20 Weird Things About Languages

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The article, I hope, will create an opportunity to share knowledge and research outcomes of the evolving many languages relating to the country among the participation of national and international researchers. Do you know each language is an important tool of communication?

Therefore, each language of the county is the system of communication that consists of a set of sound as well as written symbols which are used by the people of a particular country or reason. Moreover, it is hard to believe that almost one to seven languages spoken on Earth today come from just one small country. Here is a list of 20 most weird things about languages.

Here Are 20 Weird Things About Languages

1. People Speaking France

There are 13 ways to spell the "o" sound in French Weird Things About Languages

Do you know there are 13 ways to spell the “o” sound in France? As far as I know, France is a Romance language of the Indo-European family.  France is also considered as the only official language according to the French constitution. Besides, several weird things about languages of France are also spoken to varying degrees as a secondary language.

2. Papua New Guinea

840 (almost 1/7) of all the languages on Earth are spoken in 1 country...Papua New Guinea Weird Things About Languages

Papua New Guinea is considered the most linguistically diverse country in the world with 851 individual languages. It is also known that almost 1/7 of all languages on earth are spoken in 1 country. English is their official language but only 1-2% of the population indeed speak it.

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3. Japanese Speaking English

Weird Things About Languages Japanese Speaking English

Who doesn’t love to talk English? A Japanese man who recently applied the national broadcasting company for the mental distress they caused him by using too many English words in their program. He learns English far and away.

4. Extinct Language

About 2,400 of them are  in danger of going extinct Weird Things About Languages

Do you know which is the first ancient language in the world? Some oldest languages in the world still widely used. On the other hand, nearly 2,400 languages are in danger of going extinct due to the modern period.

5. Basque language

Basque, a language spoken unusual language facts

Basque is the most popular language spoken in the mountains of Spain and France.  It is considered as the only European language not related to any other known language.

6. Argentina Language

Besides Wales, Argentina unusual language facts

200 years before Argentina would be considered as the only other country where Welsh was spoken by a significant minority. Right now Argentina is known as one of several Spanish-speaking countries.

7. Frisian language

Frisian, a language unusual language facts

As far as I know, the Frisian language is a completely related group of Germanic languages. About 5000,000 furnish people use this language. It is deemed as the easiest foreign language for English speakers to learn.

8. Archi language

In Archi, a language unusual language facts

Do you want to learn the Archi language? It can be hard to learn this language. Although we abe to transmit knowledge across minds, Also, We can gauge weird things about languages right now. Archi language hasn’t been definitely established for its several voiceless velar lateral fricatives. Each verb of this language can have up to 1.5 million different conjugations and spoken around the Caspian Sea.

9. In fact, one goes extinct every 14 days

In fact, one goes extinct every 14 days weird things about the english language

What is your first concept to see this picture? You can think, he has a frog in his throat may he need a glass of water!  No, he is a learner of the language and spent 14 days to learn one sentence of Archi language. Do you have any couch potato in your family like this person? It is true that learning some different languages can be fun and open new possibilities in the future.

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10. Klingon Language

 language of Klingon
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sPCUv08k4o

Marc Okrand who is the linguistics professor responsible for coming up with the fictional language of Klingon. He spent almost 3 years to teach his son when he was little. In spite of his enough experience in this language, he failed to teach his son who went on to forgot everything later.

11. South Africa’s Language

South Africa weird things about the english language

Do you know South Africa has eleventh official languages? All official languages are equal in legal status as well as unofficial languages are protected under the constitution of the country South Africa.

12.  Zuni Tribe Language

The language of the Native American Zuni tribe unusual linguistic facts

Zuni tribe is known as the Native American language has resemblances to Japanese. About 9,500 people use it as their mother language. Zuni is still spoken by a significant number of children, unlike weird things about language.

13. The Bible

The most translated book is the Bible at 2,454 known languages unusual linguistic facts

Who doesn’t love the Bible as a major holy book?  The bible is deemed as the record of the relationship between God and humans by Christians, Jews. The bible is considered as the most translated book. Translating the bible almost 2454 languages have been made.

14. The pope

The pope tweets in 9 languages and his Spanish account has the most followers unusual linguistic facts

Generally, the pope is known as the supreme pontiff and leader of the worldwide Catholic Church. If you search online you will get the report of the pope’s Spanish account is the most famous and has many followers for tweets in nine languages.

15. The second most translated book is Pinocchio

The second most translated book is Pinocchio weird things about english grammar

Pinocchio is one of the most popular fictional character books in the present world. It is also considered as the protagonist of the children’s novel by Italian famous writer Carlo Collodi. Most of the researchers confess their opinion that Pinocchio is the second most famous translated book in the world.

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16. Silbo Language

The Silbo language weird things about english grammar

Silbo is considered as the unique language form of communication through whistling used for thousands of years in La Gomera. The weird things about Language that reproduces Castilian Spanish. The language of its inhabitants has been passed down for centuries from father to son. It is another tool for working in the countrysides.

17. Papuan language

The smallest number of letters in an alphabet is 11, in the Papuan language known as Rotokas weird things about english grammar

Papuan language is a critical language which is considered as the non-Austronesian and non-Australian language. It is spoken on the western Pacific island of New Guinea. It smallest number of letters in an alphabet is only 11, in the Papuan language known as Rotokas.

18. Model United Nations Flags

There are roughly 7,000 languages estimated to still be spoken on Earth what is unique about the english language

Can you imagine there are roughly 7,000 languages estimated to still be spoken on Earth? History says the flags of the united nations were adopted on December 7, 1946, and consist of the official symbol of the United Nations in white on a blue background.

19. Botswana Language

There is a language in Botswana that consists of 5 primary click sounds wesome facts about languages

Black and white Botswana is a landlocked country in South Africa. In Botswana, there is a language that consists of five primary click sounds.

20.Mexico Language
There is a language in Mexico that is in danger of dying out because the remaining two speakers refuse to talk to one another

Would you like to learn the Mexico language? Of course, you can learn it if you love this language. Searching in Mexico you can find weird things about language that are danger of dying out. Even the remaining two speakers refuse to talk to one another.

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