20 Absurd But Modified Cars Images

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Cars are the regular vehicle for our daily life. We need this one to travel one place to another and we always try to take care of this one because this is our necessary. Sometimes many of us modify our car to look it better or to increase the performance.

Or there are peoples who modify their car in an awkward look, though it looks funny. Their design will attract you because they are very absurd and funny. In this article, we have arranged 20 Modified Cars images that will make you feel creepy. Let’s have a look at these photos.

Here Are 20 Modified Cars Images

1. Tom Cat

Tom Cat images free car images

This tomcat look car attracts people for its perfect design. It looks incredible from outside and pretty too. Do you wish to have a car like this? But the finishing is good for this one.

2. Tank Car

Tank Car recreations cars images

How about to make your car as a look of a tank? And put a heavy machine gun on this? A modified car is an uncommon idea to get far and it reminds us to get ready for the war. So, why are we getting late, let’s get out of the room and get ready for the war?

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3. Zippo Car

 Zippo Car

A zippo car! how to turn your car into a zippo? It’s absurd and creative at the same time. Can you imagine a zippo is moving on the street! Are you a smoker? you can buy this type of car then, certainly this will help you out.

4. Bizarre Car

Modified Cars Images

It looks very absurd and you can definitely say this as a bizarre car. A huge mask of an evil situated on the car and the car is decorated with evil spirits. Then if you like evil spirits then you can try this in your car.

5. Cat car

Modified Cars Images Cat car

how about to decorate your car like a cat who is waiting to catch something? It looks so absurd but the design is attractive, people will look at yours. I am pretty sure whoever made this is very fond of love.

6. Face Car

Modified Cars Images  Face Car

What about to discover a car with a big face on the road? It’s absolutely absurd and whenever you see this you will have the same feelings too. This modified car is very popular with the people of Germany.

7. Tortoise car

Tortoise car

A car that looks like a tortoise and has a long head in front of the car. A creative idea and design that will make you amazed to see this one. Who can forget the race though? but we hope this time we will win too.

8. Lever Car

 Lever Car

It’s a funny lever car, that lever pulls up the upper side of the car. An uncommon creation and creative thought. Are you thinking to buy this kind of car? this might be useful, who knows!

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9. Wooden car

Wooden car

A completely wooden car. Though it is an awkward idea, the finishing of the car is great and looks nice too. The facility of this car is it is less costly and you do not need to think about this.

10. She-Cat


An absolute design of a she-cat car will make you rethink this one. A beautiful creature, what we say more ? may be comfortable too. But there is a confusion on public reactions when you will rid this at the road.

11. Fish Car

 Fish Car  maruti 800 modified car pictures

Let’s have a look at this absurd but funny piece. How this type of idea rises on someone’s head to make a car with a design of a fish! A good creature, what can we say more at this time?

12. Speed-Boat Car

Speed-Boat Car

what should we do if we have to swim on the road? Maybe this person has a solution to make a car with a design of a speed-boat. A funny one. So let’s get into the sea! oh no, I mean into the road.

13. Shark Desire

Shark Desire car wallpaper

Do you have any kind of fantasy about sharks and you own a car? Then this model can help you out and please let us inform how it feels to drive from a shark’s stomach!

14. Banana Car

car wallpaper Banana Car

Let’s have some bananas and go out in this banana car. A creative product and will attract you for its nice design. The scenario is saying this car will have speed so why not try this?

15. Cloth Car

Cloth Car

We hope that its a movement, a sign or some protest against some organization or government. This modified car shows that the modification could be a tool of movement too.

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16. Field Car

 Field Car modified car wallpaper hd

A field, a perfect green field on the road! can you imagine? what an idea to implement. It’s creative and took your attraction around this. Are you thinking to play football on it? yeah, that’s what I am thinking too.

17. Tanker

modified car wallpaper hd   Tanker

How about to drive a tanker on road? Is it worth? Though it is awkward. the finishing is perfect and who knows it might attract you. So, let’s start the war, why wasting time?

18. Shoe- Car

Shoe- Car

What a great idea? a shoe on the road and its almost flying. This red beast will grab your attention to follow it. Hope, we all have that shoe-car and we could fly by shoes.What an idea!

19. Castle Car

Castle Car

Have you ever seen a castle on the road? As it is absurd but it likes that the creator has something on his head that he made this modified car. Just feel the look.

20. Tom Bus

20recreations cars images Tom Bus

A tomcat is carrying passengers from here to there, it almost looks like this and this creature really has a great look. An outstanding look that will grab your attention too.

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