20 Modern Inventions That Changed The World

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In the 21st century, there are so many things we have taken as granted but made our life easier and comfortable than we ever thought. Have you ever think of a day without checking your smartphone or without having a calculator? Technology has changed very fundamental things of our daily life today. Now we can chase anyone from our computer can move easily at any corners in the world. We can preserve food and can have music at any time for free.

In this article, we are going to look at 20 inventions that have changed our lifestyles in this period of time and without then life mustn’t be that easier as it is now.

Here Are The 20 Modern Inventions That Changed The World

1. Aircraft

Aircraft is the Modern Inventions

It was a dream to fly 6000 kilometers in 6 hours in early 1900. The Wright brothers made this dream come true. When you have no wings but still you fly and arrive on your destination within some time. This might could be one of the biggest blessings in this century to invent Aircraft.

2. ATM

ATM is the Modern Inventions

So, are you running out of money? you just need to find an ATM ( Automated teller Machine). In 1967 at Barclays bank in the UK, the very first ATM introduced. John Shepherd Barron has invented ATM.

3. Automobile

Automobile is the Modern Inventions

Automobiles are one of the best inventions ever happened in humankind.Moving one place to another on wheels was an Era. Billions of people are moving one place to another with the blessing of Automobiles.You just can’t think our current world without Automobiles.

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4. Calculator

Calculator is the Modern Inventions

Who needs an intro of this very very well known device? The first electronic calculator was invented in the early ’60s. It is the device which indicates our daily Livingood and the necessity of this device.Cell phones are replacing this device nowadays with embedded systems and more features.

5. Credit card

Credit card

A credit card is a payment issue for specific users. First used in the 1920s in the United States. The very first use of the credit card was for selling fuel to a growing number of automobile owners but nowadays it can be used almost everywhere from online shopping to grocery shop to a customer who doesn’t need to calculate a remaining balance before every transaction.

6. Fridge

Fridge is the Modern Inventions

The most important particle in a kitchen I guess. Cold storages were been using to keep foods and crops back then. It not only helps to keep foods and fruits to remain good for a certain time but to keep them fresh and healthy, The first refrigerator was by the Electric good giant General in 1927.

7. Gaming Consoles

Gaming Consoles

If you have refreshments inside your home then you are familiar with gaming consoles. the first video games appeared in the1960s and after days passing by many companies had developed consoles to grab traffic towards them. Playing video games with a gaming console is always something beyond Love!

8. GPS

GPS is the Modern Inventions

Global Positioning System (GPS) was first introduced in 1978 to find your exact location via your device over the satellites. It was a great useful invention for sailors, pilots, and paramedics but now this featured has been using globally and became a part of our daily life.

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9. Gun


This very thing doesn’t need an intro. It has various purposes to use. The very first uses of guns can be seen at 1200 AC and it still carries its own weight and what could we say more about this weapon what can change even independence.

10. iPod


Did you have a walkman in your childhood? then you must know about the iPod. This small good thing can give a heavenly musical environment and its a multi-purpose pocket computer too. You can have more than 30000 songs in it because of its large memory space!

11. Microwave


The microwave oven is a common component nowadays in every kitchen. The very first microwave oven was sold in 1947. The microwave oven is mainly used to cook and hit previously cooked food for reassembling foods. You can not decorate your modern kitchen without this helpful kit.

12. Mobile phone

Mobile phone

Can you imagine your single day without a mobile phone? There are more than 5.5 billion mobile phones that are using all over the world currently. This magical device will allow to transmit, recieve calls, sending emails, using GPS from anywhere in the world!

13. Printing Press

Printing Press

The printing press is one of the great inventions of the world. It transforms ink into from an inked surface and the media. History of the printing press got started in the 3rd century. In modern days we use electronic printing press in our office and home, commonly known as “Printers”.

14. Radio


Radio is a technology that carries information by using radio waves. Guglielmo Marconi felt the necessity of passing information via radio frequency. In 1901 the first prototype of radio was designed and till then to now it has become a part of our daily life.

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15. Robots


A machine what is programmable by computer and helps mankind in versatile purposes in daily life. Robots can be semi-autonomous and in some cases full autonomous as we can see the autonomous car project by Tesla. Robots have replaced humans in many dangerous tasks.

16. Steam Engine

Steam Engine

A steam engine is a type of heat engine that works over the using of steam as its fuel. It was the very starting of the industrial revolution which brought the greatest change over civilization. A well maintained and powerful steam was showed by Thomas Newcomen by 1712.

17. Telephone

Telephone is the Modern Inventions

A telephone permits two or more users to build a conversation when everyone stays too far from one another. Alexander Graham Bell made first made a patent of the telephone in 1876 with a clear human voice.

18. Television


Television is a telecommunication media used for transmitting media and moving images. This is very commonplace in home, institute, transports, hotels and many more for various purposes mainly for advertising and news. In recent years internet televisions are getting popular to audiences.

19. The Bar code

The Bar code is the Modern Inventions

Norman Woodland has made this monotonous black and white lines but the magical thing is this could find almost everything in a super shop or a book store. This invention has changed the way we buy something.

20. Digital Camera

Digital Camera is the Modern Inventions

The digital camera captures photographs and saves them in digital memory. A Kodak engineer Steven Sasson invented and built the first digital camera in 1975. Nowadays various digital cameras are coming up with alluring features and tangibility.

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