20 Uses For Duct Tape Around The House

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Duct Tape a strong adhesive tape which is waterproof and silver-colored cloth tape that is used for various reasons by plumbers, electricians as well as all the people. The tape is first developed during World War II. A durable duck cloth on its backing makes it most useful for various places even houses. Here are 20 Uses for Duct Tape around the house.

Here Are The 20 Uses For Duct Tape Around The House

1. Cat hat.

Cat hat 20 Uses For Duct Tape Around The House

You may not get any kind of a hat for your dearest pets in the market. But you badly need a hat for your cat, then you have only an option in your hand that you have to make the hat on your own hand. But how? Don’t be panic, the problem of yours can solve the duct tape.

2. Computer casing

Computer casing Duct Tape Uses Warts

Suppose, you have all the parts of a computer. Just you don’t have a computer casing. Then you may not set up your computer. Don’t be worried. If someone uses for Duct Tape around the house, it can solve everything, even he can easily make a casing for the computer set up.

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3. Couch

Couch 20 Uses For Duct Tape Around The House

You have a couch but it looks so dirty? You could not use it. Just find out some Duct tape that can remove your problem. You may easily decorate your couch by it.

4. Cup

prepperrecon.comThink a group of friends want some drink but there have no enough cups for them. Then what should they do that time? of course, they have to go to a market to buy the cups. If you have duct tape, you could not go out for buying cups.

5. Emergency flip flops

Emergency flip flops Duct Tape Uses Warts

Think you lost your shoes! Then what would you happen? Just brings some duct tape and make a flip flops hurry to use emergency purposes.

6. Fisherman’s sandals

Fisherman's sandals

Though you are not a fisherman, you can solve fisherman problems to make a pair of sandals with the duct tape.

7. Fix a leaking boat

Fix a leaking boat

Duct Tape is used for various purposes. By helping with the tape you can easily fix your leaking boats. It is so much useful and a great Duct tap technique for an emergency.

8. Fixing a car

Fixing a car 20 Uses For Duct Tape Around The House

Suddenly, your car may damage, but you don’t have time to go to a garage. If you have duct tape in your house, you needn’t go there. Just take some duct tape and wrap them on the car.

9. Flashlight headlights

Flashlight headlights

Want to tie flashlights with your cycle and ride in the night. Just take some duct tape and flashlights and wrap them with your cycle’s handles.

10. Hair Removal

Hair Removal 20 Uses For Duct Tape Around The House

Though there are various easy and better ways to remove hair from your chest. But duct tape also can help you to remove your hair from your chest.

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11. Hammock

Hammock Duct Tape Uses Warts

Want to make a Hammock for yourselves or your child to spend vacation time. But you haven’t net or others equipment to mend it? No problems! Just brings some duct tape. By the tape, you can easily make a Hammock.

12. Homemade parachute

Homemade parachute Duct Tape Uses Warts

The uses of duct tape are numerous. By the strong tape, you can make a parachute. If though we are not exactly know how can it make. But we trust, if you try your best, you may invent a parachute by using the strong and durable tape.

13. iPhone Case and Dock

iPhone Case and Dock

To buy an iPhone Case and Dock need money and time also, but you can easily solve the buying case if you have duct tape in your home. It can save your expense as well time.

14. Necktie

Necktie Duct Tape Uses Warts

A necktie is a fashionable narrow piece of cloth that is used by men for more stylish. But if you feel a little bit peculiar necktie. The duct tape would help you.

15. Prom Dress or Suit

Prom Dress or Suit

Wanna to make prom dresses your child or yourself? It will be some expensive. But you can make it cheapest way to use duct tape. The dress would coolest yourself as well as your babies.

16. Putting things on top of a car

Putting things on top of a car

Something big that don’t attach in your car? You may take it on the roof. Rope or wire may solve your problem to tie the things, but they can create warts on your car. Here is only a solution that uses of duct tape. It can tie your things safely without creating any warts.

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17. Refrigerator Shelves

Refrigerator Shelves Duct Tape Uses Warts

The Shelves of your Refrigerator would break accidentally which is a little bit peculiar for you. But if anyone uses for Duct Tape around the house, who can easily be solved the shelves and keep his foods or other things in it.

18. Removing warts

Removing warts

The duct tape can remove warts like removing hair. Just wrap a little piece of tape on the spot and wait some days. The warts of your body would vanish from your body.

19. Saving windows during Hurricanes

Saving windows during Hurricanes Duct Tape Uses Warts

Duct tape is not only used for repair or invents something but also it can protect your assets too. Before hurricane or other natural storms, you can save your windows. Just wrap your windows with duct tape and stay cool.

20. Wallet

Wallet Duct Tape Uses Warts

Suddenly anyone has suffered to keep money in the pocket. But the tape removes the suffers. Easily, you can make a wallet by the tape and keep money into it.

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