20 List Of Common Household Items

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If you like craftsmanship and you’re the do-it-yourself type of person, then a variety of things you use on a daily basis that you don’t need to buy. You already have the ingredients at your residence by which you can make toothpaste to laundry detergent. Hence, we have discussed briefly with a list of common household items that you can relate with them immediately, here are 20 creative uses of household items by which you can save some money.

Here Are The 20 List Of Common Household Items

1. Alka Seltzer As Fishing Bait

Alka Seltzer As Fishing Bait

Though it’s queer dropping some of Alka seltzer tablets into the water around your fishing hole will help you to catch a big one. Because whenever the fishes will see this they will be attracted to this one and this will be a huge chance to make your target down. This technique is very much popular to attract fishes in aquariums. You can collect them to feed or to clean the area you want.

2. Aluminum Foil As Dryer Sheets

Aluminum Foil As Dryer Sheets List Of Common Household Items

If you didn’t know that aluminum foils are safe to keep in dryers before, you can do it now. Later you can use them as common household items for a superb alternative to dryer sheets. Though the thing will be a bit costly if you really want your clothes to be drier than you should try this one. This technique really works fast and sometimes you might be in a rush and this easily can help you out from unwanted situations.

3. Aspirin As Itch Reliever

Aspirin As Itch Reliever

If you grind up a few aspirin tablets and mix them with two teaspoons of water, the mixture can be used to get relief from the itch of a mosquito bite. This is a type of experiment actually and has been tried in various places, so if you want to try this just do it and see the changes. Meanwhile, many medicines are available for this treatment but it is the easiest one because aspirin remains available in every home.

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4. Baby Wipes As Gadget Cleaners

Baby Wipes As Gadget Cleaners List Of Common Household Items

If you want to buy some costly electronics cleaners, remember baby wipes can be used as an alternative. This thing is very gentle to swipe because it made with cotton inside so if you want to clean something sensitive why not using this one? You can use this product to clean and to swipe your daily household things and this really works, the smoothness of napkins helps to remove the dirt in every single way.

5. Baking Soda As Drain-O

Baking Soda As Drain-O

If you want to spend money on the drain to unclog the kitchen sink, remember you can do the same thing using baking soda. First, pour down a cup of baking soda down the drain, add some white vinegar and wait for five minutes. Then pour boiled water and check the outcome.

6. Baking Soda As Toothpaste

Baking Soda As Toothpaste

This can give you a fresh breath and can whiten your teeth. It is proven and in many television commercials or in the newspaper it shows that baking soda which is the common household item in a lite quantity could make your teeth more whiten. So whenever you are in short of paste just check your kitchen.

7. Bananas As Silverware Shiners

Bananas As Silverware Shiners

If you want your silverware as new as before then just scour them with the inner part of a banana peel. It’s magic, isn’t it? This trick is an old one. From the very past, it was a popular trick to use banana skins in a washing silverware. It’s a very popular trick and it’s very useful too.

8. Beer As Slug Bait

Beer As Slug Bait

If you have a slug problem, you can use a beer can get rid of it. Open some beer cans and keep them hidden at ground level, the slugs will just wander right in. This trick is mainly used in Africa, and if you are facing this problem, why not try this? When will you see this and you have beers in your collection just try this?

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9. Cereal Bags As Ziplocs

Cereal Bags As Ziplocs List Of Common Household Items

Ziplock bags are costly. However, you can use common household items like plastic cereal bags as an alternative to ziplock bags. They can be used to store baked goods or a sandwich. If you want to keep fish, meat, and poultry, apply breadcrumb coating. They can also be used as trash containers in your car.

10. Cinnamon As Ant Repellent

Cinnamon As Ant Repellent

If you want to buy some pesticides to keep ants at bay, then cinnamon can play a good role. Just sprinkle some cinnamon powder at the corner of your house or wherever you have the ant issue. Whenever you see ants on your roo, just simply apply this one and you can see the result.

11. Dryer Sheets As Shoe Freshener

Dryer Sheets As Shoe Freshener

Never spend too much buying costly deodorizer because dryer sheets can be used as an alternative. This is a very useful trick just put this under your socks and you can see the changes. These dryer sheets have the power of absorbing air and they will do this.

12. Hand Lotion As Shoe Shiner

Hand Lotion As Shoe Shiner

Look at the household items list this time and you can use hand lotion as an alternative to shoe shiner. It will keep your shoes shiny and ensure the leather’s softness. Just have some soap and swipe this over your shoe with a piece of tissue or cloth! and you can see the magic instantly in your eyes, this is a useful one.

13. Honey As Germ Killer

Honey As Germ Killer

Some types of honey can be used as germ killers. It will also help you’re to reduce scarring in your injured place. This is a common medical treatment as you can use this to get rid of the fever and killing in germs too. So from now on, you can use honey for this special reason too.

14. Hydrogen Peroxide As Stain Remover

Hydrogen Peroxide As Stain Remover

Bleach can be used as an anti-bacterial agent. It is a magnificent disinfectant and stain remover. Just use this common household item in the place with a bandage. You will get quick relief by proper using. This uncommon trick can help you in most strange ways.

15. Kitty Litter As Cell Phone Saver

Kitty Litter As Cell Phone Saver

If your cell phone gets soaked in the water you can dry it in a box of cat litter. To dry it first remove the battery and SIM card, then keep the phone into a sock. Tie the sock closed and put it in a box of cat litter. Wait for at least 3 days. check any moisture is left on the screen. If any moisture is seen there, keep it in the litter box for another two days.

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16. Tea Bags As Deodorizer

Tea Bags As Deodorizer List Of Common Household Items

Just keep used tea bags in a jar and keep it in your fridge to get rid of bad odor. This trick is very popular worldwide and you must try this on your fridge to stop this from bad smelling for your green vegetables or meat. Just put these bags around the corners and you will see the magic. This should be in your household item’s list.

17. Tea Bags As Wart Remover

Tea Bags As Wart Remover

If you have warts you can use tea bags to remove them. If you use hot, wet tea bags on warts for about 15 minutes, 3 times a day, it will eradicate warts. Actually, the tannic acid inside the tea leaves works to do so. This trick considered on person to person based but we hope you get relief by having this one.

18. Toothpaste As All Purpose Cleaner

Toothpaste As All Purpose Cleaner

Toothpaste must be in your household item’s list. You can save money by using toothpaste as a cleaner of sink fixtures. You can also use toothpaste to remove the garlic odor from your hands after cooking. From now on after cooking something, you do not have4 to think about the dirt over your pan just have this suggestion.

19. Vinegar As Pet Shiner

Vinegar As Pet Shiner

It’s quite strange but you are hearing right. Just pour a cup of white vinegar into one quart of water then rub the mixture on your pet’s coat, here you get the sparkling fur. This will look shiny and the other people will love to see your pet in a shiny and clean dress.

20. WD-40 As Crayon Eraser

WD-40 As Crayon Eraser

If your kid likes to draw on walls then don’t worry. You don’t have to buy costly wall cleaner. WD-40 can be used as a substitute and it’s pretty cheap. If you want to get the oil off the wall, just wipe the wall surface with a soapy rag and the wall be very shine as it will lokk the new one.

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