20 Facts About Alcohol You May Not Realize Are True

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The Internet is full of facts of Alhocols and various beverages like this. On the one hand, many sites are saying the health benefits about alcohol and on the other hand, this thing is called dangerous and addictive when some get depend on it.

The main fact is the effect of Alcohol firstly varies between individuals and depend on the amount or type of alcohol you are consuming. Here we have discussed some facts that are true about alcohol. So, let’s have a look!

Here Are 20 Facts About Alcohol Facts And Statistics

Facts About Alcohol
  1. In the Neolithic Period ( about 10000 BC ) the discovery of late Stone Age jugs it indicates that intentionally fermented beverages existed back on that time.
Facts About Alcohol

2. Almost all fruits and maximum vegetables contain an amount of alcohol in their bodies.

Facts About Alcohol

3. Along with a few more countries, the United States has the highest minimum age to drink for its citizens. Though in some countries the legal drinking age is very low like 16!

bad facts about alcohol

4. Alcohol is not only can found in our beautiful earth and this is not a terrestrial matter. Astronomers found that there is a lot of presence of alcohol in the Space too!

bad facts about alcohol

5. Prohibition time of cocktails is gaining popularity because they were offered to mask the flavor of poorly made alcohol. There are many popular alcohols like Mary Pickford, sidecar and Barbary Coast.

bad facts about alcohol

6. Researchers have shown that at any time you name, 0.7 % of the world population is drunk, that means 50 million people are drunk right now!

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bad facts about alcohol

7. If you are a Vodka lover and you have a lot of money to spend over this its big news for you. You can have a bottle of the world’s most expensive vodka just in 3.75 million dollars! It names ” The Billionaire Vodka”.

20 facts about alcohol

8. In the USA every year almost 5,000 people die who are under the age of 21 from an alcohol-related incident like car crashes, homicides and alcohol poisoning and so on.

20 facts about alcohol

9. Do you know? A muscular person always has a higher alcohol tolerance than someone who has more body fat because water-rich muscle tissues absorb alcohol more effectively than others.

20 facts about alcohol

10. A bottle of Champagne contains 90 pounds pressure per inch, which is almost similar to three times pressure than in a car’s tire. The popped cork from champagne can travel like 60 miles per hour.

20 facts about alcohol

11. Do you get fear, when you discover your glass is empty? The fear of an empty glass also contains a name. It is called “Cenosillicaphobia”

20 facts about alcohol

12. Vikings did like alcohol, but they did not drink it from traditional containers instead of that they enjoy this from human skulls which were collected from the defeated enemies.

essential facts about alcohol

13. Japanese Doctors have observed patients with “auto-brewery syndrome” in which case a high level of candida yeast in the intestines churn out so much alcohol and that causes drunkness.

essential facts about alcohol

14. The most beer drinking country in the world is Czech republic with a per capita beer consumption of 40 gallons, the Czechs are way out in the worlds most beer drinking champions, and left behind many beer loving nations.

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essential facts about alcohol

15. Do you ever hear the name of Tarantula Brandy? It is a popular drink from Cambodia which includes rice liquor and fresh dead tarantulas!

alcohol facts and statistics

16. do you know what is the world s strongest beer? The name os this beer is “Brewmeister’s Snake Venom” When regular beer contains 5% ABV, This contains almost 67.5 % ABV.

alcohol facts and statistics

17. Many high schools in Eupore keep alcohol in their cafeterias and serve them to students as per they want to drink.

alcohol facts and statistics

18. Vodka is worlds most popular liquor by a huge margin, with about 5 billions peoples all over the world consume vodka per year.

alcohol facts and statistics

19. Americas President Abraham Lincoln held a Liquor license and operated several taverns.

facts about alcohol and drugs

20. In Ohio, it’s legal to drink a fish!

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