Ugliest Buildings In The World

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Of course, the designer made their design to look beautiful but they appeared to the world as ugly. We know the proverb that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So during making this list, we depended not on our own understanding but on the local people’s disapproval. So by majority vote, these are 20 ugliest buildings in the world.

Here Are The 20 Ugliest Buildings In The World

1. Agbar Tower, Barcelona

Agbar Tower, Barcelona

Some of the edifices on earth can be considered objectively bad ideas. Agbar Tower of Barcelona is one of them.

2. Antilia, Mumbai, India

Antilia, Mumbai, India Ugliest Buildings In The World

It is very much interesting that it is not only the ugliest building on earth but also the costliest house. It has a full-time staff of over 600 people.

3. Boston City Hall, Massachusetts

Boston City Hall, Massachusetts

When it was built it was considered hip and cool but now this edifice is condemned for its gloomy look and out of place architecture.

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4. CCTV Tower, Beijing, China

CCTV Tower, Beijing, China

It is the headquarters of China Central Television. This oddly shaped building is also known as the “squatting man”.

5. Delftware Warming Station, The Netherlands

Delftware Warming Station, The Netherlands

According to a famous newspaper, it is the ugliest building in Netherland.

6. Elephant Building, Bangkok

Elephant Building, Bangkok

This skyscraper is located in Bangkok. Actually, it was built to resemble an elephant and at last, it broke all the ranking of ugly buildings ever assembled.

7. Federal Building, San Fransisco

Federal Building, San Fransisco

This government building has been made eco-friendly. Though it is friendly towards the environment spectators complain that it is not so friendly to the eyes.

8. Kaden Tower, Kentucky

Kaden Tower, Kentucky

Though the builders put every effort to make this building beautiful,  the building in downtown Louisville has been rated the great building on Earth.

9. La Lavadora, Mexico City

La Lavadora, Mexico City Ugliest Buildings In The World

This building is called La Lavadora or “The Washer”. It is located in one of Mexico City’s upscale business districts. Standing out against the background this edifice creates mixed reactions.

10. Landmark Theater, England

Landmark Theater, England

Situated on the coastline of Ilfracombe in England, these strange looking towers are in fact the rooftop addition to the Landmark Theater.

11. National Library, Buenos Aires

National Library, Buenos Aires

The center for higher learning, the national library of Argentina is infamous for its pathetic exterior.

12. Pangu Hotel, Beijing

Pangu Hotel, Beijing

It is another amazing piece of Chinese architecture. Actually, there is no other city like Beijing in the world which contains most of the ugly buildings.

13. Petrobras Headquarters, Brazil

Petrobras Headquarters, Brazil

It is the headquarters of the Brazilian energy company, Petrobras. It is considered wondeful most monstrous buildings in South America.

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14. Roundhouses, Netherlands

Roundhouses, Netherlands

About 50  or so this kind of buildings was built in the 1970s. But later there wasn’t enough support to build this kind of futuristic-looking house.

15. Selfridges Department Store, England

Selfridges Department Store, England

Bull Ring Shopping Center is located in Birmingham. The opening of the Selfridges Department Store makes some people fainting and others cringing.

16. The Corn Palace, South Dakota

The Corn Palace, South Dakota

It is considered the ugliest building in the midwest. This edifices front part is decorated every year with different kinds of corn to regenerate a mural of pioneer life.

17. The Fang Yuan Building, China

The Fang Yuan Building, China Ugliest Buildings In The World

Located in Shenyang, China, this coin-shaped building is the awkward buildings on earth.

18. The Portland Building, Oregon

The Portland Building, Oregon

The tiny windows, off-white masonry, and terracotta pilaster made this establishment one of the ugliest on earth.

19. The Rock, Wellington International Airport, New Zealand

The Rock, Wellington International Airport, New Zealand

It is the recent addition to the ugly least because the extension of the Wellington International Airport was built in 2010.

20. Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea

Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea

Ryugyong Hotel or the “Hotel of Doom” dominates the Pyongyang skyline and it is considered on the ugliest building in the history of mankind.

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