20 The Longest Military Conflicts That Are Still Ongoing

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A country made a military for protecting the country from the attack of foreign military and keep the peace internal in the country. But sometimes the conflicts between the military and the various rebel groups go to the country down as well as bring civil war. Here are 20 Longest Military Conflicts that are still ongoing.

Here Are The 20 The Longest Military Conflicts That Are Still Ongoing

1. Cabinda Conflict

Cabinda Conflict longest war in american history

This separatist movement began in 1975 for the liberation of Cabinda against Angola Government. Both Angla and Cabinda got freedom from Portugal but after that Angola declared Cabinda as their own region. This created revolution and unrest. Angolan Government won’t give Cabinda freedom because it is very rich in oil and so this protest and insurgency will not stop soon.

2. Casamance Conflict

Casamance Conflict

This insurgency started in 1982 among the Government of Senegal and the Movement of Democratic Forces of Casamance (MFDC). This rivalry began because the MFDC sought freedom in the Casamance territory where the people are ethnically and religiously detached from the rest of Senegal.

3. Columbia’s Civil Conflict

Columbia’s Civil Conflict is longest war in american history

Peasantry guerrillas like the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), and the National Liberation Army (ELN) have been fighting against the Colombian Government since 1964. In  2012, a peace talk was held between the President and the guerrillas about rural development, the exercise of democracy but it was fruitless. Violence is still prevailing there.

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4. Conflict in Afghanistan

Conflict in Afghanistan

This combat started in Afghanistan in 1978 after the People’s Democratic Party led a military coup against the then existing government. After that coup, a series of mostly political incident happened. Among them the Soviet withdrawal in 1989, the formation of the Islamic State of Afghanistan in 1992, NATO intervention in 2001 and the recent Taliban revolution.

5. Conflict in Niger Delta

Conflict in Niger Delta The Longest Military Conflicts That Are Still Ongoing

The Conflict in Niger Delta was the conflict between the Nigerian government and the Niger Delta Avengers. The internal conflict mainly came out from minor groups claimed that they are deprived by oil corporation in Nigeria.

6. The insurgency in Northeast India.

Insurgency in Northeast India  is longest war in american history

The insurgency in Northeast India is a conflict between the government of India and the UNLFW (The United National Liberation Front of Western South East Asia). The UNLFW is organized by the people of Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, Tripura, Meghalaya, and Mizoram of Northeast India. The Indian government was supported by Bangladesh, Bhutan and their own armed forces. The aim of the conflict of UNLFW is to get independence Northeast India from the Indian government.

7. Islamic Insurgency in the Philippines

Islamic Insurgency in the Philippines

Islamic Insurgency is the conflict between the Philippines government and the Jihadist rebel group in Philippians. The conflict began in the middle of the twentieth century. The motto of the  Jihadist rebel group is to make the Philippians as an Islamic state.

8. Kashmir Insurgency

Kashmir Insurgency  is longest war in american history

The Kashmir Insurgency is the by default conflict between the local people of the Kasmir and the government of India which began in 1947 from the Independence of Pakistan and India to break the India Subcontinent. The people of Kasmir are divided into two parts for the issue. One of the parts wants to Kasmir as an Independence Country another one want to go with Pakistan.

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9. Kurds vs Turks

Kurds vs Turks

The Kurds vs Turk’s conflict is one of the conflict between The Kurds, the ethnic minority and demanding separation group in Turkey, and Turkey, the Republic of Turkey. The result of the conflicts is huge casualties. From beginning to present more than 55,000 have died from both of side. 

10. Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency

Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency  is longest war in american history

The LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) is well known as the Lord’s Resistance Movement that rebel by the Heterodox Christian groups. The main goal of the insurgency is to defeat the Ugandan government and establish a priest ruled state which holds the culture of the Heterodox Christian groups.

11. Naxalite–Maoist insurgency

Naxalite–Maoist insurgency

Naxalite–Maoist insurgency is a present conflict between the Indian government and Naxalites or Naxal. The Maoist gained international attention of media after the attack in Darbha valley in 2013. The conflict between them has started since 1967.

12. Nigerian Sharia Conflict

Nigerian Sharia Conflict  is longest war in american history

The Nigerian Sharia Conflict is a religious conflict in the history of Nigeria. The Nigerian Sharia Conflict is mainly a law of Islamic in Nigeria. The military groups, the local government, and different religious groups set the fire in Nigeria in 1953 by the issue.

13. Northern Ireland Conflict

Northern Ireland Conflict

Northern Ireland Conflict is well known as the Troubles of Ireland. During the twineth century, the conflict was an ethnic-nationalist conflict in Northern Ireland. All casualties of the conflict all but 50,000 including 3,532 death. The constitutional status of North Ireland and the relationship between the Unionists and Loyalists was the main issue for the conflict.

14. Papua Conflict in Indonesia

Papua Conflict in Indonesia

The Papua Conflict of Indonesia is a most casualties conflict in the history of Indonesia. The ongoing conflict is a conflict between The Indonesian government and the Native People of West Papua. The casualties of the conflict are totally killed 1,50,000 to 4,00,000 from both of the groups.

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15. Philippine Communist Insurgency

Philippine Communist Insurgency

The Jihadist rebel group is not only the issue for the government of Philippine but also the Communist Party. Both of them have attacked each other that’s why the hope of peace is decreasing day by day. To stop the violence, the government continues to red tag for both violence groups.

16. Somalia Civil War

Somalia Civil War  is longest war in american history

The Somalia Civil War is the conflict between the Federal Government of Somalia and the troops of different military terrorist groups. The conflict started in February 2009 and still ongoing. The casualties of the conflict are about 14,00,00 civilians killed from beginning to today.

17. South Thailand Insurgency

South Thailand Insurgency  is longest war in american history

The South Thailand Insurgency is a conflict between The Royal Thai Armed Forces and National Revolution Front (BRN) in Thailand on 4 January 2004 to present. The aim of the Insurgency according to the BRN to uphold the rights of them as well as a separatist insurgency. 

18. The war in North West Pakistan.

War in North West Pakistan

The war in North-West Pakistan is also called the war in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The war conflict between Pakistan and American allied and the Islamic allied groups such as Tehrik-I, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Islam etc. The casualties of the conflict are huge. More than 50,000 soldiers have died both of side include American soldiers within nine years.

19. Western Sahara Conflict

Western Sahara Conflict The Longest Military Conflicts That Are Still Ongoing

The Western Sahara Conflict is a conflict between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Polisario Front. The aim of the conflict is to get the independence for Western Sahara. The Casualties is all but 21,000 death and overall 80,000 are injured.

20. Xinjiang Conflict

Xinjiang Conflict  is longest war in american history

The Xinjiang conflict is a current divided struggle in the Northwestern part of present China.  The war is now the civil war between Uyghurs and  China military. Uyghurs are supported by Al-Qaeda, Taliban and various small groups. The casualties of the conflict are 1000 were killed and all but 1700 were injured.

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