20 Least Corrupt Countries In The World

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Corruption is a fraud and unlawful behavior by people in places of authority. It hampers the development of any country. It is also a curse for a nation. If you see the world you may be clear that less corrupted countries are more developed than the most corrupted countries.

Every year Transparency International (TI) ranks the countries in the world according to the measure of corruption within their boundaries. One of the most effective results of the yearly survey is the fact that no nation receives an excellent score.

In fact, the most leading score is 92/100 which was produced by Denmark. After that, however, the release of the ranking of fairly fast as it seems that no country is free from the outcomes of human nature.

However, we are going to see you some of the developed countries which are not actual high corrupted countries. Here are the 20 Least Corrupt Countries In The World. You may follow them in your nation.

1. Australia


The media, trade unions, and political bodies are seen by the public as being Australia’s most corrupt organizations.

Although corruption as a whole survives low and is not an obstacle to daily life, risks do remain. There is no notable anti-corruption legislation in the area and foreign bribes have been an issue.

Score: 80

2. Austria


Although in general corruption is low, contemporary political rumors have highlighted corruption in the administration.

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Moreover, unlike some other nations on the list, facilitation payments are not considered unlawful.

Score: 72

3. Bahamas


While trivial corruption with respects to business and regular life is moderately low, political corruption is much higher.

Transparency International has been an issue and public polls tend to show a general distrust of politicians and political parties.

Score: 71

4. Barbados


Listed as the least corrupt Caribbean country, there are low levels of bribery and fraud in the business sector and the government has maintained commitments to provide efficient social and public services.

Score: 74

5. Belgium


Government trust in civil service and in the jury is high and perception of corruption is relatively low.

There are a few sections, however, that need some improvement. One of these would be more whistleblower protection.

Score: 76

6. Canada


Corruption has usually not been an obstacle in Canada but in contemporary years it has risen up a few times.

The country does not have any notable anti-bribery measures in the area and 30% of business executives claimed that bribery and corruption are an issue.

Score: 81

7. Chile


In spite of contemporary political corruption reproaches, Chile is still listed as the least corrupt nation in South America.

As with most of the other countries on the list, business and everyday life are not influenced to any notable extent by corruption.

Score: 73

8. Germany


Health, construction, and public procurement have been reported to be the most corrupt sectors in Germany and petty corruption has been an issue in the past.

As in most of the European Union, however, it is not an impediment to business. A strong legal system and increased anti-corruption measures have been successful in their aims.

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Score: 79

9. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Although it used to rank higher than Japan, USA, and the UK, the question of whether Hong Kong will be able to maintain its current standards now that it is a part of China still remains.

Score: 74

10. Iceland


While corruption does not affect day to day life, the political system has been affected by nepotism, close business as well as political relationships, and the fallout from the 2008 financial crisis.

Score: 79

11. Ireland


Its corruption index is slightly lower than the average for Western Europe and it has struggled in the recent past with both politicians and business leaders being accused of corruption, fraud, and bribery. In recent years, however, the situation has improved somewhat.

Score: 74

12. Japan


Enjoying relatively high levels of economic freedom, corruption does not play a very big role in business or daily life. There is, however, one area that drags the country down in international rankings.

Japanese companies practice something called “Amakudari” which basically consists of assigning retired government officials to top positions in the business. This is quite common in the financial, pharmaceutical, transportation, and construction sectors.

Score: 76

13. Luxembourg


Although corruption is generally very low, public perception of political parties is not very high and 53% of people saw them as being corrupt.

There is also a relatively high level of business/political intermingling and no code of conduct addressing corrupt practices. As we said though, corruption remains low.

Score: 82

14. Netherlands


A culture of trust, an independent tribunal, and powerful anti-corruption mechanisms all work together to build a culture where corruption is not much of a problem.

Score: 83

15. Singapore


Located in a part of the world where corruption is usually times taken for granted, Singapore’s harsh measures have pushed it far ahead of its neighbors when it comes to tackling corruption.

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Score: 84

16. Switzerland


Although political parties are recognized by the public to be the most corrupt object in the country, there is almost no obstacle to obtaining public services and most sectors are considered corruption-free.

Score: 86

17. United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

Although corruption is not very widespread, following the contemporary financial crisis several cases of high profile cheating have come to light and exposed areas that need work.

While the government has shown itself dedicated to reducing corruption, lack of transparency in the judiciary system along with several other issues has slowed advancement.

In spite of this, public services are offered efficiently and in a manner that has attracted massive amounts of foreign investment.

Score: 70

18. United Kingdom

United Kingdom

In spite of some separate incidences of violation regarding political power, corruption plays a moderately small role in business and everyday life.

The UK continues to maintain effective anti-corruption legislation and frameworks for fighting corruption both at home and abroad.

Score: 78

19. United States

United States

Following the contemporary financial crisis, corruption in the financial sector has received notable attention and political corruption has been a long-running issue.

In spite of those difficulties, the United States maintains extensive anti-corruption legislation and has a very decentralized formation with states retaining a good amount of power.

Score: 74

20. Uruguay


Following right on the heels of its South American associate, Uruguay has made large paces in the past 15 years originally due to its government’s consistent commitment to becoming more transparent.

Score: 73

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