Pictures That Tell A Story Without Words

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We the human, love fears. We always reach to dangers because we love to do it. It is our obsession. Not everyone does this but every day somehow we are doing this. We do have love to know which is abandoned, which is banned. Today we are going to talk on these topics, so get ready and have a deep breath.

Some people do not have fear, the concept of heights, dangers, falls, and fears. In this article, we have arranged 20 pictures that tell a story without words, you feel astounded. These photographs will make you feel amazed in every minute, so let’s look at this and find a deeper meaning of the human mind.

Here Are 20 Pictures That Tell A Story Without Words

1. Selfie on the tower!

ALEXANDER REMNEV pictures that tell a story

It is a story of two brothers, Vadim Makarov & Vitaliy Raskalov. They have started an organization that is based on photography named Ontheroofs. Have a deep look at the picture that tells a story and get amazed. We hope you won’t try this!

2. Mountain Hiking

Andreas Resch pictures that tell a story

Have you ever done this? There are so many people who love to ride in the mountains. Though this is very risky one of the popular hiking around the world. This photo is an absolute beauty.

3.Wire Walker

Brian Mosbaugh pictures that tell a story

This could be a profession or passion, what do you say? A very very dangerous tracking. But who has done this, they always said it feels like heaven. This is very rare also but if you are lucky, you can find a wire walker near your city.

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4. Bunjee Jumping

Chelsea Bissell pictures that tell a story

This is a famous activity and it occupies jumping from a tall structure while connected with a large elastic cord. The tall structure could be a specific object like building, crane, tower or bridge. This sport has first shown in 1979.

5. Photography!

Jordan Matters funny pictures that tell a story

Do you like and love photography? there are many people who do it with passion and do not get scared for taking risks to take a perfect click. As you can see in this picture that tells a story, a photographer is taking a photo with a strange position.

6. Ice climbing

Keith Ladzinski funny pictures that tell a story

This is an interesting activity and this is called ice climbing on a frozen waterfall. What you need to do is to find a waterfall that is frozen and then to climb on the top of it. This is riskier than other ice climbing and the process is different too.

7. Selfie Time!

Kirill Oreshkin.. look at the pictures and tell the story

Taking selfies is a common trend these days. There are a lot of people from all around the world who have taken a selfie-and taking selfie constantly. Look at this picture these two friends have done this too but in a very uppermost place. Do not try this.

8. Altitude phobia

Kirill Oreshkin look at the pictures and tell the story

Taking a selfie or photo is a common trend of mankind after the technology has taken part in our regular life. In this picture, a girl has taken a photo from a high tower and it is beautiful though it is risky. We suggest not to do this if you are not an expert.

9. Christ The Redeemer Selfie

Lee Thompson series photo stories

This is a selfie taken by Lee on the Christ Redeemer Statue. Which is situated in Brazil. There was a famous tag line about this selfie and that is “The first selfie with Christ”. This became the most viral selfie after it has taken.

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10. Death Defying

Li Wei series photo stories

The word Death Defying is very dangerous. There are a lot of activities, done by certain people who are so dangerous. As you can see in this picture this person is doing some Yoga on a rooftop pillar. This is really scary and dangerous.

11. Vertigo!

Mustang Wanted picture story images

If you have vertigo then this is the thing you must need to try! well, this is like a hell for them and scary to us. So, look at the photo this photo was taken in Ukraine and the stunt man is also from them and he is very expert doing this.

12. Let’s Try

Natasha Sadovskaya picture story images

This is the same person we have talked about in our immediate topic. He has some professional photographers who take his pictures that tell a story all the time and this person is a true entertainer. We all see his photos and get amazed every single time. People from all over the world have something on them, you just need to pull out yours.

13. Huashan Mountain trail

richard0428 example of picture story

This place is known as the deadliest trail ever in the world. The place is located in Xi’an, China. You can have your best life experience here. People from many places come here to hike this beautiful dangerous trail.

14. Yoga with Sky

Robert Jahns example of picture story

Now, what are you up to do? Doing this kind of yoga will feel your soul? If it is ok for you then just go for it and have some. These types of things are too risky but these persons are too expert on their own job as you can on the photo.

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15. The Lonely Viewer

Samantha Heydt example of picture story

Let’s try this! so, what is your plan? This photo has been taken in Thailand and the person in the picture is so more professional to take this kind of action. We always assume to say, DO NOT try this as we are all nubies.

16. Early Sun-Shine

Vadim Mahorov examples of photo story projects

What are seeing in this photo? Of course, it is healing and breath-taking to see and to feel the sunshine from the rooftop. Before doing this you need to be professional otherwise there is something else is waiting for you while feeling the sunshine!

17. Professionals

Vincent Laforet examples of photo story projects

The word professional has come from the word profession and here in this image, we can see two people who are working on a great altitude for their profession and what could we say more about this photo? Just always stay safe and secure.

18. Vitaliy Raskalov’s Dream

Vitaliy Raskalov how to make a photo story

This man is very very popular in all over the world. He always risks his life to have and show the best view of this world. He is known as a daredevil climber. He owns a community named “ontheroofs”.

19. Dreamer

Vitaly Raskalov 5 pictures that tell a story

Vitaly Raskalov is a true dreamer and this person is very much popular worldwide. He always works for showing the best view of the world to people. When we see his actions we got stunned it helps to be positive about everything.

20. Handshake!

Zak Noyle 5 pictures that tell a story

What can you see in this image? Two people are shaking their hands? Just look down on the second man and you can see he is completely floating over the hand of the first one. It is a wonderful picture that tells a story and the beauty of doing this joy is satisfying, cause we know the man who is doing this stunt is very professional.

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