20 Funny Texts From Parents Gone Bad

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We are living in a generation of technology. Technology is everywhere and we just can not avoid the benefits of this. It has made easier the communication. What is most important in all kinds of relationships. In today’s world, we can always want to connect with anyone if we know the process.

In this article, we will discuss some conversations over the phone by SMS with parents, which goes wrong. These types of situations are very awkward, especially when it is about your parents. So let’s have a look at these 20 funny texts from parents gone bad. We hope this could bring you some laughs and refreshments.

Here Are the 20 Funny Texts From Parents Gone Bad

1. IDK Meaning?

Funny Texts From Parents Gone Bad IDK Meaning?

In these modern days, we regularly use short terms of many words. They are getting popular day by day. In this image, a mom is asking his son what is the abbreviation of IDK, LY, and TTYL. The son has replied appropriate answers but that goes wrong. The mother thinks her son is busy and reply later. LOL! (Laugh out loud)

2. Clever one!

Clever one! Funny Texts From Parents Gone Bad

This is really funny. A dad has done a tremendous job with his son. He asked too many questions but there was no reply and then he said he is thinking to buy a car for his son, means receiver then suddenly the son replies and asked is it true. Then the cool dad replied no, he was just being sure that the message has been delivered.

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3. The LOL thing!

 The LOL thing! Funny Texts From Parents Gone Bad

Now after seeing the image you would say, LOL! A mom just sent a message to his daughter, informing her aunt passed away LOL. Then  The daughter asked is there anything funny? Mother replied she had known that the word stands for “Lots of Love”!! and she has sent this message to many already.

4. Is It Funny or Scary?

Is It Funny or Scary? Funny Texts From Parents Gone Bad

A mother has texted his son and telling him that she has left her cell phone outside and the most important thing is she sent this SMS from her own phone. Have you get these type of funny texts from parents? Sometimes all of us forget many things when we are in the pressure of work and I am sure it is a common issue that has happened with almost everyone.

5. Criticizing Mom!

Criticizing Mom! Funny Texts From Parents Gone Bad

This mom is answering her daughter that, she is chillaxing( chill + relax) then she replied that this word is old and no one is using this these days. Then the mom replied, “Then I am doing nothing today”. A funny and common one.

6. Who?

Who? Funny Texts From Parents Gone Bad

This is one of the hilarious funny texts from parents. The boy is very clever and he asked his mother that, his mother sounds like an owl and someone has said that to him. Her mother asked how was the sound, then he replied she will want to know”Who” said that? She asked then “Who”. Then the boy said that owl sound like “Who”!

7. WTF!

 WTF! texts gone horribly wrong

This is a funny text, a son is saying his mother that, he has got A in chemistry. His mother replied that “WTF, well done”. Then the boy asked what did she understand by this word and she replied: “Well That’s Fantastic”.

8. Crazy MOM!

texts gone horribly wrong Crazy MOM!

Now let’s talk about a crazy mom. She is calling his son in SMS and it seems that she is very happy and excited for some reason. She constantly calling him and sharing her reflections like”Lalallala”, “Dododododoododododood” then she replied she felt asleep by waiting for her son!

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9. Funny DAD

Funny DAD texts gone horribly wrong

Well, it is a national pretzel day and a son is demanding a pretzel to his father. Then his funny father replied that it gets him to like out of shape and he admitted that his son is surprised the quick whit of his early age.

10. What’s Happening?

What's Happening?

Sometimes we can see funny texts from parents and saying, he is in trouble. The son asked why and then she replied that her son is in school and texting her. Then her son reminds her that she texted first!

11. Forgetfulness

funny text messages  Forgetfulness

Here we are showing you an SMS of a mom who forgets easily. Her son texted her and asked where is she. She replied she is leaving for home from Walmart. Then her son remembered her that, he was with her!

12. Mom is Serious!

Mom is Serious! funny text messages

In this SMS a mother has sent a message to his son and said in 2012, The UK government will ship retards for the upcoming Olympic tournament. As she is retarded so she thinks she will have to remove from the country!

13. Crazy Daughter!

Crazy Daughter! funny parent texts

Just see the SMS and have the fun. A mom is saying to her daughter that she had a dream with her daughter and her bunch of friends last night. Then the daughter replied that she does not have a bunch of friends, then the mom replied yes, but she is not dreaming!!

14. Wisher Mom.

Wisher Mom. funny parent texts

Here you can see a mom who gets an SMS bundle and sending SMS to her son in every phase of the day. Just look at the image above and you will understand the matter. It is really funny and we all have that friend who always does this type of thing.

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15. Hilarious Answer

Hilarious Answer

Here in this SMS, a mother has asked his son why he is changing the logo of Google? The boy replied that he does not change it. Then the mom asked if he doesn’t run the google? Then her son replied if he, then he would not drive a 2004 Ford!

16. Mom fell asleep

Mom fell asleep

A mom has fallen asleep while texting her son and it brings an anonymous text over her son’s phone. Then when her son asked about the SMS then she replied that she has fallen asleep.

17. Momma is fun

Momma is fun funniest accidental texts from parents

Here in this image, you can see a conversation between a mom and her son. They are talking about putting on the air. The mother is bitten off about shorten texts we assume that she texted wrong to her son.

18. What is this?

What is this

A little conversation between a girl and her mom. What to say about these funny texts from parents? Her mom is asking if she is alive or not. Then she replied yes and asked her mom that if she is alive or not. Her mom replied no then the girl said she is ok with this.

19. Mom reminds everything!

Mom reminds everything funniest parents

Sweet texting. When a mom leaving home for work in another place her girl texted her wishing goodbye, she then reminds her to wash dishes. Then her daughter again said she loves her then she again replied by remembering her to take the dog out!

20. Duh, Mom!

Duh, Mom parents texting meme

What to do when your mom is in a really funny mood? In this case, this thing has happened. A mom replied to her son by remembering him that dinner is on the stove and end the conversation with a cheeky emoji, then her son asked what’s on the dinner and she thinks he is asking about the emoji because he asked: “What is it?”!

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