Most Stressful Jobs In The World

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Stress is an extensive part of our daily life and most of it comes when you do work. Most people think they have the most stressful job in the world which is more difficult to maintain in their regular life. Some common factors that contribute to stress including the sense of opposing with colleagues, deadlines. these are hard to control. A stressful job leads frustration to give unlimited pressure despite, it a job which can be a bad effect but also their well-being. In general, Every job had unique brands of stress besides. From the fact, it is extensive stress can get in the way of one’s efficiency in the workplace. Even it can impact on your mental and physical health. According to the career cast’s job rated report, there are 20 Most Stressful Jobs In The World, you should know properly.

Here Are Most Stressful Jobs In The World

1. Senior Corporate Executive

Senior Corporate Executive Most Stressful Jobs In The World

Senior Corporate Executive is an officer of a corporation. An executive generally creates long-term and big-picture strategies for the company and how the project will develop rapidly. Moreover, this executive performs functions that affect all of the different divisions and to focus on the day to day operations of business even create a long-range plan that moves the company forward thanking next year than this year. This is a really most stressful job in the world because they are only one and have to control full organization to provide proper support, whenever they do not well perform, the organization they report negatively.

2. Public Relations Executive

Public Relations Executive

Public relations Executive is a more stressful job they spend much of their days brainstorming ways to create positive media coverage for the clients. Moreover, many people think that it is painful when their main task is to manage corporate. They have to control all clients of media during press conferences. However, Public relations Executive has the target to fill up in time, this is an extreme pressure although they must complete targets.

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3. Concierge


Concierge does more stressful works in difficult situations. Generally, In hotels or resorts, Concierge works, and assist guests by performing various tasks such as making restaurant reservations, booking hotels, recommending nightlife hot spots. Booking transportation like the taxi, Bike, airplanes, boats, etc.  And cooperating proper service with languages.

4. Job Coach

Job Coach

The job coach is an individual who helps people to develop their future careers. How people will reach to be a professional and long term workplace success strategies. It is more stressful work to comprehend people mentality and to provide a proper solution. How a person will win to enhance positive skills in a short time.

5. Benefits and Payroll Administrator

Benefits and Payroll Administrator Most Stressful Jobs In The World

Payroll administrator manages a company’s employees who are the newly joined employee in the company. Even they confirm annual consumption in the company with the budget for next year and pay raises and to ensure smooth operation of employee pay packages. To promote promotions for the old employee. They handle all staff of the company to create the new file. End of the year company administrator has to renew old file for the year of closing it is more stressful work.

6. Teacher


The teacher not only teachers to students but also have to prepare lesson plans every day. Students are always waiting to get help from the teacher who has not enough time to spend even in his family. This is a more stressful job in the worldwide. Some people think that the teaching profession is comfortable and benefit but you think how much salary teacher get consuming their whole life.

7. Veterinarian Assistant

Veterinarian Assistant

A Veterinarian provides medical support for animals. Veterinarian is very sensitive to animals. Understanding animals activity to provide proper medicine even Their duties included taking the blood sample and administrating medication. With this most stressful job, Veterinarians have to understand the disease of animals just on perceiving.

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8. Barista


Barista is a stress organization! They always give priority to customers. The role of the barista job is customers handling. Everyday customers are complaining about their coffee is not good and too cold, too hot, too sweet, etc.

9. Athletic Coach

Athletic Coach

The Athletic coach is really under pressure job when he/she governs a team on the field. The major activity of an athletic coach has to provide full of instructions to the team so that they can win with height score. To maintain a team, the coach has to struggle more and feel this is more stressful duties more than others’ works.

10. Social Worker

Social Worker

The social worker who is concerned to help an individual,  family, group, and communities. To ensure people demand and to develop their skills and abilities for their brightness future. The people hit emotionally to a social worker cannot take the proper step to solve their problems instead of their history.

11. Purchase Agent

Purchase Agent

The role of the purchasing agent is the very stressful responsibility they are encountered by the company roles. Actually purchasing agent and buyer consider price, quality, reliability, and technical support.Moreover, they deal with millions of dollars every year and to make a proper summary of the whole year. Even some paid system can be commission basis.

12. Military General

Military General

The Military General is the top military rank denote a senior military leader of a nation’s army. Though it is a powerful job has a lot of stress because the general has to face many difficult situations to make final life-endangering decisions for himself. This is the most difficult post which makes a stressful life.

13. Assisted Living Manager

Assisted Living Manager Most Stressful Jobs In The World

The Assisted Living Manager aligned with government regulators and they work a long time to provide sufficient help to people. Even they spend maximum time in their responsibilities but most of the managers do not consider their hard work to give extra something.

14. Chaplain


The Chaplain is the traditional job that provides religious services, spiritual guidance, and counseling to people. They often feel stress and under pressure because of the fix dealing with thousands of issues and giving the solution.

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15. Medical Professional

Medical Professional

A lot of people they want to make themselves as medical professionals are one of the most vital jobs in the world. A medic provides the level best support to patients for good health. However, medic spends more time in medical institutions, listening to hundreds of patient queries and giving the proper prescription. Even the many instructions about how the patient will use the medicine in the house.

16. Mental Health Case Manager

Mental Health Case Manager

It is a completely stressful job in mental health care. As a manager of mental health care who has to control dramatically like a psychologist. The mental health case manager speaks to all sorts of people to find out what is the problem that is happening inside their heads.

17. Loss Prevention Officer

Loss Prevention Officer

Loss prevention officers monitor retail floors or watch video screens for shoplifters to find out anybody who can make hazel in the shopping area. It is the most stressful job all the time they have to take action moving on the floor. Although, this job involves safety issues cause they deal with shoplifters to make a beautiful environment.

18. Photo Journalist

Photojournalist Most Stressful Jobs In The World

This is a very interesting job they can move here and there to collect documents. But It is a very stressful job because of spending more time and they have to face so many dangerous situations when going too far and overcoming worse climate.

19. Newspaper Reporter

Newspaper Reporter

The newspaper reporter is a very challenging job. The reporter has to struggle against tick deadlines every single day. sometimes the newspaper reporter faces a hard situation when he/she goes to collect information in sticking the time. To be a newspaper reporter is the most stressful job spending most of the time in a dangerous event.

20. Commercial Airline Pilot

Commercial Airline Pilot Is the Most Stressful Jobs In The World

Flying for the airline is the dream! Though It is a very smart job as a commercial airline pilot who is the main key to the airplane. Full of time a pilot maintain while flying, it is very stressful for travelers. The pilot carries thousands of passenger to act properly without sleeping every day.

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