20 Most Powerful Comic Book Characters

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To be absolutely dedicated, uniquely focused and indubitably devoted to an ideal means to be hardcore.

A supervillain is a being about whom you should have no doubt that he is the utmost evil.   

Here are the 20 most powerful comic book characters who do not care about anything good or beauty.

These characters have special powers to destroy anything that is good and they don’t hesitate to do so.

These characters have special powers to destroy anything that is good and they don’t hesitate to do so.

Here Are Top 20 Most Powerful Comic Book Characters

1. Apocalypse

Apocalypse Most Powerful Comic Book Villain

En Sabah Nur an ancient mutant is better known by the name of Apocalypse was born in Egypt.

He was known for having superhuman powers and stamina. But it is unknown how he got these powers.

He can adapt many kinds of sizes and also he is not affected by any pain and is deathless.

He believes in the survival of the fittest which made an impact on his desire to adapt the genetics of many unknown mutants like Archangel, Sinister.

He is also capable of creating more powerful super mutants.

2. Bane

Bane most powerful comic book characters

Bane is known to be the only characters who broke Batman’s back.

Fighting with Batman and breaking his back, Bane showed us how dangerous he can be.

Bane earned his fame for being the most powerful and clever enemy. Bane spent most of his life in prison and he committed his first crime there.

He murdered someone at the age of eight.  He is known for his smart, unfair but excellent strategies and unbelievable photographic memory.

He used his abilities to find out Batman’s true identity. In a word, you won’t want to have a fight with him if you are sane.

3. Black Adam

Black Adam

Captain Marvel’s antecedent Black Adam was a dishonest ancient Egyptian person. He passed through many obstacles and came to challenge the hero and his DC family members.

Black Adam is known to be having all the power of Captain Marvel. He is immortal, he doesn’t need to eat any food.

Sleep can’t touch him and he doesn’t need to breathe. He can live alone, unassisted in space. Black Adam was known for the hatred and narrow-mindedness to Captain Marvel.

4. Black hand

Black hand Most Powerful Comic Book Villain

Black Hand had a very deep obsession with death which made him a very dangerous comic supervillain.

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Black Hand had this obsession since he was a child. One day his obsession turned into reality in the death of the family dog.

Though he was taken to many psychiatrists but in vain. He ends up killing all his family members.

It is known that he created his supervillain suit out of family members cadaver pouch.

After this, he received the black ring and got declared as the symbol of death which gave him inhuman powers.

5. Brainiac


Brainiac is known to be like an android alien who was Superman’s ultimate enemy. He is the reason for diminishing and stealing Kandor which was the capital of Krypton, Superman’s home planet.

Brainiac is very powerful and got a “12th-level intellect” which means he has the ability of inhuman calculations.

He knows physics, bio-engineering and many other theoretical and applied sciences. He also acquired large-scale information about different aliens and their techs.

6. Bullseye

Bullseye most powerful comic book characters

Bullseye is a lunatic assassin. Bullseye uses the chance afforded by his line of work to utilize his homicidal tendencies. 

He does his brutal jobs and takes vengeance against Daredevil.

He is capable of turning any object like shuriken and sai,  playing cards and pencil into deadly weapons.

7. Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix

A women’s mockery should not be underestimated. Jean Grey is known as the Dark Phoenix.

She has the ability to read minds and also has the ability to move objects using the power of her mind.

She can control any circumstance at her will. Dark Phoenix aka Jean Grey is infamous for her destructive abilities.

She demolished an inhabited solar system and destroyed billions of lives which caused a supernova.

She is definitely a supervillain as she can destroy a whole entire solar system. No one should mess around with this kind of destructive girl.

8. Deathstorm

Deathstorm Most Powerful Comic Book Villain

Deathstorm is known to have extraordinary power bent on the destruction of worlds. He was the first of the revived black lanterns.

Deathstorm seems to own all the powers of the real Black Lantern Firestorm what makes him more dangerous.

He can change the form of any organics into whatever he wishes. Preparing demons from ashes is very simple to him. If he wishes he can turn enemies blood into acid.

9. Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom

10. General Zod

General Zod

A militant Kryptonian, General Zod is very tenacious, self-important person. He sees himself as a ruler of the earth.

Zod gets the advantage from the yellow who granted him powers that is similar to Superman.

