20 List Of Corrupt Countries In The World

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Today we will discuss something corruption! well, today our topics are, we will share 20 countries that are detected as most corrupted countries.

You can know about the political states and why these countries are marked like this and what are they doing to get rid of this tag.

In this article, we will show you the 20 most corrupted countries and some small details about those countries.

We hope you will learn why these countries have marked this.

Here Are 20 List Of Corrupt Countries In The World

1. Angola

Angola Corrupt Countries In The World

Look at this Portuguese province, which, after thirty years of civil war, has left Angola one of the poorest countries in the world. Who do you about that? What do you think?

2. Burma (Myanmar)

Burma (Myanmar) Corrupt Countries In The World

This country has been ruled by the military junta for 40 years, and in 2010, this reclusive state had its first elections. The elections demonstrate that the dispute has continued as many violations of human rights against minority groups have been accused of by the Burmese government.

3. Burundi

Burundi Corrupt Countries In The World

Burundi has managed to stabilize temporarily. Continuously on the verge of returning to wars, as a poor country dominated by years of ethnic violence and genocide.

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4. Cambodia

Cambodia top 20 most corrupt countries in the world 2019

Cambodia has been experiencing genocide and civil war and for the past 2 decades. This country had relative peace before, even if civil unrest continues. Cambodia is also one of the world’s most vulnerable countries.

5. Chad

Chad top 20 most corrupt countries in the world 2019

Unfair history, poverty, a displaced person’s emergency, and respectable disturbances have marked the fight of many years in the country.

6. The Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo top 10 corrupt countries in the world 2019

After being the center of the World War in Africa, also known as the Second Congo War. Since the end of World War II, it is a world conflict bloodthirsty.

7. Eritrea

Eritrea top 10 corrupt countries in the world 2019

It was almost 30 years after the war when Ethiopia finally gave up independence, that North Korea was only challenged for privacy. Media sectors were unable to access a lot, but there are many accusations of serious abuse of human rights.

8. Guinea-Bissau

Guinnea-Bissau top 10 corrupt countries in the world 2019

That was a model in Africa. A series of bloody military coups soon occurred in the former Portuguese colony, which put the country at risk.

9. Haiti

top 100 corrupt country in the world 2019

The first Caribbean nation to gain independence. The country has been left far behind in almost every weight behind its neighbors for decades of violence and conflict.

10. Iraq

top 100 corrupt country in the world 2019

It is very surprising that Iraq was still not ranked lower after passing a period of war. Conflict and regional power struggle is still going there.

11. Libya

top 100 corrupt country in the world 2019

After the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi, an eccentric tyrant, the country was lawless and the power wielded by war clans. This did not work as a central government.

12. Paraguay

most corrupt country in the world 2019 list wikipedia

Paraguay came down to political chaos and factional power struggles after 30 years of dictatorship.

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13. Republic of the Congo

Republic of the Congo 
most corrupt country in the world 2019 list wikipedia

The economic situation of Congo has improved imperceptibly after decades of civil war. Most people in this country are poor. In Congo, there is still a problem of civil disturbances. The rule of law still has to take over here.

14. Syria

Syria corruption index by country

It was a global outcast and a center of strife, a state full of violence, genocide, and ethnic conflict. Terrorism is popular and groups like the Islamic State have claimed a large part of their territory.

15. Tajikistan

Tajikistan corruption index by country

By 1991, Tadjikistan was embroiled by civil war and this natural beauty had its independence from the Soviet Union. The war has ended. The economy has not recovered yet.

16. Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan most corrupt country in the world 2019 list wikipedia

Turkmenistan has grown too late as incredibly strict fascism given its respectable dictatorship of the state. It is an ethnically homogeneous nation. They have an unrefined economy and most foreign speculators have been absent for a long time.

17. Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan world corruption index 2019

Uzbekistan is a highly authoritarian state with a poor human rights record. Western nations and watchdog groups are both being critical for this.

18. Venezuela

Venezuela the 20 most and 20 least corrupt countries in the world

Many of the people in the country have degenerated into poverty by the very growing populist leader Hugo Chávez. Venezuela does not rank very high instability or clarification indicators if it has strong authoritarian grasp onto power and a critically weak economy.

19. Yemen

Yemen top 20 most corrupt countries in the world 2019

It has largely stopped instability and terror, and the current government has eliminated this state. Strife for power is now opposing rebel groups like al-Qaeda.

20. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe top 20 most corrupt countries in the world 2019

Zimbabwe’s economy and infrastructure were very chaotic. As the majority of Zimbabweans living in poor and poverty after the long-standing tyrannical rule of Robert Mugabe.

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