20 Of The Strange Funny Signs, You Have Ever Seen

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You can find yard signs everywhere in your daily life and can relate your surroundings with these common things. If it needs to deliver any kind of message to customers or users, companies usually trie to generate messages in this short method.

Here in this section, you can find versatile yard signs that are funniest and you can gather good humor for the rest of the day. These funny signs will teach you the methodology of the humor according to management I suppose. So, Let’s have a look at 20 strange funny signs.

Here Are the 20 Strange Funny Signs

1. How to eat a yellow curved food

1 Strange Funny Signs

How to eat a yellow curved food and relate the taste with a very common thing ?? A super shop is selling bananas which they called curved yellow fruits.



Have you ever thought to pass out through a fence? WARNING! this strange funny sign might because your being “colorful”.

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3. To prohibited to touch the sharp edges


To prohibited to touch the sharp edges of the sign you should have a safer distance with it.

4. A confusing trap!

4 Strange Funny Signs

A confusing trap! and I can assure you that when will you go to the front door, the same message is waiting for you there.

5. Throw questions to the helpdesk


So, now on think twice before you throw questions to the helpdesk and wait until they have a perfect answer for you.

6. A message for your dogs


A message or strange funny sign for your dogs not to have a sound and walk by and this is how a good dog does.

7. Highland Adventure Safaris


Highland Adventure Safaris can make your day dull, would you still like to visit the place?

8. Now this time

8 Strange Funny Signs

Now this time, it’s up to you. How you would drive your car on this road of signs.

9. Well if you love your life


Well, if you love your life, then you must not visit the area where these types of strange funny signs have been showing.

10. Paperwork I guess

10 Strange Funny Signs

Whereas this is the best idea to write before someone else’s paperwork I guess.

11. Do not let your dog


Do not let your dog do something unusual otherwise, something bad will happen to him unexpectedly.

12. Frow up your integrity level.


Well, you are being monitored by someone from the above. So be careful and frow up your integrity level.

13. Mountain lion


So, what are you going to do if you trapped anyhow in front of a mountain lion?

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14. The direction


It’s up to you. You have to decide in which direction you need to go from here.

15. One way


One way or 202 sub bond for the police station? the choice is yours.

16. “pee” in the pool

16 Strange Funny Signs

Do you have a habit of doing “pee” in the pool? Time to change this habit.

17. “Bulls” with AIDS


“Bulls” with AIDS can travel you from this different section and still you will find this.

18. Want to get eaten your cakes?


Want to get eaten your cakes? So do not put this in a shop, situated never a sea.

19. A taller staff

19 Strange Funny Signs

A taller staff can manage all the things even the shortage!

20. Eat by the animals

20 Strange Funny Signs

Do you smell unhygienic to eat by the animals? This strange funny sign mentions that it doesn’t touch the fence later!

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