20 Most Top Secret Military Operations in History

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A military or you called it an armed force is mainly a government professional organization. This organization usually made for protecting the sovereignty of a country. The military organization generally consists of some national troops such as an army, navy, Airforce, sometimes Marines as well as Coast Guard. If though this military organization’s main target to protect their own country but sometimes they try to empires the other’s country as well as try to destroy an international terrorist troop to show their power. This kind of operation would conspiracy, secret sometimes open. Now we are going to see you 20 most Top Secret military operations in history.

Here Are The 20 Most Top Secret Military Operations In History

1. Abu Omar Case

Abu Omar Case Most Top Secret Military Operations in History

Abu Omar was seized by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and SISMI (Italian Military Intelligence and Security Service) on February 17, 2013. And later he was transferred to Egypt.  He was accused as a terrorist of Islamics. However, Italian Courts summon over twenty-six. It was one of the most top secrets in the world.

2. Acoustic Kitty

Acoustic Kitty

Acoustic Kitty is a secret project launched by the Central Intelligence Agency Directorate of science and technology. This was a strange operation where a cat acts like a spy. Actually, an antenna, a battery, and a microphone were set up with the cats and push it into the embassies of Soviet. The main target of this mission was to get a speech from the Soviet Union.

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3. Bay of Pigs Invasion

Bay of Pigs Invasion

Have you ever heard the name of Fidel Castro? He was the revolutionary leader of Cuba and next to the prime minister. However, The Bay of Pigs was related to this famous leader. In 1961 on April 17, the United States Government’s Central Intelligence Agency take-over Cuba. Unfortunately, a counter-attack came from the Cuban revolutionary and the CIA was defeated by the Cuban Armed Forces only three days.

4. Operation Anthropoid

Operation Anthropoid

Special Operations Executive (SOE) made a plan to assassinate the great and powerful men in Nazi German under Adolf Hitler. it was the only government-sponsored assassination of Nazi leaders during World War II. The death of the leader comes back huge destruction that was occurred by SS.

5. Operation CHAOS

Operation CHAOS

Operation CHAOS was the domestic recruiting operations in the historic United States of America. The mission of this secret military operation was to uncover foreign influences on the domestic race. CHAOS is the code name of the CIA. It occurred from 1967 to 1974, established by President Johnson but expanded by President Nixon.

6. Operation Gold

Operation Gold Most Top Secret Military Operations in History

Operation Gold is a joint operation of the American Central Intelligence Agency and The British Secret Intelligence Service. In 1950, they create a tunnel into the Soviet-occupied zone. It was the most complex operation project.

7. Operation Kufire

Operation Kufire

Che Guevara, not only is the name. He was the symbol of revolution. Operation Kufire was related to the name. Operation Kufire was an operation to search for identity and track communist party members in Guatemala during the Arbenz ruled.

8. Operation Merlin

Operation Merlin

Operation Merlin was a U.S covert operation under the William Jefferson Clinton administration to provide Iran with a faulty design for a part of a nuclear weapon. While the operation was going smoothly according to plan suddenly it was failed when Russian scientists represent the plan smartly.

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9. Operation MIAS

Operation MIAS

Operation MIAS is related to the country of Afganistan in Asia. It was a secret military operation controlled by the American Central Intelligence Agency. By trying the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, the mission was a failure.

10. Operation Mockingbird

Operation Mockingbird

Operation Mockingbird was the campaign of the American Central Agency. The operation was influenced by international media. The operation began in early 1950 and manipulate media for purposes of propaganda.

11. Operation Neptune Spear

Operation Neptune Spear

Al-Qaeda is the name of an Islamic group. The leader of the group was Osama Bin Laden. He was arrested from Pakistan on May 2, 2011, within a short operation. The operation was operated by the Navy Seal of the United States Navy SEALS. And the Operation’s code name was Operation Neptune Spear. It was a most secret operation, even Pakistan didn’t know about it.

12. Operation Paperclip

Operation Paperclip

JIOA is, the Joint Intelligence Objective Agency, managed an operation after the end of World War II, where all almost 1600 German scientists, engineers, and technicians had taken by the U.S government for the Government Employee. The name of the operation was Operation Paperclip.

13. Operation Valkyrie

Operation Valkyrie

Operation Valkyrie was operation planned by Continuity of government during world war-II. The issued of the plan to take control in case of civil breakdown. Claus von Stauffenberg was the chief conspirator in Operation Valkyrie.

14. Operation Washtub

Operation Washtub Most Top Secret Military Operations in History

When people here about Operation Washtub. They won’t be sure which operation would be because there have tow Operation Washtub, Operation Washtub (United States) another Operation Washtub (Nicaragua). Operation of Washtub (Nicaragua) organized by the Central Intelligence Agency to set Guatemala as near Moscow by set up fake Soviet arms in Nicaragua.

15. Operation Wrath of God

Operation Wrath of God

What do you know about the massacre of Munich? In 1972 at the time of the Summer Olympics, almost eleven olympian teams were killed. After the massacre, Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meri has planned the Operation Wrath of God that executed by the MOSSAD (Israeli Special Forces) and involved PLO(Palestinian Liberation Organization).

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16. Project 404

Project 404 Most Top Secret Military Operations in History

During the second Indochina war, the project of 404 was taken by the United States. Mainly Project 404 was the code name for a cover United States Airforce advisory mission to Laos. Project 404’s purposes to supply the line crew technicals support and train to Royal Laotian Air Force.

17. Project Azorian

Project Azorian

The project Azorian mainly was taken for recovering K-129, a Soviet submarine that sank in 1968. The Government of the United States spent almost $800 million to complete Project Azorian. The secret military operation of Project Azorian was undertaken 1n 1974 by recovering submarine, nuclear missile, secret equipment as well as documents.

18. Project Fubelt

Project Fubelt

Do you know about Track II? Track II is the code name of Project Fubelt that managed by the Central Intelligent Agency (CIA). The purposes of the project were to prevent Salvador Allende’s power and to promote a military coup in the republic in South America.

19. Project MKNaomi

Project MKNaomi

To enable the TSD to serve a highly maintained center for the circulation of biological and chemical materials the Project MKNaomi was established. The project was the joint project of the American’s Central Intelligence Agency and the Army’s Special Operations Division. MKNaomi was its code name.

20. Project MKUltra

Project MKUltra

Project MKUltra is the experimental research operation in the behavioral engineering humans’ mind control. MKUltra is the Codename of an experimental secret military operation. It had focused on biological projects including biological warfare agents. The purposes were to establish robust arsenal within the CIA.

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