20 Most Incredible Sunken Ships On Earth

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Ships can sink for various reasons. They may not be constructed well, sometimes they may be constructed well but the unpredictability of nature can reason for ist sunken. A ship may also be sunk by collapsing another ship. Without these reasons, war may be the major one of them. However, mysterious stories and myths have surrounded the sunken ships and treasure hunters have made them their professional work to try to find them and invent their secrets. Sometimes the sunken ship can’t be found, sometimes they can be lost forever. Anyway, there are so many sunken ships at the bottom of the deep sea in some places. Now we describe you like 20 most incredible Sunken Ships on Earth. We hope you really will enjoy it.

Here Are 20 Most Famous Sunken Ships On Earth

1. Bismarck, North Atlantic Ocean

Bismarck, North Atlantic Ocean Famous Sunken Ships

Bismarck was the battleships of German which built for Nazi German’s Kriegsmarine. The Bismarck and the Tirpitz were the biggest battleships in the history of German and they were by any European power. According to the present study, it is the second biggest incredible sunken ship and was damaged on 27 May in 1941 and sunk in the North Atlantic deep sea.

2. Cristobal Colon, Bermuda

Cristobal Colon, Bermuda Most Incredible Sunken Ships On Earth

The Cristobal Colon is a big Spanish cruise liner which was about 499 long and three decks high. It was one of the most luxurious and comfortable cruise ships of its time. Unfortunately, it crashed into the coral reefs in Bermuda’s North Shore by wrong commanding of its captain, Crescencia Delgado. Now, the ships scattered across the huge area of the Bermuda sea.

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3. Doty, Lake Michigan

Doty, Lake Michigan Famous Sunken Ships

A wooden made ship that sank more than a century (25 October in 1898) ago in a furious storm on Lake Michigan. It has been found entirely preserved by the cold fresh waters. A few years ago, on June 25 in 2010, after 112 years its loss. Treasure founder found the Doty under 300 feet below the surface in Lake Michigan with its cargo of corn.

4. MV Rozi, Malta

MV Rozi, Malta

MV Rozi is a Tugboat type ship that is built in Bristol by Charles Hill and Sons Ltd in 1958. The ship is also known as Rossmore. In 1972, the ship was sold to Mifsud Brothers Ltd and accessed for malta Ship Towage Ltd. And in 1981, it was bought by Tug Malta and renamed it as Rozi. The ship ruined in September 1992, Malta and found this incredible sunken ship at a depth of 118 feet in Malta.

5. Ghost Ship, Baltic Sea

Ghost Ship, Baltic Sea

The Ghostship was a 17th-century wooden made ship. An international group of scientists and treasure hunters were able to investigate and discovered the Swedish warship in the Baltic Sea in 2010 at a below of 130 meters using robots and echo technology in combinations that were never used before in deep-water archaeology.

6. HMHS Britannic, Aegean Sea

HMHS Britannic, Aegean Sea

HMHS Britannic was a ship which owner was White Star Line, a British shipping company. The ship was operated by the Royal Navy, the United Kingdom’s naval warfare force. However, the ship was sunk on November 21 in 1916 after hitting a mine near the Kea in the Aegean Sea. The largest ocean liner is ever sunk now.

7. MS Zenobia, Cyprus

MS Zenobia, Cyprus

MS Zenobia was a Swedish ship which was mainly designed to carry wheeled cargo, trucks, cars, trailers, railroads car and so on. It is a matter of great sorrow that the Ro-Ro ferry sank into the deep sea in June 1980 on its maiden voyage near Larnaca, Cyprus.

8. MTS Oceanos, South Africa

MTS Oceanos, South Africa Famous Sunken Ships

MTS Oceanos sank in 1991 because of uncontrolled flooding. The ship’s final voyage was set out from East London to South Africa in the same year of its sinking. The ship was first launched in July 1952 which was used on the Mauritius service.

