What A Woman Really Means When She Says

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This time it is a real phenomenon, you probably don’t understand versatile languages like French, Bangla, Hibru but we are not talking about those languages today, we are here to talk about women’s language.

Yes, we find it almost impossible sometimes to find what are they up to.

Here in this article, we have assembled 20 women languages that will direct you to complete the opposite! yes, so not getting more delay; let’s jump into the photo gallery and try to understand the original meaning of this sayings.

1. 5 minutes

5 minutes

Actually, this depends on the context. If she is getting dressed then it is most likely somewhere between 30 and 40 minutes.

If you are watching TV then it is closer to 0 minutes. So, learn about time management before you are about to handle a woman.

2. Are you listening

Are you listening

If you are not listening when she is calling. There is no way to recover from this. Always be aware of this sentence because it seems that there is a storm coming within a few minutes.

3. Do I look fat in this

Do I look fat in this

A better translation would be “Do you think I’m ugly?” and the answer is definitely “no”. If you come up with a diplomatic answer then its high time to take protection!

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4. Don’t worry about it

Don't worry about it

This means she has told you to do something ( and if more than once) and she is now going to do it herself. Any further inquiries on your part will most likely result in! You need to know, that you have done something wrong.

5. Fine


“Fine” this tinny word defines a major thing and this means the argument is over and you lost. So whenever you are on an argument try to grip over the situation otherwise you are going to listen to this word.

6. Go ahead

Go ahead

This sentence is representing, “do not misconstrue this as permission”. In fact, it’s more of a dare. Actually, its always a dare.

Don’t do it. If you then you are going to have this more. Now it’s up to you.

7. It would be nice if…

It would be nice if...

Like you are going through a perfect conversation and suddenly there was an “If”. Everything following the “if” is meant to be interpreted as an outright order. So, be aware when you listen to this.

8. It’s okay

It's okay

Though it sounds okay; It’s never okay. This only means that she needs some time to figure out your punishment. So, if she said something like this be prepared for the hurricane.

9. It’s up to you

It's up to you

So, if you think this means you have the freedom to choose then you are very, very mistaken. A much better translation would be “It’s up to you…to select the right choice which I know but I am not going to tell you because you should know.” Making the wrong choice will usually result in an “It’s okay”

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10. Loud sigh

Loud sigh

You might not think so, but this is actually a word and it can roughly be translated as “I can’t believe I have to stand here and put up with your stupidity”. So, be careful turning on this situation.

11. Maybe


When someone said “May Be” then you could hear this as “No”. This is actually a particular word that actually means something totally different from how it originally sounds,

12. No


If you hear this then you need to put this on your mind that it means “no”. You can not even say something over this and if you say so then you are again going to hear “No”.

13. Nothing


The word means it is something. It is definitely something and you had better figure it out real quick. The fast you can find it out the fast you could have a grip over the situation.

14. Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot

Though It’s a very small distinction; this is actually the opposite of “thanks”. Under no circumstances should you say “you’re welcome”. Typically that would land you back at the previous one.

15. Thanks


It means thanks. Whenever you heard this you just need to say “you’re welcome”. Otherwise, there is a huge probability of loose control over the situation. So keep practicing.

16. We can go anywhere you want

We can go anywhere you want

You always need to understand the pulse of the woman you are talking with. In most cases, this means “You had better choose my favorite restaurant”. So, never do late to get her there.

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17. We need to talk

We need to talk

Probably this is the time you need a shelter but you need to be prepared also to face this thing. But sometimes you need to assume that you’re dead; after hearing this one.

18. What are you doing

What are you doing

Though it seems like a question this is not. It’s a statement akin to “You’re doing it wrong.” So whenever she says this you need to find it out that where you have done something wrong.

19. Whatever


This is like “fine” except significantly worse. In fact, many times it will follow she is changing the path and there will be a completely new segment of talking. You just need to see her expressions during the conversation.

20. Yes


In most cases, this also means no. There are exceptions but they are very hard to distinguish.

So always you to feel the nerve of the woman you are talking with only then you can learn all these things.

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