20 Turtle Burger Urban Dictionary

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Here we are again! with amazing photos and their short stories for you. In this segment, we try to bring the whole craziness of the Internet for our readers and we are back again! We collect pictures, videos, links from all over the web and represent this. This time we name it Turtle Urban Dictionary!

In this article, we have made a list of 20 turtle burger urban dictionary that highlights everything from craziest compilations and best stairs for the gym. We always admire the effort of your job life and this weekend this article will bring you refreshment and you have to think twice in some phases while reading our article! So, Let’s dive into this and have fun:

 Here Are 20 Turtle Burger Urban Dictionary

1. Turtle Burgle

Turtle Burgle

Have you seen this before! a turtle burger! is not it amazing to see? The picture of the turtle burger urban dictionary can express the current photoshop level. This looks very beautiful and of course very appealing at the same time. So, what are you thinking to do? I think this will be very delicious.

2. Alarming Message!

Alarming Message!

Now, this is very funny and you have to understand this. Look at the photo very carefully and we hope you can understand the fun fact! 3 out of 4 people make up 75% of the population because 4 out of 4 people make 100% of the population!

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3. Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie

This is a real fortune cookie! If you are very regular on the Internet then we hope you are familiar with this name fortune cookie. This fortune cookie has given a horoscope for you that you will spend your next four hours staring at a screen!

4. Think value!

Think value!

Hilarious one! this is a photo from a shopping mall we guess and there is a catchy tagline there to buy things which is $1 to have and just look at the image the whole rack is absolutely blank! people are crazy about shopping.

5. Gym Stairs

Gym Stairs

LOL! (Laugh out Loudly). Well, you will also say LOL! after understanding the fact of this photo. This is a stair of a gym you can see in the picture. Every step of the stair is describing how will you burn your calories after climbing step by step on the stair!

6. Life!


Now, this is a hilarious answer given by this person! This is a very common thing when you will ask something over the Internet to know there will must some answers that will make everyone laugh and this is just another one here!

7. Cereal Killer!

Cereal Killer!

Meet with this “Cereal” killer, who has killed all the cereals he has eaten and attached them with his own body to create a movement. A funny and creative turtle burger urban dictionary concept that shows a small boy is a part of the main tag line because he is the “Cereal” killer.

8. Charged Cat!

Charged Cat!

Just look at the eyes of this cat! they are glowing with an age-old light. There is a cable under the cat and it looks like the cat has been fully charged this time. The timing and the idea is fantastic by the creator.

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9. Be Careful!

 Be Careful!

Have you read the tagline of this topics? Isn’t it scary for us? so, kids go be with your books! It is so funny, Dinosaurs did not read and now they are extinct. So, what we have to evade extinct is to read more!

10. Are you?

Are you?

I am not also saying that I’m better than Joss Whedon, I am typing this! Twitter is a place for the persons who can blow this with their funny twits all day long. So, if you want to have some then have an account and just check this out!



Here in this photo what are you seeing? Is it a stupid thing you are assuming? Maybe it is but the theme the man is giving is a bit awkward. A man with a hot-dog in his mouth looks like Duh!

12. Never Alone

Never Alone

You are thinking that you are alone? This is not true at least not Biologically. You can see hormones, cells, and plasmas in your body. Here are some commons like Endolimax, Lactobacillus, Mathanobectar, Bacteroides and many more.

13. Lunch eater Punishment!

Lunch eater Punishment!

Has your lunch eaten by someone else ever? Then you could be related to the picture we hope. A person has written to the thief who has eaten his lunch. Just read through and you can capture the humor here.

14. This is Attitude!

This is Attitude!

This is so true. The most popular Cellist Pablo Casals once asked why he has continued to practice at his 90s and then he replied he is still progressing. This is how a true professional behaves and we need to learn from them.

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15. Smoky One!

Smoky One!

Here this is a  facebook status given by someone unknown, who is assigned to put off forest fires and claims that this person is finding stressful and he cannot prevent forest fires! He is not trained and not even signed up for the position!

16. Nail-Polish Man

Nail-Polish Man

This is hilarious. Someone is carrying nail-polish with him on a local train! this is pathetic too because the guy who is carrying looks like an evil character and he is carrying those nail polishes like bullets of machine gun!

17. Nail Houses Lone Chinese Homes When The Owners Don’t Want To Move For New Development

 Nail Houses Lone Chinese Homes When The Owners Don't Want To Move For New Development

Well, this is a fact, that must happen when the homeowner does not agree to broke his house. This turtle burger urban dictionary was taken in China and the thing happened here is the government to build a road with remaining this house!

18. The First Car Accident

The First Car Accident

Car accident is a sad incident and that could happen with anyone. We never want that to happen. Today we are talking about the first car accident and apparently, the photo was taken then! Always stay safe.

19. The Stunning Astrophotography of Michael Shaimblum

The Stunning Astrophotography of Michael Shaimblum

Michael Shamblin is one of the best-renowned photographers of our age. Look at the photo and get amazed every time. This beautiful stunning photo always represents the vibe of nature. Feel it, breath it!

20. What The Future Looked Like In 1900

What The Future Looked Like In 1900

This was an image of the early 1900s and they assumed there will be someday when things could happen like this. But the reality is technology has done a lot than turtle burger urban dictionary what they can not even imagine back at that time.

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