Most 20 Practical Uses For Coca Cola

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We were trawling the Internet recently searching for a way to remove a grease spot from a favorite shirt.

How it got there, well, We blame a faulty fork and not our clumsy mouth. Anyway, time and again sites would reference a can of Coca-Cola as a way to remove the grease spot and so on.

We tried it, cynical but hopeful, and it worked. Not exactly 100%, but it was way better than before. It did leave us wondering, are there other uses for Coca-Cola? It turns out there are a lot more.

I haven’t had an opportunity to test all of these out, but the ones we have listed here are the uses we found turning up time and again, not just on the network, but in books as well as magazines. If you have any more, feel free to share.

However, if you are one of those exceptional people who prefer coke to Pepsi then the list might not confuse you very much.

But for the rest of us, you will be in wonder as to how much you can really do with a bottle of coke besides drink it. Here are Most 20 Practical Uses For Coca Cola besides drinking.

1. Cleaning toilets

20 practical uses for coca cola

You need to give your toilet a touch-up or clean up, but do not want to give it the full bleaching therapy, try touching for the Coca-Cola.

It does not have the scorched-earth impact that bleach does but it will work surprises for lifting stains and rings of the porcelain.

Just pour coca-cola on it, and let sit for 10 to 15 minutes, scrub with a toilet brush, and flush then see. What actually happens? However, the acid in a coke can truly break down all the lime froth in and nearby the toilet bowl.

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2. Cleaning your windows

Cleaning your windows

Besides multi uses of coca-cola. Cleaning your windows would one of the best. It can remove rust from your windows as well as can remove a spot from the clothes of the windows.

It’s really super powerful for getting bug stains and other hard-to-remove dirt off of your windshield or shield.

3. Curing hiccups

Curing hiccups

How do you get rid of hiccups? Everyone has their personal systems or methods they testify by but which ones really work?

Just try to drink some Coke, it may work! Next time, if you want to get hiccups to try keeping your breath and then drinking some coke quickly. It really works. Just try it once if you get an opportunity.

4. Defrosting windshields

Defrosting windshields

If you live up north you will apparently want to try that one out. This is easy to make solution. It can clear your windshield in less than a minute and get you on the road speedy.

Simply mix one-third water and two-thirds of Coca-cola or rubbing Pepsi. Just pour the solution into a splash bottle and in the morning, scatter it on your windshield. The ice will vanish immediately.

5. Fading hair dye

Fading hair dye

Comparable to how it can be used to strip paint and clean around the house and garage, Coke has been said to strip excess color from hair, keeping the impoverished bad dye job victim an expensive trip to the salon.

While it can also curl hair, Coke might just do surprises for stripping color from attractive locks, making it a mildly way to correct color gone awry or master an ombre look.

If you unintentionally dyed your hair too dark a little bit of coke will cheer it back up.

6. Fertilizing

Just as millions around the world savor sugary cola, as it transforms, plants think the material is beautiful awesome too.

This makes Coke, in its never-ending uses, a key element for a safe fertilizer. It works by growing the sharpness of soil, which in turn creates a more impressive lawn and flowers, mainly azaleas, and gardenias.

Mix a can of Coke with a can of beer, a bit of gentle non-antibacterial bowl soap and a half cup ammonia then spray the mixture on the lawn or flower beds once a month.

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As a reward, it will also keep the bugs apart. It really improves the quality of fertilizer.

7. Getting paint off of metal furniture

Getting paint off of metal furniture

To get the paint off to leave a coke drenched cloth on the cover for a few days. Just make sure to keep the cloth moist.

8. Getting skunk odor off of your pet

Getting skunk odor off of your pet

We are not assured when this would happen, but obviously, if your pet comes home smelling of rogue all you have to do is clean your pet down in coke. And then flush it off of course.

9. Killing bugs

Killing bugs

Besides making compost fertilizers, Coke also can help to remove insects.  it will also keep the bugs apart from your house or apartment or from your farming. It really works that’s why the farmers in India usually use coke as an insecticide.

10. Loosening bolts.

Loosening bolts.

If you are struggling to loosen old bolts then just pour some coke on them and try a little later. Then you will be amazed to see how it works!

11. Making a coke fountain

Making a coke fountain

In the way, if you more fun compared to the cleaning column, cola plus Mentos candy can provide a great deal of amazingly messy good times.

When you drop Mentos into a two-liter bottle of coke and watch the coke explode, magical stuff happens. Ok, this one is a bit wasteful, but it’s fun.

12. Making pots look new

Making pots look new

Just put some coke in the pot which you want to make new and cook it for an hour or a few less on low heat. After that just wash it down and watch it look good as new!

13. Reducing pain

Reducing pain

It is another powerful use of Coke beside drinking. If you get pain or bite you some of the insects. Then just pouring coke on bug bites and stings can really reduce the pain.

14. Relieving stomach pain

Relieving stomach pain

Next time you are nauseous try drinking some flat coke gradually. It’s really guided by some specialists for a sickness called gastric phytobezoar.

15. Removing blood from clothes

Removing blood from clothes

Coca Cola can do miracles against rust or any kind of color or blood including cleaning rusty metals, loosening bolts, and cleaning car battery terminals.

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Then again, after you understand just how influential cola is on rust and metal, you might think again about putting it in your body.

Pour cola on blood-mixed items then wait until the blood is removed. The same thing we said for grease really works for blood stains too.

16. Removing grease stains

Removing grease stains

If your clothes get stained with grease or wax just add some coke to the washing cycle and observe it work its magic. The same thing we said for grease really works for blood stains too.

17. Removing gum from hair

Removing gum from hair

Converging gum in your hair is the faultless worst, that’s why we try to remove it at any cost. Peanut butter is the classic system, but then you are left with a headful of peanut butter to contest with.

Using Coke provides the bubbles to remove the gum from the hair, and pull it out with minimum fuss and cleanup. This really works. Just be careful with the knife-scraping section.

18. Removing gum from shoes

Removing gum from shoes

Converging gum in your shoes like the hair is the faultless worst too, that’s why we try to remove it at any cost.

Peanut butter is also the classic system to remove shoe gum, but then you are left with a headful of peanut butter to contest with. Using Coke provides the bubbles to remove the gum from the shoes like hair.

So, if you got gum on your shoes leave like hair just some coke pour on it and then scrape it off with a knife.

19. Removing odors from clothes

Removing odors from clothes

If you have any clothes that are just super-duper stinky, then pour some coke in the wash along with the soap or detergent. It can really compensate for the odor.

20. Removing rust from coins

Removing rust from coins

If you are a coin collector or just simply favor your pocket change be sparkly-clean then Coke is a priceless tool for you.  A quick cola bath is a nice way and a gentle way to get them shining again.

The phosphoric acid, a transcribed anti-tarnishing tool, assists remove any rust as well as darkening. Even, if you leave just your coins sitting in coke overnight, they will be super shiny in the morning. It is easier!

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