20 Most Famous Hostage Negotiations

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A hostage is a person who has mainly been captured by someone or some organization and who would be killed or injured if the people of hostage’s site do not do what they demand. The hostage happened not only for money but also for the international crisis in worldwide. Though in recent days, the government does not negotiate with the snatching terrorist. Here are 20 Most Famous Hostage Negotiations.

Here Are The 20 Most Famous Hostage Negotiations

1. Alabama Bunker Hostage Crisis

Alabama Bunker Hostage Crisis famous hostage negotiations

A five-year-old young boy, named Ethan was taken hostage around seven days in Dale County, Alabama in the United States. The young boy was riding to school on a bus. Sixty years old Vietnam War veteran man named Lee Dykes came aboard the bus and stabbed the bus driver and took Ethan to an underground bunker. Lee Dykes failed to negotiate and finally shot by the armed forces. And Ethan got free from the bunker.

2. Baghdad Church Attack

Baghdad Church Attack famous hostage negotiations

Six Suicidal jihadists of the Islamic State of Iraq attacked a Catholic Cathedral in Baghdad on October 31, 2010. They enter the Church in the evening and began to kill the worshipers. In this hostage negotiation, fifty-eight people dead and about 100 were taken as hostages. Then, Iraqi Special Forces operate in the charge to rescue them. Finally, the hostages were rescued but some were wounded and 41 hostages had died.

3. Beslan School Hostage Crisis

Beslan School Hostage Crisis famous hostage negotiations

Beslan School Hostage Crisis is well known as the Beslan Massacre. In 2004 on 1 September, a group of Islamic terrorists entered Beslen School in Beslan and took over 1100 people including almost 800 children as hostages. The terrorist groups demanded the end of the Second Chechen War. On the third day of the hostages, Russian security forces operated the building with heavy weapons but they failed to rescue all the hostages. About 380 hostages were killed including the terrorist.

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4.Discovery Communications Headquarters Hostage Crisis

Discovery Communications Headquarters Hostage Crisis

On September 1, 2010. A Gunman, named James Lee, took three people as hostages at Discovery Channel headquarters. He had two pistols and an explosive device with him. Within four hours of lockdown and negotiations, James Lee was killed by a shot of the police.

5. Eloá Pimentel

Eloá Pimentel

Eloa Pimentel crisis not only remarkable for the death of hostage but also remarkable for the mistake of Police. On October 13 in 2008,  Eloa and her friend Nayara de Silva took as hostages. Though Eloa was able to flee, her friend still captive by Lidemberg Fernandes Alves, the ex-boyfriend of Eloa. Police suggested to her to go back as hostages again to rescue Nayara de Silva. Though Nayara de Silva got released, she was shot before going action by GATE.

6.Father Lawrence Martin Jenco

Father Lawrence Martin Jenco Most Famous Hostage Negotiations

Father Lawrence Martin Jenco was the Roman Catholic priest who was taken hostages in Lebanon by Islamic radicals for 18 months. As per history, it was a famous hostage negotiation and he suffered greatly during his prison time. Maximum time of his prison, he spent by prying and meditating.  Father Lawrence Jenco was finally freed on 26 July in 1986.

7. Gracia and Martin Burnham

Gracia and Martin Burnham famous hostage negotiations

Gracia and Martin Burnham were the United States missionaries who served in the Philippines since 1986 to the death of Martin Burnham in 2002 by an Islamic Separatist Terrorist Organization. They were taken Hostages by Islamic Separatist Terrorist Organization. The terrorist Organization demanded a million dollars for releasing the couple. Although $3,00,000 was paid, they could not free them. At last, the Philippine Army tried to free them but in the operation, Martin was killed and Gracia was wounded.

8. Iran Hostage Crisis

Iran Hostage Crisis

Iran Hostage Crisis is one of the longest crisis among all hostages all over the world. On 4 November 1979. The Iranian revolution was taken 52 US diplomats as hostages. The crisis increased more when a group of Islamic students joined with the revolutionist. The US army tried a rescued operation on April 24, 1980, when a number of negotiations failed to rescue them. After 444 days, they were finally released with the signing of the Algiers Accord on January 19, 1981.

9. Lindhurst High School Shooting

Lindhurst High School Shooting

Eric Houston, a 20-year-old young man, a former student of Lindhurst High School, was taken 80 hostages about 8 hours before surrendering to the police. But Before surrendering, he killed 3 students and a teacher and nine students were wounded, with sawed off.22 caliber rifle, by him.

