Those 20 List Of Micronations You Probably Never Heard Of

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A micronation is an entity which is typically surviving only on the internet as well as inside the individual property of its parts. It lays claim to sovereign standing as an independent state, but which is unrecognized by existing nations.

Or it is any entity demanding to be a self-governing nation or country but without recognition from any real governments or global institutions.

These diminutive states can be established for any number of reasons but typically it is either for entertainment or to disagree against something.

Whatever the cause, from dormitory kingdoms to entire communities that proclaimed independence, Those 20 List Of Micronations You Probably Never Heard Of.

1. Liberland

Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Liberland is formally the Free Republic of Liberland. It is a micronation demanding an isolated package of contradicted ground on the western bank of the Danube which is found between Croatia and Serbia.

It was announced on 13 April 2015 by Czech libertarian statesman as well as activist Vit Jedlicka. Vit has received nearly 250,000 applications for citizenship after announced as a small micronation independent country.

2. Principality of Hutt River

Principality of Hutt River
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

The Principality of Hutt River is also a micronation demanding land. It usually referred to by its recent name, the Hutt River Province. It is an unrecognized micronation in Australia.

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The principality demands to be an independent sovereign nation which was founded on 21 April 1970. The small plot of land’s leader declares himself Prince Leonard. However, Australia does not approve as the micronation.

3. Grand Duchy of Westarctica

Grand Duchy of Westarctica
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Grand Duchy of Westarctica is a micronation which was founded in 2001 by Travis McHenry.

It consists of the area which was located between the New Zealand Antarctic area and the Chilean one, particularly the part of Antarctica which is located between 90 degrees and 150 degrees west distance and south of the 60th parallel.

When American Travis McHenry apparently discovered a loophole in the Antarctic Treaty he ended up demanding a piece of Marie Byrd Land.

4. Glacier Republic

Glacier Republic
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

The Glacier Republic is a micronation which is formed as a promoting awareness. The micronation campaign was founded by Greenpeace in Chile on March 5 in 2014 in protest over mining organizations organizing on or near the glacier and causing it damage.

And the purpose has been to draw attention to a lack of protection for glaciers in the Andes Mountains. It is near the border of Argentina and Chile.

5. Conch Republic

Conch Republic
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

On April 23 in 1982, Key West Florida announced itself sovereign of the United States.

This was a tongue-in-cheek movement of protest to the US Highway Patrol setting up checkpoints in the area which were detrimental to tourism.

6. Republic of Minerva

Republic of Minerva
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Millionaire Michael Oliver determined he wanted his own nation so he poured sand onto a reef off the coast of Tonga in an effort to build his new nation’s flag on dry ground.

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Not long afterward though, the Tongan military came by and dismissed the flag.

7. Kingdom of EnenKio

Kingdom of EnenKio
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

The tiny micronation was established on the US region of Wake Island by a separatist group of Marshall Islanders.

As with various other micronations on the list, it has been named a scam to sell fake passports and certificates.

8. Freetown Christiania

Freetown Christiania
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

It was founded in 1971, Freetown Christiania is a self-proclaimed independent community in Copenhagen, Denmark.

It has approximately 850 inhabitants and considers itself to be the terminal hippie paradise.

9. Principality of Seborga

Principality of Seborga
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

For some reason, the small Italian village has been left out of almost every official settlement for over 1,000 years which led citizens to claim de facto independence. Of course, the only thing that really accomplished was to promote their tourism industry.

10. Global Country of World Peace

Global Country of World Peace
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

It was founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the ancestor of transcendental meditation, the country has no boundaries and prints its own currency.

11. Talossa

Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Talossa was founded by Milwaukee citizen Robert Ben Madison in his bedroom, Madison demands to have invented the phrase micronation.

12. Whangamomona Republic

Whangamomona Republic
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

The Whangamomona Republic is a micronation. It is located in New Zealand. The micronation is renowned for having a goat as its president. It’s really mysterious!

13. Principality of Sealand

Principality of Sealand
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

The stage was set up as an anti-aircraft gunnery location during WWW II. After the war though, Paddy Bates set up a pirate radio station here and ultimately declared the stage an independent nation.

14. Rose Island

Rose Island
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

In 1968 Giorgio Rosa, an Italian engineer, formed a platform off the coast of Italy and announced it a sovereign nation. Though, it was consequently destroyed by the Italian military.

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15. Kingdom of Vikesland

Kingdom of Vikesland
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

The micronation of Kingdom of Vikesland was founded in 2005 in Canada for the intention of recording a documentary about micronations.

16. Wirtland

Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

The internet-based micronation was founded in 2008. Its formal languages consist of any language that can be translated online via the internet.

17. Principality of Wy

Principality of Wy
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

When Australian Paul Deprat got in contention with the government over whether or not he was permitted to create a driveway on his property he founded the micronation.

18. Akhzivland

Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Israeli citizen Eli Avivi has founded the micronation in response to the government trying to bulldoze his house.

The lawsuit produced against him by the government of Israel was thrown out by the judge and today the region is really promoted by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.

19. Principality of Marlborough

Principality of Marlborough
Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

It is a short-lived micronation in Australia. Its originator determined to secede in order to avoid ejection from his farm following the bankruptcy.

It did not take long, however, for the police to show up and eliminate him from the property.

20. L’Anse-Saint-Jean

Source: wikipedia, Image: creativecommons.org

On January 21 in 1997, inhabitants of the village of L’Anse-Saint-Jean held an election to convert a sovereign kingdom.

Canada has not approved their independence but they have managed to promote as regional tourism.

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