20 Discontinued Medical Treatments

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From Arsenic to Vin Mariani, these are the 20 bizarre medical treatment and remedies from the ancient time for you.

Here Are The 20 Discontinued Medical Treatments

1. Arsenic

Arsenic 20 Discontinued Medical Treatments

In these days we consider arsenic as a poison but in ancient times it was used as a cosmetic and a remedy for Malaria.

2. Bloodletting


For many reasons, people considered excess blood in the body the cause of many diseases during the middle ages. Some people even used leeches to suck excess blood from the body because they thought that this process would keep them healthy.

3. Clysters


In this medieval process, people would inject all sort of things into their rectum expecting a magical cure. This process is still used today to cure constipation.

4. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola 20 Discontinued Medical Treatments

Coca-Cola was actually intended to be a medicine. The inventor of Coca-Cola, Colonel John Pemberton, demanded that it could cure morphine addiction, headache, and impotence.

5. Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth

Hitler’s physician made this treatment famous. As Hitler was a hypochondriac, the doctors would often inject him with all kind of medications, even meth.

6. Dead Mouse Paste

Dead Mouse Paste illegal medical procedures

In ancient Egypt people used mashed mice as the treatment of toothaches.

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7. Farts


In the middle ages, people thought that black death is occurred by smelly odors. Then it was the view that “like cures like”. So physicians prescribed people to fart in jars and open the jar when the plague came to town.

8. Half a mouse

Half a mouse 20 Discontinued Medical Treatments

As a treatment of wart in Elizabethan Period English people cut mice in half and apply them to warts.

9. Horoscopes


In different parts of medieval Europe, physicians have to see a patients horoscope before beginning treatment.

10. Hot iron

Hot iron illegal medical procedures

During the middle ages, for the treatment of hemorrhoids, a hot iron was used to push up the rectum.

11. Moldy Bread

Moldy Bread

In ancient Egypt moldy bread was used as a disinfectant. If you know science then you will find no wonder in this treatment because many fungi are familiar to have bacteria-inhibiting properties. Is it Penicilin?

12. Needles

Needles 20 Discontinued Medical Treatments

In the medieval time, needles were used during cataract surgery.

13. Powder of Sympathy

Powder of Sympathy illegal medical procedures

In the 17th century, Sir Kenelm Digby made a special powder made of pig’s brains, earthworms, and mummified corpses. This was used to head the battle wounds.

14. Sheep livers

Sheep livers

In Mesopotamia, the treatment process of any kind of diseases was a bit bizarre. First, a sheep was sacrificed and then the patient’s diagnosis started by examining the livers of the sacrificed sheep.

15. Snake oil

Snake oil

In ancient China, people used snake oit to get rid of joint pain.

16. Tongue Cutting

Tongue Cutting illegal medical procedures

In the 18th century, when people stammered, the physicians used to cut off half of their tongue. Many of them bled to death. How horrible!

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17. Trepaning


In ancient times to cure head related problems such as migraines people used to have drilled hole into their skulls to relieve tension on the brain.

18. Urine as an antiseptic

Urine as an antiseptic

It’s a bit strange but urine had multiple uses in past times. In the battlefield, urine was the most sterile element so it was used as an antiseptic.

19. Urine for diagnosis

Urine for diagnosis illegal medical procedures

In middle ages, Physicians used to diagnose patient’s urine by smelling and even tasting to detect the illness.

20. Vin Mariani

Vin Mariani 20 Discontinued Medical Treatments

In the middle of 18th century, Italian Chemist Angelo Mariani made a healing tonic from red wine and cocoa leaves. This suspension became very popular. ( for those who don’t know, cocoa leaves hold cocaine)

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