily distorted. So it is important to focus on something you need to save in your memory for some time without worrying about anything new. Keep distance from distractions and complex work. Library studies cannot be a bad idea.

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16. Involve all Your Senses

Involve all Your Senses

You can also link to the odor, color, taste, and gesture that will help to imprint those in your mind. Smell is very much related to memory. For this reason, when you smell a certain flavor, remember the smell of the kitchen or the food your mother used to cook in the kitchen.

17. Laughter, the Best Medicine for the Brain

Laughter, the Best Medicine for the Brain

It is indecent but true where humor is involved in different areas of the brain, except for other emotional reactions. You can actually activate some regions of your brain that you have to use for learning and creativity.

18. Learn Some Tunes

Learn Some Tunes

I think when you are young you can remember the songs you play on the radio, but do your teachers think it is difficult to memorize the poem you asked for? If you want to think of something music can help a lot. Most people recognize songs that are familiar with the important events in their lives.

19. Listen to Classical Music

Listen to Classical Music

It is an opinion that if you desire your child to be smart, you will need to allow him to hear classical music during pregnancy. Classical music, also known as “The Mozart Effect” can enlarge the mind, make your thoughts clear, and even increase your IQ.  Some researchers opined that the complexity of the classical piece helps to make the brain stimulus more quickly. Currently, a classical concert is organized at the hospital to assist patients with Parkinson’s disease, autism, and hearing problem.

20. Move Your Body

Move Your Body Awesome Ways To Improve Your Memory

Some people could think that how could exercise help to improve your brain’s memory. But it is now scientifically proved that exercise really stimulates your brain’s memory.

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