20 Most Powerful Weapons In Video Game

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Video games keep us on our toes and on the edge of our seat, and many times we often think how can a game be so thrilling.

But without its cool and powerful weapons, video games are nothing.

So here are 20 most powerful weapons in video game history for you.

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1. Wakka’s Blitzball (Final Fantasy X)

Wakka’s Blitzball (Final Fantasy X) gun video game weapons

Wakka’s Blitzball is a ranged weapon, it helps Wakka to hit flying enemies with usual attack points.

2. BFG-9000 (Doom Series)

BFG-9000 (Doom Series) Most Powerful Weapons In Video Game

This mythical weapon BFG-9000 was seen in many video games. This powerful weapon in video games got popular from a video game called Doom.

This weapon finishes enemies just by striking them down, which is very easy to use.

3. Blades of Chaos (God of War)

Blades of Chaos (God of War) gun video game weapons

Blades of Chaos, a mythical weapon, you can see it in the God of War. This weapon looks like rough cleavers, which is connected to chains.

These chained blades are the memoir of Kratos’s promise. This powerful weapon was designed by the God of War named Ares.

4. Camera Obscura (Fatal Frame Series)

Camera Obscura (Fatal Frame Series)

This camera is not a usual camera, from Fatal Fame series this camera has the potential of seeing evil spirits or other sorts of supernatural things.

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This weapon is super powerful as it has the ability to cast out threatening spirits and this can be possible only when this weapon is used in the right way.

5. Cloud’s Buster Sword

Cloud’s Buster Sword Most Powerful Weapons In Video Game

This weapon was first shown in the Final Fantasy VII video game although it has seen in many other video games in Final Fantasy series.

The Buster Sword is known to be the main weapon of Cloud Strife. It is his symbolic weapon.

This weapon also used by Angeal Hewley and Zack Fair right before Cloud Strife. This weapon can be identified by its huge shape.

6. Crowbar (Half-Life Series)

Crowbar (Half-Life Series)

Created by Dr. Freeman, the crowbar is a weapon from the Half-Life series. This weapon seems to be the most underestimated weapon in the video gaming world.

This is a fearsome weapon that acts a lot like a gun. This weapon can also be used as a tool that can open crates and solve the puzzle.

7. Energy Sword (Halo Saga)

Energy Sword (Halo Saga)

This weapon was specially made for the FPS or the first-person shooter category gaming.

This weapon got renowned by a game called the Halo Saga. This multiplayer melee powerful weapon in video games has various ways of using it as it featured a curved handle and also a part for energy storage.

This old aristocratic weapon was used by Sangheili.  Without skills and bravery, this weapon can not be used.

8. Fat Man (Fallout 3)

Fat Man (Fallout 3)


Fat Man is a strong weapon from the Fallout 3 video game. This weapon is a strategic nuclear weapon that shoots mini-nukes when it is being used.

When this weapon launches its missile, it usually causes extreme damage by nuclear explosions.

9. Fireball (Super Mario Bros. Series)

Fireball (Super Mario Bros. Series) gun video game weapons

Fireball is a powerful weapon from the Super Mario Bros. Series. This weapon can be used to shoot and you do not have to use any power-up.

This special type of weapon is also capable of transforming an enemy into coins. It hit drivers and makes karts to spin out.

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10. Gravity Gun (Half-Life Series)

Gravity Gun (Half-Life Series)

This weapon’s name describes itself. Gravity Gun got fame from the Half-Life series.

This gun usually used by first-person shooters, also this gun operates the advanced physic engine.

Users can control any objects with this gun and also can use them as a deadly weapon against enemies.

11. Hammer of Dawn (Gears of War Saga)

Hammer of Dawn (Gears of War Saga)

The Gears of War Saga first introduced about Hammer of Dawn. This weapon is known as an emulsion-energized weapon.

This weapon uses its power to force politicians to reconsider their decisions to make operation easier during the Locust War.

This weapon is also accountable for burning down 90% Sera and taking the lives of thousands of humans.

12. Hidden Blades (Assassin’s Creed Saga).

Hidden Blades (Assassin’s Creed Saga)

This deadly weapon is the iconic weapon of the Assassins. Hidden Blades can be used in regular combats or any stealthy eliminations.

This is a versatile weapon that includes various upgrades. Hidden Blades have a retractable blade which makes this weapon deadly during battles.

13. Master Sword Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Master Sword Legend of ZeldaOcarina of Time

This legendary sword was found in a video game named Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This master sword considered a powerful weapon in video games, used for infamous Triforce.

This weapon also goes by the name of Evil’s Bane. Halia the Goddess of Sword created this weapon although later on this sword was forged into its present name.

14. Merica Weapon (Saints Row IV)

Merica Weapon (Saints Row IV) gun video game weapons

Merica Weapon was seen in the video game called Saints Row IV, it is a mythical weapon.

This weapon was designed to do various functions, it includes constant firing when it’s on hold, a heavy pistol, light machine gun, a shotgun and as well as a huge battle knife.

15. Ness’ Home-Run Bat (Super Smash Bros. Series)

Ness’ Home-Run Bat (Super Smash Bros. Series)

This weapon does not seem to be as lethal as the other weapons on this list, this weapon got fame for its distinctive and strong noise that makes while playing Super Smash.

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Player uses this bat to knock out his opponent out of the playing zone while he is doing so it makes a pleasing “PING” sound and that makes this bat just as much popular as another deadly weapon in video games.

16. Paddlesaw (Dead Rising 2 & 3)

Paddlesaw (Dead Rising 2 & 3)

This fictional weapon was shown in a video game called Dead Rising. This weapon is one of the best weapons to have when fighting against zombies or in the time of an apocalypse.

This weapon’s fundamental design is it is a combo weapon of two chainsaws tapped on a kayak on its both ends.

17. Portal Gun (Portal 1 & 2)

Portal Gun (Portal 1 & 2) Most Powerful Weapons In Video Game

These are the two most popular video games of gaming history. They are interesting to play.

The feature that made them more enjoyable is the aperture science portal gun which allows the gamer to knock down bosses of both games.

18. Scorpion’s Spear Rope (Mortal Kombat)

Scorpion’s Spear Rope (Mortal Kombat) Most Powerful Weapons In Video Game

This deadly weapon was showed in Mortal Kombat, this weapon goes by the name of the Scorpio’s Spear Rope.

A kunai is connected to a strong, rough rope. Everybody calls this powerful weapon in video games as the kunai.

This weapon is similar to a harpoon and is arranged into big Kunai and Short Kunai. However, this weapon’s older version looks like the kunai is attached to a rope but its modern version is attached to a metal chain.

19. Shrink Ray (Duke Nukem Forever)

Shrink Ray (Duke Nukem Forever)

This weapon was seen in a video named Duke Nukem Forever video game. This weapon is similar to Super Mario’s fireball weapon, this weapon is capable of shrinking down enemies to a ridiculous size.

20. Thunderbolt (Mario Kart)

Thunderbolt (Mario Kart)

Mario Kart video game featured this deadly weapon. It is known that this weapon is very strong and is capable of crushing and shrinking every enemy down.

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