20 Cooking Hacks That You Can Do With Your Coffee Maker

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Today we are here to talk about something exceptional again as we always did before. Before we start, raise your hand if you are a coffee lover!

yes, we will talk about this today. Not actually about coffee, instead we will talk about what other things you can make using your coffee maker.

In this article, we have collected 20 images along with their names and a bit of information, which you can cook through your coffee machine overall.

So, not getting more late, let’s dive into the image gallery and find out what you can do with your machine.

1. Boil eggs

Boil eggs

You just use the burner if you want to fry eggs, but you need the kettle to boil them. It should take just roughly 8 minutes. So, what do you think this time about?

2. Candied nuts

Candied nuts

You can produce some of the best-candied nuts with a coffee machine with pecans, cinnamon, sugar, water, and some seasoning. Do only Google on these subjects if you want to know the entire operation.

3. Chicken pesto pasta

Chicken pesto pasta

It’s a bit hard. Next, on the grill, you have the egg. In order to make your pesto, you must use a coffee grinder. Eventually, use a coffee pot as you learned in the preceding segment to cook the pasta as well.  After all, just mix everything and have a delicious meal.

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4. Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue

Warm the cream in the pot first and then add some chocolate after about 15 minutes. Then give another 10 minutes to cook and serve to your mates.

5. Cook hot dogs

Cook hot dogs

You can cook a few hot dogs in 30 minutes with the aid of about 7 cups of water. This is a very simple recipe, so just search on the internet if you want to know more about it.

6. Cook rice

Cook rice

This product is so basic that it would have been produced by the coffee-making company. One-half cup of rice per person should be added and left for 10 minutes. Does everyone want a cooker for making rice, what’s your opinion?

7. Corn on the cob

Corn on the cob

At about eight minutes, if you put this on your coffee maker, the maize should be tender and sweet. What are you going to do now without breakfast planning!

8. Fry eggs

Fry eggs

Although we don’t understand why you should always do that, because your stove is far more powerful than your coffee maker? But the egg will fry if you have a little spot! To do one planning?

9. Grill that cheese

Grill that cheese

It’s here and we don’t use the real coffee pot in this situation. You can make grilled cheese with the burner just like on an oven. Which works well, and sometimes you can try it.

10. Grits


Only put the grains in your coffee pot and some butter and you’re done. This recipe is very tasty and we just say a second way to cook it. As you can see in the picture above.

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11. Instant oatmeal

Instant oatmeat

In this case, 2 packets of oatmeal must be added to the pot and salt and sweet mixture combined. For extra flavor, you can even put a tea bag in the tube! Then, why not make an attempt?

12. Lemon pepper chicken

Lemon pepper chicken

To do this, the chicken must be put in the coffee pot and covered in water in part. Apply the sprinkling and turn the cooker on. And then turn over the chicken after about 15 minutes, and you’re ready.

13. Lentils


Do you remember lenses are known to quickly cook in hot water like couscous? It’s great for our experiments with coffee pots! You can try and we hope it tastes great. You can try this for sure.

14. Make some delicious chicken with couscous

Make some delicious chicken with couscous

You’ll furry up the chicken front if you want to make a long story short. That doesn’t mean that you want the water to cover it absolutely. Let it cook on either side for 15 minutes and then switch the couscous on the chicken. Add the butter and spices to fit the perfect flavor.

15. Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes

Don’t throw the remaining juice away from the chicken we’ve just fried. You will need to heat the mixture for a few minutes. Butter and milk. Shortly afterward you may add a flake of mashed potatoes to a side dish!

16. Pancakes


First, you need to cover the burner with a kind of non-stick foil and then cook pancakes like you typically do on the foil. It is going to be great, we can make sure!

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17. Quesadillas


Like grilled cheese, it is easy to cook on the burners before we talked about it. Why get more lag, then. Just go for it and we hope that you can do more than cooking daily.

18. Ramen


You just add the noodles in the coffee pot and the spices to your filter (where you typically put coffees) to make this favorite evening meal at work.

19. Soften up some broccoli

Soften up some broccoli

You just have to add water and cook until they are soft and nice. This might be a beautiful morning table breakfast vegetable.

20. Brew beer

Brew beer

Yeah, it is indeed possible if you want this. In reality, when you want to brew beer with Raisin Bran, it is a bit difficult to take steps to ensure that Google helps you with these issues. It is really useful.

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