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9. Patrol boat P 29, Malta

Patrol boat P 29, Malta

Patrol boat P 29 was German. And later it was bought by Malta from the Greman in 1997 and renamed it as P29. Malta used the ship as a patrol boat. On 14 August 2007, the ship sank into the deep sea in Malta.

10. Pelinaion, Bermuda

Pelinaion, Bermuda

Pelinaion was a steel-hulled cargo steamer that was built in Port Glasgow in 1907. The ownership of the ship changed many times before it was purchased by a Greek shipping company in 1939. In 1940, the ship struck the reef off Saint David’s Head and sank forever in the deep sea in Bermuda.

11. Prince Albert, Honduras

Prince Albert, Honduras

Prince Albert was a ship of the United Kingdom which was designed for defense ship and named after Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria. The ship was the first warship in the UK. The battleship sank into the deep sea in Honduras in 1899.

12. SS Andrea Doria, North Atlantic Ocean

SS Andrea Doria, North Atlantic Ocean Famous Sunken Ships

SS Andrea Doria was an Italian passenger ship which was built by Ansaldo Shipyards of Genoa in Italy. The ship was capable to carry more than 1200 passengers and 500 crews. The passenger’s ship sank in 1956 near MS Stockholm and died about 46 people. Now it is lying on the starboard side on the seafloor.

13. SS President Coolidge, Vanuatu

SS President Coolidge, Vanuatu

SS President Coolidge was an American luxury passenger ship like the SS Andrea Doria, an Italian passengers ship. The ship was used as the troopship during World War II. However, the passenger’s ship was sunk by mines near to the New Hebrides (present Vanuatu) in 1942.

14. SS Thistlegorm, Red Sea

SS Thistlegorm, Red Sea Famous Sunken Ships

SS Thistlegorm was a Merchant Navy ship of the United Kingdom. It was launched on 9 April in 1940 and sunk on 6 October in 1941 during World War II close to the Red Sea, his incredible sunken ship found in the Indian Ocean.

15. Sweepstakes, Ontario

Sweepstakes, Ontario

Sweepstakes was a Canadian schooner which was sunk in 1885 near the Ontario. The ship was one of the most famous wrecks in the Park, Ontario, were visited by tour boat passengers as well as snorkelers.

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16. Titanic, Newfoundland

Titanic, Newfoundland

RMS Titanic (Royal Mail ship) was the largest ship afloat at the time of it’s entered service. The British passenger ship was sunk in the North Atlantic Ocean on 15 April in 1912 during its maiden voyage. The sunken was one of the most tragedy ship sunken in the history of the shipwreck. Because about 1500 passengers and crews died after colliding the ship with a huge iceberg. The incident was met with worldwide shock and outrage.

17. Um El Faroud, Malta

Um El Faroud, Malta is the Famous Sunken Ships

The Um El Faroud was a Libyan oil tanker that was designed for the bulk transport of oil and its product. It could contain more than 10,000 tons of oil. However, the giant ship was scuttled off the coastal side of Malta in 1995.

18. Umbria, Red Sea

Umbria, Red Sea

Umbria was a German ship that was designed for widely used, for example, passenger ship, cargo transport ship, etc. In 1918, when it was bought by Argentina. They used it as transported notable coal and agricultural products. However, the recent study reported about this incredible sunken ship and this “multi-used ship” was scuttled on 9 June in 1940 in the Red Sea.

19. USS Oriskany, Florida

USS Oriskany, Florida

USS Oriskany was a ship of the United States Navy which was used as aircraft carriers during World War II. It was completely sunk in the Gulf of Mexico, twenty-three miles off the coastal area of Pensacola, Florida in the USA in May 2006. However, the ship is now belonged all but 900 feet below the surface.

20. USS Scuffle, Mexico

USS Scuffle, Mexico

USS Scuffle was a ship of the United States which was used by the United States Navy during World War II. However, in 1962 the ship was transferred to the Mexican Navy. After giving 55 years of service the ship was removed from using and then donated to Cozumel underwater park. The ship was sunk in 1999 in 82 of water just offshore from Chankanaab Park.

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