Zod is also known to have excellent military tactics and trained war expertise. A collision between General Zod and Superman, Zod is more likely to win that battle.

11. Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla Grodd is infamous for his hatred of mankind. He considers that apes are more intelligent than humans.

Gorilla Grodd possesses telepathic powers which allow him to control any one’s mind as he wishes.

He has also the power of telekinetic forces. He can use telekinetic powers to change the form of the matter.

Grodd can also shift his consciousness into other bodies. These destructive powers helped him to his hunt to destroy humanity (but of course have not helped him much).

12. Loki

Loki Most Powerful Comic Book Villain

From Jotunheim race of the Frost Giants, Loki is Thor’s stepbrother. Though he was small in size due to his recessive genes instances, Loki possesses Asgardian traits like super strength, stamina.

He can protect himself from all known diseases and toxins and magic. Loki is a man of wisdom who is very smart and knows much witchcraft.

But what brings down Loki is the hatred for Thor. He tries to finish Thor but most of the time his moves make a bad impact on the earth.

13. Major Force

Major Force most powerful comic book characters

Once a superhero  Major force changed himself into a supervillain. “Fallen from grace” this phrase definitely defines him.

An entire village was destroyed by him. Raping, killing- he did it all. Green Lantern Arisia’s death, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner’s girlfriend’s demise was caused by Major Force.

Major Force was infamous for his twisted mind. He had the power to control matter.

An evil supervillain with a twisted mind and with the power to control matter definitely will bring disaster to the world.

14. Mystique


Mystiques original name is Raven Darkholme. A mutant with inhuman skills,  She can turn herself into any character she wishes. There is one weak point: whatever character she turns herself into her natural aspects will be blue skin and yellow eyes.She is known to be one of the greatest female supervillains ever created. She is the mother of Nightcrawler and a foster mother to Rogue. She might look very beautiful but she is considered to be over 100 years old.

15. Parallax


Parallax is a messenger and symbol of death. An ancient demonic being Parallax was imprisoned within the central power battery on the planet Oa.

All the Green Lanterns obtain their power from Oa planet. It is known that Parallax was so dangerous that once he was able to expunge the whole lantern universe.

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In the DC universe, the most powerful being named Specter has also fear against Parallax. This shows that how deadly can Parallax be.

16. Red Skull

Red Skull

Red Skull is a Nazi agent and is the arch-rival of Captain America. Red Skull does not have any extraordinary powers.

Although he was very smart, innovative. He has an evil mind that helped him to organize strategies against Captain America.

A cold-blooded, unforgiving person Red skull will do anything to take down Captain America.

17. Shredder


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and their mentor Splinter have a very hostile enemy who goes by the name of Oroku Saki aka The Shredder.

He is the leader of the Foot Clan.

He was a very cunning and unforgiving person. He also adapted Olympic-athletic abilities, smart and well-planned leadership.

The Shredder is a master of the ninja art known as Ninjutsu.

18. Sinestro


Hal Jordan’s previous master was Thaal Sinestro. He is infamous because of being super hostile towards the whole Green Lantern community. It’s known that Sinestro obtains a yellow power ring.

This yellow power ring can be used to create force fields, to fly, to build any sort of objects. The Yellow ring is different from the Green Lantern ring.

Sinestro’s ring works by using the emotional energy of fear. Who wears this ring makes him an expert to persuade and operate someone’s fear and use it.

19. Ultron


Ultron was a program of artificial intelligence of peacekeeping created by Tony Stark from the code deciphered derived from the Mind Stone that is inside the own Scepter of Loki, remodeled by himself with the help of Bruce Banner with the intention of Protect the Earth from any domestic and extraterrestrial threat. coming in the future.

However, Ultron, who possessed multiple host bodies under his control and a variant of Stark’s own personality, soon regarded humanity as the greatest threat to peace on Earth and tried to create his technological uniqueness by committing genocide against them, leaving only his own double went in his wake.

20. Venom

Venom most powerful comic book characters

Venom looks like a devilish form of Spiderman. He is made of soft and sticky kind of liquid. Eddie Brock is known to be the Venom, Spiderman’s monstrous side.

Venom looks like a humongous creature and has an alien-like face with ugly teeth. Venom acquires all Spiderman’s superpower along with Spiderman’s memories.

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