20 Most Downloaded Apps Of All Time

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4th industrial revolution has been started and this is saying as technological evolution. Technology has made our life much easier than before.

In our regular days, we are surrounded by application those are helping us to get stick with the comfort zone. So, be ready to take a glimpse of those.

Here, in this article, we have arranged 20 applications, which are making our daily life easier and we are constantly engaging with them.

They are all free applications available on versatile online markets and extremely popular. Well, not getting any more delay; let’s jump into the gallery and see how they are contributing to our life.

1. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

It was in June 2010 that the Amazon Kindle Android app was launched by Amazon. After That, a version for Apple iOS was released. Probably the best package to read e-books.

2. Angry Birds Free

Angry Birds Free

You played this, we are pretty sure. Angry-Birds is undoubtedly the most successful iPhone in history and Ios, and available! What about these wild, colorful birds that you should not love?

3. eBay


Could you imagine shopping on mobile while you have coffee and breakfast in the nineties in the morning? Actually, the visions have been fulfilled and the magician is eBay. They did so, and millions of people do so every day.

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4. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Everyone loves this feature so much. Facebook Messenger offers a free, easy-to-use app for better communication through text messaging on the Facebook platform. Constantly improving through the addition of new features.

5. Fruit Ninja Free

Fruit Ninja Free

You played this game possibly. Fruit Ninja is a video game created in Brisbane, Australia, by the Halfbrick Studios. The game for iPod Touch and iPhone was launched on April 21, 2010.

6. Google Street View

Google Street View

Google Street View is modern and features two major apps as well. They are Google Maps and Google Earth and each has a panorama of many streets around the world.

7. Google Translate

Google Translate

Yeah! The most popular forum, probably. Google Translate is a multilingual Google Inc. service that helps users translate text from one language to another. It supports (it’s growing) almost 90 languages and serves almost 200 million people every day!

8. Instagram


Instagram is the perfect way to share your pictures with friends, and judging from the millions of downloads this feature is on the hype, most polls and websites say.

9. Netflix


Do your eyes not hurt when you watch movies and TV series on your phone when you are looking at a small screen? Then for the rest of your life, you’ll enjoy the Netflix app. They’re too great and Netflix repeatedly offers us details.

10. Pandora Internet Radio

Pandora Internet Radio

The most popular music streaming and automated music advisory service with millions of fans worldwide are speaking about Pandora internet radio, which is better known as Pandora radio, and there is that number every day.

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11. Shazam


When it first launched in 1999, Shazam was recognized primarily for its ability to identify songs. Sixteen years later, with its continuously best service, the Shazam app has over 100 million active monthly users worldwide.

12. Skype


This app is the best way of video chatting on your desktop, laptop, iPad or mobile with people all over the world.

13. Talking Tom and Friends

Talking Tom and Friends

The 2014 Tabby Awards, the international contest for the best tablet game, awarded this app the prize for “Best iPad Game: Kids, Education & Family.”

14. Temple Run (and Temple Run 2)

Temple Run (and Temple Run 2)

You’ve been playing Temple Run? If no, set it up and return to 2015. This is a renowned video game software initially only created for Apple devices and later for Android. It captured the hearts of the world’s players!

15. Twitter


You can think about Facebook as the king of social media and Twitter as the queen, and this is probably the easiest way to upgrade your smartphone on everything else in the world.

16. Viber


If did anyone suggest you’d have an application to make it possible to call anywhere on Earth, you’d probably laugh, right? Okay, for thousands of people around the world, Viber made this real.

17. Voice Search

Voice Search

Voice Search is a Google feature that is very popular and allows users to use it only using their smartphone.

A new feature was added to the Voice search program in August 2014 to allow users to select up to five languages and a new name “Google Assistant” was added in 2018.

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18. Weather Channel

Weather Channel

We all know that there are lots of weather apps, but not one app with the same brand name and success. Yes, the results are also right.

19. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

If you see WhatsApp on your mobile, then if not then you can see WhatsApp on your computer. WhatsApp is probably the most important and most popular smart-phone instant messaging app with over 900 million users worldwide.

20. Dropbox


This is likely the first app that can seamlessly sync your smartphone with other computers or phones associated with your account.

Dropbox purchased the CloudOn earlier this year, which is a leading company for editing and creating files.

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