20 Biggest Lies On The Internet

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The internet is exceptional as well as an interesting place. You may find everything here. For example, Suppose, now you want to learn to swim?

Just search on the Internet. Get a job? Go to the Internet. Find a cool cafe or restaurant? Search on the Internet. Get a degree or get a researches paper?

Just go to the Internet. How did we ever live without that? Well, we did, anyhow. The truth is that the internet has done a lot of advantages and welfare for us. Actually, that’s an underestimation. It has nearly single-handedly preserved revolutions.

Since with most things, however, there is a disadvantage too. It is also has a platform of biggest lies. Present days it can be difficult to differentiate what is true and what is actually not.

However, now I am going to show you some of the 20 Biggest Lies On The Internet which you believed at first glance.

1. We’re being sprayed with chemicals

We're being sprayed with chemicals

It is one of the biggest lies on the Internet in the present world. Do you still believe it or not? I think everybody except a few believes it during that time.

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However, the classic conspiracy opinion revolves around the opinion that airplane contrails are contaminating the atmosphere for undisclosed and evil purposes.

2. The little boy’s bike

The little boy's bike

Supposedly left by a boy who went to war in 1914 and never came back, the tree grew around the bike. While it’s true that it was left by a boy, he did not actually go to war. Don Puz, a man, received the bike as a present after his family suffered a house fire and left it in a Washinton State forest for the tree to grow around it.

3. The reverse PIN

The reverse PIN

According to some references, typing your PIN number into an ATM backward will inform the police, in case you are being robbed. If this were true it would really reek for those people with palindromic PINs.

4. The spaceman in the cathedral

The spaceman in the cathedral

The New Cathedral in Salamanca does in fact have a spaceman carved into its outside. This does not mean aliens toured Earth though.

It is the habit of masons like Jeronimo Garcia to sign their work with representatives of modernity.

5. A sudden strike of conscience

Sudden strike of conscience

It is said that bullfighter Alvaro Munera had an unexpected crisis of conscience in the middle of a bullfight. Although Alvaro did quit bullfighting ultimately, the photo shows Javier Sanchez Vara showing he is not scared of the bull.

6. A really big tumor

A really big tumor

This is probably a picture taken in 1809 of Jane Todd Crawford who rode 60 miles on horseback to have Dr. Ephraim McDowell remove a 7-pound ovarian tumor successfully.

While the story is really true, the picture is not. While there is some dispute, picture-taking did not exist in 1809.

7. Anna Mae

Anna Mae

It has been circled that Anna Mae Dickinson was impressed personally by almost every tragedy of the last 100 years from the Titanic to 9/11.

Unluckily, the newspaper claimed to have published the story which does not survive, and neither does the woman. The picture is real though. It is American folk painter Grandma Moses.

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8. The relationship between Marilyn Monroe and John F Kennedy

The relationship of Marilyn Monroe and John F Kennedy

The relationship between Marilyn Monroe and John F Kennedy was a scandal of worldwide.

Claimed to be a picture showing their hidden relationship, the photo is actually part of artist Alison Jackson’s profile. She is renowned for staged photos of celebrities and prominent men.

9. There are more people alive now than have ever lived

There are more people alive now than have ever lived

The report, as well as information, is totally wrong. there are actually an estimated 107 billion people to have lived on the Earth. There are only 7 billion people alive today.

10. Nigerian princes

Nigerian princes

The news may be obvious to most of you but some people quiet fall for those emails from people demanding to be Nigerian princes. Actually, Nigeria does not have princes. They have presidents.

11. Coca Cola invented Santa Claus

Coca Cola invented Santa Claus

You apparently did not even know that people believed this. But they definitely do. And Santa Claus was around long before the first Coke commercial advertisement in the 1930s.

12. The wedding ring goes on the left ring finger because its the only vein that connects to the heart

The wedding ring goes on the left ring finger because its the only vein that connects to the heart

The wedding ring goes on the left ring finger because its the only vein that relates to the heart. All veins go the heart. That’s kind of where veins normally go.

13. The Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world

Mayan calendar predicts end of world

Do you know about The Mayan calendar predicts? Okay, first of all, the calendar is the Aztec calendar, not the Mayan calendar exactly. And second of all, neither one prophesied the end of the world.

14. Toilets in Australia flush backward

Toilets in Australia flush backwards

Although the Coriolis impact is real, it is much too weak to decide the direction your toilet water spins. This is 100% reliant on which direction it enrolls the bowl.

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15. The girl who thought her uncle was a serial killer

The girl who thought her uncle was a serial killer

Not long ago a story hit in the front of the page of Reddit about a girl who believed her uncle was a serial killer.

It was swiftly debunked and confirmed to be a bunch of students from George Mason University doing it as part of a subject.

16. Save Toby

Save Toby

The pet bunny of James and Brian, the producers of the website “savetoby.com”, they agreed to sacrifice and eat him if they did not exactly get $50,000 in contributions. Not surprisingly, it was soon exposed to be a lie.

17. lonelygirl15


Appearing to be a video blog about a normal youthful girl’s everyday life. People began notifying when her parents left and she was obliged to take part in cult practices. Undercover reporters ultimately reported that the blog was actually put on by Creative Arts Agency.

18. Google Street car kills a donkey

Google Street car kills a donkey

Some of the people accused Google of hit and run when they notified the donkey lying in the road in some street view footage from Botswana.

What they missed to realize is that in Botswana people drive on the left side of the road. The donkey got up and walked away.

19. Dead celebrities

Dead celebrities

Do you believe that the number of times a celebrity has been untimely declared dead on twitter or Facebook, is it really surprising? What’s more curious though is that every single time the internet falls for it.

20. Banker tips 1 percent

Banker tips 1 percent

It is one of the largest lines on the list. It was welcome to the world of photoshop. The tip was probably a description made against the 99% but the restaurant known as True Food Kitchen offered the genuine receipt. It was for $33.54 as well as the person left a $7 tip.

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