Top 20 Loudest College Football Stadiums

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You will certainly encourage your team when they enter into the field. You scream, play loud music and many other things to encourage them. This makes the stadium a very loud place. But which one is the loudest of all. Well, we don’t know but here we will introduce 20 loudest college football stadiums in the country.

1. Bronco Stadium

Bronco Stadium Loudest College Football Stadiums

The capacity of this stadium is only 33,500 spectators but you know they can scream! No wonder these spectators are amazingly passionate about their college football team.

2. Bryant-Denny Stadium

Bryant-Denny Stadium

Can you imagine more than 10 million people are screaming loudly with vigorous passion?  This amazing loudest college football stadium opened in 1929.

3. Camp Randall

Camp Randall

Here 80,000 people can watch the game together and think when they jump around and wave and scream like hell …… just think that situation.

4. Carrier Dome

Carrier Dome

When 50,000 people shout in the loudest college football stadium in all of the college sports then you must experience a veritable eardrum beating.

5. Doak Campbell Stadium

Doak Campbell Stadium

It is the largest stadium in the ACC and it can contain about 80,000 spectators. The passionate fans with their hell like screaming make this stadium very loud and frightening one.

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6. Faurot Field

Faurot Field

When 71,000 lunatic spectators scream together, certainly it will give your ears a perfect nightmare.

7. Jordan-Hare Stadium

Jordan-Hare Stadium

Auburn fans are very passionate about their favorite team and when you see 87,000 of them together in the 12th largest stadium in the NCAA, you have limbo?

8. Kinnick Stadium

Kinnick Stadium

70,000 passionate fans screaming like hell will make it unbearable for your ears.

9. Kyle Field

Kyle Field

The 13th largest stadium in the NCAA can hold about 83,000 people together. A great place for the lunatic spectators to scream and support their favorite team.

10. LA Memorial

LA Memorial Loudest College Football Stadiums

Here 93,000 people can watch any game. This stadium got the honor to host the Olympics twice. However, Trojan fans come here to see their favorite team here and scream in support of their team.

11. Lane Stadium

Lane Stadium

Don’t underestimate 66,000 spectators. The fans screaming with an impressive array of speakers and music made it one of the loudest stadium.

12. Memorial Stadium Clemson

Memorial Stadium Clemson

When 80,000 passionate fans are screaming loudly, you may hear the ground shaking.

13. Michigan Stadium

Michigan Stadium

It can hold about 110,000 spectators together. For its large capacity, it is called “The Big House”. Think about the situation when such a big crowd shouts together in the world’s third largest stadium.

14. Mountaineer Field

Mountaineer Field

You may think 60,000 is not a big number of spectators, yet Mountaineer is one of the loudest college football stadiums with its passionate supporter crazy shouting.

15. Neyland Stadium

Neyland Stadium

When 100,000 people gather here and scream, “Rocky Top” certainly rocks.

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16. Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

This stadium can hold about 80,000 crazy supporters and when they cheer together, you know what happens.

17. Sanford Stadium

Sanford Stadium

Here 92,000 people can watch any sport. This crazy supporter inspire their team screaming loudly.

18. Spartan Stadium

Spartan Stadium Loudest College Football Stadiums

Though its capacity is only 75,000, yet the Spartan Stadium is considered one of the loudest stadia. Their crazy fan just know how to suport their team.

19. Texas Memorial Stadium

Texas Memorial Stadium

This stadium has the largest sitting capacity in the Lone Star State. It can hold about 100,000 people together. And when the large number of crowd scream together, you ear will surely experience hell.

20. Williams-Brice Stadium

Williams-Brice Stadium

It can hold about 80,000 crazy supporters. Their deafening screaming and cheering made this college football stadium one of the loudest one.

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