20 Strangest Toys Of All Time [Creepy Toys]

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Toy industry built around the world gives kids things to play. An entire store dedicated to nothing but toys is a great joyful sight for children.  It is not uncommon that some of the toys will be a bit strange. From Doggie Doo to Dolls that you can shave, these are the 20 strangest toys of All Time.

Here Are The 20 Creepy Toys Of All Time

1. Doggie Doo

Doggie Doo Strangest Toys Of All Time creepy toys

Doggie Doo is one kind of pup toys which designed mainly for children, ages up to four. If you want to feed your toy dog, you will artificially do it. It is one the major feature of the Doggie Doo.

2. Erwin, the Surgery Doll

Erwin, the Surgery Doll creepy toys

The Erwin is a learning anatomy strangest toy doll which designed for the children who want to serve as a doctor in their future. It also inspires them to become a doctor.

3. Face bank


Face banks are some of the emotion showings toy banks where you can save your money. Besides saving money, it also can be decorated as the showpieces in your home.

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4. Gun O’ Clock

Gun O’ Clock

Gun O’ Clock is a toy, alarm clock which has made for the people who can’t get up early in the morning. If you set it up before going to bed, it may not stop without a shot by the toy gun.

5. Jar Jar Binks Tongue Candy

Jar Jar Binks Tongue Candy Strangest Toys Of All Time

It is one of the peculiar looking candies. It is not only an actual strange toy, but also candy for both playing and eating.

6. The sense of Right Alliance

Sense of Right Alliance

The sense of Right Alliance is mainly a team of superheroes formed by SHIELD. The team helps people from any destroying crisis. This strangest toy is made for the characters of cinema.

7. H-Bouya

H-bouya creepy toys

H-Bouya is one kind of USB toy which you can connect to your laptop, tab, notebook etc. The toys may remove your confused and uncomfortable feelings during work.

8. Ran Over Cat

Ran Over Cat creepy toys

It is just a toy cat which is horrible looked. They ran over Cat is designed as a prank toy as well.

9. Plays Kool Safe Cracker Set

Playskool Safe Cracker Set

Plays Kool Safe Cracker is a set of playing box which is designed for the younger mainly for the kinder garden school child.

10. Paraplush


Purplish is some of the toy dolls which are made of fabrics and foams with multi-colours. They are normally used as a toy and decorated home.

11. Mega Plumber Action Hero

Mega Plumber Action Hero

A plumber is a man whose job is to repair things like water and drainage pipes, baths etc. The Mega Plumber Action Hero is made to take the idea from the real plumber.

12. Kong Suni Flatulent Doll

Kong Suni Flatulent Doll Strangest Toys Of All Time

The toy doll is so cute to look especially it looks cute for its eyes and rosy cheeks. The Flatulent Doll is designed to be a potty training aid as well as a toy for the child.

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13. Sew Able Doll

Sew Able Doll creepy toys

The plan behind the Sew Able dolls is very praiseworthy. Children who have had a separation or who have lost their hair from cancer treatment can have a toy doll who they can be related. Children with abilities, especially if they know a child with them, can have strangest toy doll which they can bond with and communicate with in order to understand the challenges these children must face. The dolls themselves are very well looked at are the clothes. They can share clothes well with American Girl dolls with the exception of some pants because of their more widely spaced legs. The physical therapy machinery that you can buy for these dolls which looks exceptional.

14. Space Monolith

Space Monolith

The Space Monolith is machines built by an invisible extraterrestrial species. The first monolith has appeared at the begging of the prehistoric times story. However, the toy Space Monolith is made as a replica.

15. Miniature McDonald’s Foods

Miniature McDonald’s

McDonald’s is an American fast-food company which is operated as a restaurant since 1940. This is a picture of miniature McDonald’s Foods replica which is represented here for two purposes, one for the advertisement and second for as a toy for the child.

16. The Bristlebot

The Bristlebot

A Bristlebotis is an extremely simple form of walking toy robot. It is one of the simplest of all robots, both in its function and its construction. They have become popular projects for school students at the school science fair.

17. The Pregnant Barbie

The Pregnant Barbie

Barbier is a fashion toy doll produced by Mattel Inc, an American toy company. The Cute Pregnant Barbie is also manufactured by them.

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18. The Sega Robot Cat

The Sega Robot Cat

The Sega Robot Cat is similar to the real cat. The realistic-looking saga cat is made by the Japanese. The robotic cat can talk to you. These types of strangest toys of All Time, are mainly design for kids and terminally ill patients.

19. Tuttuki Bako Digital Pet

Tuttuki Bako Digital Pet

Tuttuki Bako Digital Pet is a gaming device. The cubic handheld electronic game is designed and created by Bandai in 2008. The single-player game has received international praise for its uniqueness.

20. Yume-Chan

Yume-chan Strangest Toys Of All Time creepy toys

The Yume-Chan is a fantastic toy doll designed for the children. It has some unique features that it can cry when push into it an injection. Actually, the pushing injection flows out its eyes. However, it is a unique doll, your baby will be happy if they get it as a gift.

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