Those 20 Good Luck Charms That Work From Around The World

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A good luck charm is an ornament or another item that is believed to carry good luck. Around anything can be applied like a charm. Human being has been practicing good luck charms for many years for anything from originating financial success to warding off darkness.

Some of the good luck charms are seen everywhere and throughout many cultures, customs, traditions while some are unusual, unique to a specified society. Anyway, just keep yourself protected and flourishing with listed good luck charms.

If you believe in the ancient custom and good luck charms the articles can help you. However, here are the 20 Good Luck Charms That Work From Around The World. I hope you will be enjoyed.

1. Acorn


The acorn or oak nut is the fruit of the oaks and their neighboring families. It normally holds a single seed, confined in a tough, durable shell, and produced in a cup-shaped cupule.

In Norse, Viking society, a single acorn is put on a windowsill to defend the home from lightning strikes. As oak trees fascinate lightning, the Vikings saw them as having been saved the wrath of Thor, the Norse god who produced thunder and firebolt.

2. Alligator Teeth

Alligator Teeth

Alligator teeth have been practiced for hundreds of years in the Americas to carry prosperity as well as fortune.

How and why the custom started or originated is unexplored. Alligators shed their teeth, whether they have been injured or not, so possibly it was just the point that they were abundant and free-people just required to find a use for them.

In various locality- wearing the tooth of an alligator isn’t just for Steve Irwin or Californian surfers, some of the African cultures believe that alligator teeth bring great fortune while gambling.

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3. Bamboo


You maybe have heard that the bamboo brings in good luck. But do you know that it can also multiply use as an internal decoration accessory?

However, usually sold as fortunate bamboo but more properly named friendship bamboo, giving a gift of the plant is said to carry the receiver good fortune.

Putting a harmony with bamboo plant on the east part of a room will develop your energy, according to Feng Shui.

4. Coins


From a favorable cent to lucky Chinese coins, these pieces of money are significant-good luck charms in various cultures. The rule has it that you only strike up a coin if it’s face-side up.

You are assumed to improve your luck if you wear a bent coin around your collar or keep it in your left pocket. Numerous people also include a coin in a new coat, wallet, as well as a pair of shoes.

5. Cricket


Crickets are a symbol of good luck, especially in Asian and Native American tradition and culture.

It is offensive luck to kill a cricket, even if unintentionally. They are seen by some Asian cultures to play as a guardian of the house, stopping their chirping whenever crisis is next door.

6. Dragon


The energy and regality of a dragon pass onto you when in the territory of a dragon sculpture or charm.

Particularly helpful if you are looking to progress career-wise, a dragon charm is said to give you influence skills and provide your position in the corporation.

7. Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

Native American practice prominently emphasizes dream catchers to gather good desires and do away with bad desires. The motivation comes from the tale of Nokomis, the ancestor in Ojibwa folklore.

Nokomis observed a spider weave its web day-after-day until one day her grandson appeared in and tried to kill the spider. She defended the spider and, in return, the spider moved to the window and spun a fresh web in the moonlight.

It told Nokomis; ‘See how I produce. See and study, for each web will catch bad desires. Only good desires will go through the tiny hole.’

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8. Evil Eye

Evil Eye

In the Middle Eastern cultures, an Evil Eye charm wards off the Evil Eye; a denunciation received from the ill-disposed glance of another, often unannounced to the one being pierced at.

The charm protects the wearer from the evil glance and it is one of the most widespread tourist buys over the Middle East.

9. Horseshoe


Fascinating on the energy and power of a horse, horseshoes are convincing good luck charms. A myth of Saint Dunstan from the 10th century says he ambushed the devil in a horseshoe; thus way, inserting one above your door guards your home against evil.  A downward-facing once is said to protect you in good luck.

10. Imperial Guardian Lion

Imperial Guardian Lion

Imperial Garden Lions is also called Fu dogs. They are seen everywhere in Asia, notably China.

The statues are usually installed in a pair outside one’s home to ward off burglars and robbers which is why they are usually seen outside of mansions and churches.

11. Kachina


Kachinas are one kind of dolls which symbolize the spirits of things in the actual world to Native Americans in the American Southwest and Central America.

The dolls are clothed up and usually played with by children. Drawing the doll’s spirit into one’s residence and family is said to bring a good harvest.

12. Ladybugs


Most utmost bugs should not be greeted in your garden, but if a ladybug comes by, just welcome it. The good luck charm is said to carry good luck and success, particularly if it arrives on your hand.

If a woman has been newly married, the places on the back of a ladybug settling on her hand are said to symbolize how many babies she will have.

13. Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha

Out of the numerous Buddha figures out there, the giggling Buddha is exceptionally lucky because it uses his religious wealth to bring you substantial wealth.

Feng Shui supports placing one in the west portion of your residence to deliver health and wealth.

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14. Pig


Pigs symbolize wealth and success completely Europe as well as some parts of Asia. Chinese belief also associates honesty and perseverance to the pig.

It’s gently to see why, then, a pig was preferred to keep money in the form of a piggy bank.

15. Rabbit’s Foot

Rabbit's Foot

A rabbit’s foot is granted a good luck charm but only if it comes from the hindmost legs. The foot depicts productivity due to rabbit’s amazingly high procreative movement. If you wear a rabbit’s foot, it’s said you will mother or father a baby soon.

16. Scarab


Scarab beetle charms were particularly common in classical Egypt. They described the upcoming sun, warded off evil, and were compared with resurrection and transmutation.

17. Three-Legged Toad

Three-Legged Toad

The three-legged toad is one of the most well-known good luck charms in some Asian cultures.

Most figures come with a coin in the toad’s mouth which must emphasize the Chinese figures pointing upwards. Never face the toad towards a door pointing to the exterior of your residence.

18. Triangle


Triangles are midway emphasized throughout antiquity due to their durability as a structure and their three sides depicting the life cycle; beginning, adulthood, and death.

Triangles are usually assigned to Egyptian pyramids and the representation on the back of the U.S. dollar.

19. Wishing Well

Wishing Well

Raisings and cultures around the world are familiar with the throwing of a coin into a well or stream. Infrequently tossing a coin into a well is said to appease the gods and hold the well from going bare.

If you resemble your appearance in a still pool, make a wish and toss in a coin for your wish to be conferred.

20. Ladder


Numerous people believe that walking below a ladder propped up against a wall creates bad luck.

This is because roaming under a ladder is said to demolish the combination of the three-member unit depicted by a triangle, either the family of the Holy Trinity. If you do walk beneath a ladder, fix your luck by crossing your thumbs and ejecting through its rungs three times.

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