20 Strange Wedding Traditions Around The World

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In the world, every human society has a common wedding tradition. Do you like your country’s wedding tradition? 

It doesn’t matter how people maintain their wedding culture. You will find yourself at something at resembling a wedding if you stick around long enough.

In addition to that,  it will almost absolutely not be what you expect. In fact, it can be gross, terrifying, confusing or any mixture of the three.

Just think to yourself and read this 20 strange wedding traditions around the world.    

Here Are 20 Old Wedding Traditions Around The World

1. A salty wedding song

A salty wedding song Old Wedding Traditions

What is your first thought to see this image? You are probably thinking that she doesn’t agree to marry.

As we know the wedding is part of the entertainment, the fun among all of them but the wedding culture of Tujia people in China is totally different from others.

Tujia’s girl starts to cry one hour per day for a whole month. Dramatically her mother joins after ten days as a crying partner and then 10 days later her grandmother joints for the same task.

Whole family members are joint in the last ten days as crying partners with the bride. We usually know women weep in different tones, like this song.

2. A trashy time

A trashy time Old Wedding Traditions

It is an amazing tradition in France. The friends of the bride and groom would collect all of the leftovers after completing the wedding ceremony.

Therefore, garbage and anything else they consider to be adequately gross within a toilet bowl which they would then force the bride and groom to drink out of.

How is it possible?  Remember, these days the rubbish is often replaced with chocolate and you’re still drinking brown stuff out of a real live toilet bowl.

3. A whale of a tale

A whale of a tale Strange Wedding Traditions

In Fiji not only are men expected to ask their father in law for his daughter’s hand in marriage, but they are also expected to bring him a whale tooth.

Don’t worry, let’s think about this, excluding the black market the only place in the world.

Getting a whale tooth is in the mouth of the largest mammal on earth, that means you have to spend most of its time underwater. That’s true love.

4. Aim carefully

Aim carefully Strange Wedding Traditions

Yugur culture is an ethnic Chinese minority. In order to implement their culture, the groom will actually shoot his bride with a bow and arrow before the wedding three times.

So, the arrows don’t have arrowheads, but still, that’s like getting shot with rubber bullets.

If one formula is done, the groom will collect the arrows and break them. It ensures that they will love each other forever.

5. Animal attraction

Animal attraction weird wedding traditions in the us

In most of the cases, it is practiced in many countries like India to ward off bad spirits.

Do you have any idea of human/animal marriages? I think that there is no country in the world officially recognizes human/animal marriages.

6. Blackening of the bride

Blackening of the bride weird wedding traditions in the us

It is an old tradition which is considered an extreme insult. The most disgusting things are thrown on the bride who has to endure to close her mouth because tradition is the matter. 

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It is a certain part of the country’s tradition like if you can handle worse situations on the first day then you can handle everything after marriage.

7. Butch up

Butch up weird wedding traditions in the us

These days its usually the groom that’s worried about packing on the muscle but that’s only because this isn’t Sparta.

What did you expect? The women of Spartan culture would shave their heads and dress up like men before waiting to get stolen away by their groom-to-be.

8. Fairies on the floor

Fairies on the floor weird wedding night traditions

Do you like lyrical hip hop dance? It is a wedding tradition in Ireland. This picture marks that the bride and groom are dancing the bride’s feet have to stay on the floor.

Ireland’s people believe that if they don’t, evil fairies will come and sweep her away.

Is it an amazing logic? Evil spirits like beautiful things. The bride is beautiful and the fairies can only get to her if she is not touching the ground.

9. Hold it in

Hold it in weird wedding night traditions

If you would like to marry to follow the Tidong community in Northern Borneo, you have to maintain some requirements of this country.

Like newly couples, they must have to stay to stop urination for three days in the house.

10. It takes two

It takes two weird wedding traditions from the olden days

People of the Nuer tribe believe that the marriage is not complete until the woman has had two children in Southern Sudan.

The groom is able to seek a divorce if she fails to do so.

11. Kissing party

Kissing party weird wedding traditions from the olden days

Would you like to marry in Sweden? It is a real marriage tradition in Sweden.

In my view, the bride or groom leaves their table to use the bathroom the other gets kissed…a lot.

Moreover, if the groom has to go then every male in the reception will get a chance to kiss the bride and vice versa.

12. Massai mucous

Massai mucous weird wedding traditions from the olden days

The tradition of Massai wedding in Kenya, it is not surprising to see the bride’s father bless his daughter by spitting on her head and breasts before she leaves the village with her new husband.

13. Motherly assistance

Motherly assistance weird wedding traditions from the olden days

The wedding tradition of some villages in Africa. In order to show the bride the ropes, their culture requires an older woman to accompany the newlyweds into their bedroom on the first night of their marriage.

Though it is usually a village elder. Sometimes it can be the bride’s own mother. You may think your parents were nosy.

14. Polterabend

Polterabend weird wedding traditions from the olden days

In some countries in the world, the guests bring new dishes as gifts for the bride and groom.

But in Germany, the guests do the same task and then they smash them. They believe that the noise scares away evil spirits.

15. Save the date

Save the date weird wedding facts

As far as I know, there are many people who live in a group called the Daur that lives in Chinese Inner Mongolia.

The bride and groom are required to kill a baby chick while holding the knife together to finalize the wedding date.

They then move to gut the chick and investigate its liver. If they find that the liver looks good then they are allowed to set a date.

If they don’t find, then they have to repeat the process until they find a good liver.

16. Serious Business

Serious Business weird wedding facts

In the CongoIf, If you would like to ruin someone’s wedding just hire a comedian.If you are planning to marry then you have to do something different.

Because the marriage to be taken seriously the bride and groom are not allowed to smile throughout the entire ceremony.

the marriage to be taken seriously the bride and groom are not allowed to smile throughout the entire ceremony.

17. Shoe thieves

Shoe thieves unusual wedding customs in the world

It is an amazing part of India that the groom is required to take off his shoes before approaching the wedding altar.

No sooner had the groom come to the bride’s house than other people started dancing. Even some people from the bride’s side of the family tries to steal them.

A few amounts of people from the groom’s side of the family tries to protect them.

They create a condition that if the bride’s family succeeds in their endeavor, then they are allowed to hold the shoe hostage until they get paid a ransom

18. Strawboys

Strawboys cultural wedding traditions

It is considered as the stranger wedding traditions in our list. It comes from the Irish counties of Leitrim and Mayo.

In these counties, there are some young men they are collectively designated as “straw boys”.

On the other hand, the straw boys go to the house of the bride and dance with her before the wedding.

Keep in mind, if there are any other women in the home then they dance with them too.

19. The human rug

The human rug old wedding traditions

On the Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia after the wedding party is over the relatives of the bride all lay side by side in the dirt, face down.

Lastly, the bride and groom walk across them like some sort of human rug.

20. Trees

Trees 10 strange wedding traditions around the world

In India women born as Mangliks are thought to be cursed and likely to cause their husband an early death.

It is an astrological combination when Mars and Saturn are both under the 7th house.

They must be married first to a tree in order to ward off this curse. They think that the curse is finished after destroying the tree. Poor tree.

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