20 Funniest Craigslist Ads

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Advertising is a very common visual thing we are familiar with from our very childhood. We have grown with television commercials, radio commercials, and newspaper commercials at that time. So this thing is familiar with us and we can understand what it trying to say.

In this article, we will talk about funny internet commercials. On this day many of us attached to the internet for our daily life purpose and in that case, we have to visit versatile sites. By visiting we are seeing many ads on many sites or in social media. Many of them are absurd and too funny. Today we have arranged 20 Funniest Craigslist Ads for entertainment. Let’s have a look.

Here Are Most 20 Funniest Craigslist Ads Ever

1. Free Copper

1funniest craigslist ads Free Copper

Someone is just interested to sell copper. A valuable thing obviously to have. Seeing funniest craigslist Ad, an owner is saying in this bucket he has 50 pounds of copper and if you want to use it as a drug, then keep away!

2. Soft as it seems.

2funniest craigslist ads  Soft as it seems.

You need an Italian leather couch to have a bit of comfort? someone is offering his/her couch at $250 only. Do not look at the cotton and do not use the photo without permission!

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3. Crime Partner

3funniest craigslist ads Crime Partner

Someone is asking for a crime partner. In this absurd advertise he has written all about the things he does. He wants a partner, who will do the same thing as a co-worker with him. If you are interested you can apply!

4. Wing Bandana

best craigslist ad ever  Wing Bandana

This organization is trying to sell boat bandanas. There are some awkward conditions to have this funniest craigslist Ad but it’s crazy and funny at the same time. You can read their conditions if you are interested!

5. Hangover!

5funniest craigslist ads Hangover!

Hey, Its Las Vegas and if you need a crazy night just hire a baby sitter! Who does not see the movie Hangover? Zach Galifianakis who acted as “Alan” on this movie suddenly became a baby sitter accidentally. They had an absurd night.

6. Inducing Labor!

 Inducing Labor! best craigslist ad ever

Well, this is completely absurd. Someone has given an advertisement to find some magical person who will induce her upcoming baby two weeks ago on a full moon night. Who can do this?

7. Free Urn for Mother-in-law

best craigslist ad ever  Free Urn for Mother-in-law

This is a completely funniest craigslist ad when will you see it at first glance. After a while, you will notice the guy compared his mother-in-law with his pet. It’s too absurd and funny at the same time. LOL!

8. Finding Penpal Friend

Finding Penpal Friend best craigslist ad ever

This guy has admitted that he is 29 years old and done some wrong decisions in his life and now as he wants to solve this he needs to write him. Penpal friendship is a rare thing today but who knows may he got some adviser.

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9. Weave News!

Weave News! best craigslist ad ever

Someone has given an advertisement for Weave! It’s totally absurd, there are some benefits to this too. If someone wants to get back their natural hair length they can have this for free.

10. Furniture Man!

funny craigslist ads reddit Furniture Man!

There are too many awkward things are happening around the world. As you can see in this advertisement someone is wanting to sell a person as a footstool. You can use him as a chair too!.

11. Belly Button Lint

funny craigslist ads reddit  Belly Button Lint

What an awkward thing to have, who wishes to sell this thing? this man is selling this product for rifle, gold, gold coins and motorcycles also. So, if you are interested in but this one just contacts him and has this.

12. Pope Hats

Pope Hats funny craigslist ads reddit

There are too many uncommon things in this world and too many uncommon advertisements too. Here is a big example. Someone has given this advertisement for selling Pope hats! if you like you can purchase one someday.

13. Noodles Bath

Noodles Bath funniest craigslist car ads

An absurd advertisement. Someone needs you to have a bath in his bathtub that is full of noodles, you will get five minutes to have this bath and no one will be home at that time! Hurry!

14. Duck Mask

funniest craigslist car ads Duck Mask

You love duck and want to have a duck mask?  Some guy is selling one. There are too many absurd peoples in this world and you can relate our words when will you read our article.

15. Hamster wheel for humans!

funniest craigslist car ads  Hamster wheel for Human!

How pathetic and horrible Idea! We all see hamster wheels for rat and this gives us a serious message. This person is selling hamster wheels by funniest craigslist ads. It is made for humans and just looks at the picture.

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16. iPhone!

 iPhone! funniest craigslist car ads

An absurd thought! someone is selling his iPhone and admitting that there is a bad smell on its home button because he uses this iPhone in his bathroom. so, what do you think? want to buy this one!

17. Lazy women

Lazy women funniest craigslist car ads

Someone is looking for a giant person who will carry lazy women by foot all over the town. The world is full of stupid things and here you can see an example. If you are running out of money then go for this.

18. Selling Teeth!

funny craigslist replies Selling Teeth!

Someone is selling his grand mother’s teeth and gave an advertisement. A total absurd thing. How could be someone so pathetic? If you are obsessed with human teeth then have a look.

19. Pony Wanted!

funny craigslist ads personals Pony Wanted!

Someone is looking for a pony for her children’s birthday and they are very serious about this. They admitted to feeding it and taking care of this regularly while this will be monitored by them.

20. Cat Sit

Cat Sit funniest craigslist ads

Someone is looking for a cat sitting because he lost his cat. Some people love their animal too much and that’s why they feel crazy for them. You can see the example I guess.

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