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10. Patty Hearst

Patty Hearst

Patricia Hearst Shaw was an actress of America but not regular. She was mainly focused on for her millionaire grandfather, George Hearst, and her father William Randolph. On February 4 in 1974 at the age of 19, she was taken as hostages from her Berkeley California by an urban guerrilla group named Symbionese Liberation Army in brief (SLA). Within the two months of kidnapping, Hearst announced on audio that she had joined the SLA.

11.Roy Hallums

Roy Hallums

Roy Hallums is an American contractor who was taken as hostages from the Bagdad, the capital of Iraq on November 1 in 2004, by 20 gunmen. On January 25 in 2005, a videotape of Roy published by which he appealed not only to the US government but also appeal to Libyan president Muammar al-Gaddafi to relieve him from the hostages. Then, by the interrupted of president Gaddafi, he was finally released on September 7, 2005.

12. Sacramento Hostage Crisis

Sacramento Hostage Crisis

Sacramento Hostage Crisis is one of the terrifying crisis in the history of America.  Four young Vietnamese refugees entered the Good Guys, an Electronic Store, on April 4 in 1991, with three pistols and a shotgun. They took 50 hostages for 8 hours. In the store, they killed 3 hostages and wounded 14. The four of them, three were shot by police and one is captured by the authority.

13. Terry Anderson

Terry Anderson

Terry Anderson, a tennis athlete as well as a journalist, was taken as hostages by Lebanon Islamic militants during the Lebanese Civil War. He got released on December 4, 1991, after 2,454 days in captivity. The world watched saw that he saw his daughter who was born after three months his hostage.

14. Terry Waite

Terry Waite

Terry Waite was an English humanitarian and author. He was also taken hostages when he went to negotiate with the Islamic Jihad Organization on January 20 in 1987, for releasing of four hostages including journalist John McCarthy. However,  he got released after 1,763 days of his captive life.

15. The Alta View Hospital Hostage Crisis

The Alta View Hospital Hostage Crisis

On September 20 in 1991. Richard Worthington went to Alta View Hospital to kill Dr. Glade Curtis who operate a tubal ligation on his wife. He entered the Hospital’s Women Centre and took two nurses three patient and two newborn babies as hostages. A nurse is shot by him in at the time of arriving police. Anyway, he was surrender and took the prison for 35 years but he committed suicide in the cell on November 11, 1993.

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16. The Kizlyar-Pervomayskoye Hostage Crisis

The Kizlyar-Pervomayskoye Hostage Crisis

The Kizlyar-Pervomayskoye Hostage Crisis is also known as the terrorist act in Kizlyar in January 1996 during the First Chechen War. the Chechen guerrillas entered the Kizlyar and took hostages 2,000 to 3400 native civilians. But by attacking of Russian Military, they escaped from the town with 100 hostages.

17. The Lebanon Hostage Crisis

The Lebanon Hostage Crisis Most Famous Hostage Negotiations

The Lebanon Hostage Crisis happened in 1982 to 1992 during the Civil war of Lebanon. All but 104 foreign were taken as famous hostage Negotiations by the Hezbollah organization. The hostages were maximum in American and Europian but another 21 national represent there.

18. The Ma’alot Massacre

The Ma’alot Massacre Most Famous Hostage Negotiations

The Ma’alot Massacre is one of the detest hostages over the world. A Palestinian group attacked a school in Israel and took 115 Israel people as hostages in May 1974. They demanded the release of 23 Palestinian Militants who were captive in Israel Prison. At last, failing the negotiate, Golani Brigade attacked the building where hostages were captive. And hostage-taker also attacked and killed 28 hostages including 22 were children.

19. The Munich Olympic Tragedy

The Munich Olympic Tragedy Most Famous Hostage Negotiations

The Munich Olympic Tragedy is well known as the Munich Massacre. The Munich Massacre took place in 1972 during the Summer Olympics in Munich in Germany. The Palestinian Group, eight-member, was taken 11 Israeli athletes as hostages. According to a study of famous hostage negotiation, they demanded the release of about 234 prisoners who were captive in the Israeli prison. But failing the negotiations, they killed all the athletes. And The Palestinian group also killed by  Operation Wrath of God, operated by the Israel government.

20. West Nickel Mines Hostage Taking

West Nickel Mines Hostage Taking Most Famous Hostage Negotiations

A gunman named Charles Carl Robert IV took hostages an Amish School in Bart Township, Pennsylvania in the united states with a shotgun, rifle, and handgun on October 2 in 2006. He shot eight who were 6 to 13 years old young girls. Five girls were death among them. At last the perpetrator, Charles Carl Robert IV committed suicide.

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