20 Amazing Sushi Decoration Ideas

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Sushi is a Japanese staple food. It is considered as low in cholesterol and high vitamin food, consisting of cooked vinegared rice combined with other ingredients like seafood, vegetables, and tropical foods. 

Would you like to make amazing food decorations? Sushi is the perfect food for furnishing wonderful food items.

Basically, fermented fish was taken out of the rice as well as only the fish was utilized when the fermented rice was dismissed.

Moreover, the contemporaneous version of sushi originated in the early 19th century but since then, this food is constantly improved and refined.

In addition to that, sushi is the most popular food all over the world. Right now, a wide range of sushi arises from various fillings, condiments, toppings, and preparation.

Using sushi, some intelligent person has also grown their artistic ability and improved skills.

Sushi food design is a hobby, it can be just too cute and elongate to consume. Here is a list of  20 amazing sushi decoration ideas, never seen these before.

Here Are 20 List of Amazing Sushi Decoration Ideas

1. Angry Birds Sushi

If you like Angry Birds, you have to try this “angry sushi”. Sushi Party Decoration Ideas

Can you imagine how it is possible?  Everything is possible but you have to understand what is the perfect weapon to make amazing something.

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Sushi food is the best weapon to make wonderful food decoration. If you like Angry Birds, you have to try this “angry sushi”.

2. Minion fans

Minion fans can also find their version of this Japanese delicacy. Sushi Party Decoration Ideas

Do you need a surprising version of food decoration for your kids? You can follow our picture and just make an alternative from this sushi decoration idea.  

Minion fans are considered as the best entertainment part of kids. It can also find their version of this Japanese delicacy.

3. Cute Sushi Designs

Giving these cute sushi designs to kids might be a good way to make them eat healthy. Sushi Party Decoration Ideas

Is your baby not interested to eat tiffin? You just follow this image and make homemade food for your baby.

Giving these cute sushi designs to kids might be a good way to make them eat healthily.

4. Black and White Pattern panda bears

Thanks to its typical black and white pattern, panda bears are popular subjects for sushi artists. Sushi Party Decoration Ideas

Thanks a lot to its standard black and white pattern, panda bears are popular subjects for sushi artists.

It is not only popular for sushi artists but too entertainment part for everyone.

5. Sushi Pandas Eating

For example, Sushi pandas eating… sushi decoration ideas

You probably thinking that sushi pandas are really eating on the plate. It is a mindblowing food declaration by sushi.

It is time to eat for pandas and next you will eat them… just wait.

6. Sushi Pandas about to be eaten.

… and sushi pandas about to be eaten. sushi decoration ideas

Do you know how to eat sushi pandas? You just use two sticks to eat this food. It is not only a portion of tasty food but also an amazing sushi decoration idea. Time for you to eat sushi pandas.

7. Edvard Munch´s masterpiece

Art lovers will certainly recognize the Edvard Munch´s masterpiece “The Scream” in this sushi. sushi decoration leaf

Are you planning to create an astounding style of food design?  You can make your item to follow this picture.

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Art lovers will certainly recognize the Edvard Munch´s masterpiece “The Scream” in this sushi. It is truly a terrifying piece of art.

Good thing you can push these in your mouth and save yourself the horror.

8. Presidents Shape

Presidents often have their stuff customized and sushi is no exception. sushi decoration leaf

Can you observe what is the name of the president? It’s an easy question but this crazy food decoration makes difficult to replay the answers. 

 Presidents often have their stuff customized and sushi is no exception.

9. Sushi Map

  sushi map sushi presentation ideas

Are you planning to make the world’s map?  Not sure what part of the globe it should represent but this sushi map is something every traveler has to try.

10. Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty sushi presentation ideas

Sushi is a traditional food of Japan. Hello Kitty comes from Japan so it is no wonder it’s also a popular sushi theme.

11. Similar to Pokémon characters.

Similar to Pokémon characters. sushi garnish roe

A picture is not a real example of an amazing style of food decoration. If you would like to prove yourself then make this one look like this image.

12. IT Geeks

Yep, even IT geeks sushi garnish roe

Who doesn’t know about XP windows?  It is a marvelous sushi food decoration which astonishes me.

You can make this item for your kids. Yep, even IT geeks can now enjoy their sushi.

13. Check out this sushi iPhone!

Check out this sushi iPhone! sushi garnish common

Who doesn’t like the iPhone?  Buying an iPhone is a dream of our life.

Unquestionably, it is a wondrous food item that looks like an iPhone. Try it to be a real expert on food design.

14. Halloween Sushi

  Halloween sushi this Halloween… sushi garnish common

If you missed the Halloween sushi this Halloween. It can not be very warm or last very long, but it can be delicious.

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15. Santa Sushi

decorative cucumber slices Santa sushi for Christmas.

Christmas is one of the best entertainment parts of our life. It will be a particular sushi decoration idea on the day. 

Furthermore, make sure to prepare some Santa sushi for Christmas.

16. St. Valentine present Sushi

cucumber decoration  St. Valentine present for her/him.

Are you planning to make an uncommon food item on valentine’s day? It will be best for you.

Speaking of special occasion sushi, this might be the perfect St. Valentine present for her/him.

17. Little penguins

sushi plating techniques poor little penguins.

Are you a heartless person? you can eat these poor little penguins. I guess we have not heard because they look delicious.

Penguins group together for warmth in the serious territory of the bento box tundra. They never know when they will be picked up and eaten.

18. Sushi Chefs

The most elaborated pieces can take the itamaes (sushi chefs) hours of hard work. sushi plate decoration

Are you a professional food designer?  It is a totally different food design from others. As a professional, you have to bring a change in design.

That’s why you can try it. The most elaborate pieces can take the items (sushi chefs) hours of hard work.

19. Sushi designs for Ladies

Slightly obscene sushi designs for ladies sushi plate decoration

Are you a learner of food design? Try to make it for your better performance. Slightly obscene sushi decoration idea for ladies are also available.

20. Hannibal Lecter Sushi

Sushi Party Decoration Ideas Hannibal Lecter limited sushi series.

It is a wonderful sushi food presentation in Japan. Most restaurants in Japan make the mindblowing style of food decoration by sushi. It is a piece from the Hannibal Lecter limited sushi series.

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