20 Most Powerful Military Weapons In The World

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‘Most powerful Military Weapons’- Here the word powerful is very subjective. What makes a weapon powerful?

A weapon that causes massive annihilation is a powerful weapon because it creates fear in a prolonged and painful manner.

Anything that destroys lives and properties is powerful. Every powerful country in the world is trying to invent the most powerful weapon in history to destroy others or to protect themselves. Now here you can see 20 most powerful Military Weapons in the world.

Here Are The Most Powerful Military Weapons In The World Right Now

1. B53

B53 Most Powerful Weapons In The World Military Weapons

B53 was declared as the most destructive nuclear bomb ever as it contains 9 megatons of TNT.

In the United States, it is one of the last very high yield thermonuclear bomb but now it’s no longer used.

2. Fat Man and Little Boy

Fat Man and Little Boy

Two massive bombings that changed the direction of history in the time of the Second World War are the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombings.

We all are aware of this incident and its after-effects. These most powerful weapons two bombs were named after film characters.

This grisly event showed us what a nuclear war will do to mankind’s present and future generations.

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3. FOAB or Aviation Thermobaric Bomb of Increased Power (ATBIP)

FOAB or Aviation Thermobaric Bomb of Increased Power (ATBIP)

Designed by Russians, FOAB “Father of All Bombs” is an air-delivered/land activated the thermobaric weapon.

To describe the annihilation power of this bomb, Russian deputy chief of the general staff Alexander Rukshin stated, “All that is alive will merely evaporate.”

4. Karl Great

Karl Gerat Most Powerful Weapons In The World

In an actual attack of the second world war, Karl Great was used.

This machine was produced by Rheinmetall and was there to use it as a Nazi war machine. This is known to be the largest self-propelled weapon.

5. Mark I

Mark I Most Powerful Military Weapons In The World

Mark, I was to be called the first tank. This bulky tank could carry 5 machine guns and 8 soldiers.

Mark, I had gone through several upgrades which were numbered as II to X but all had some similarity to their ‘Mother”.

During the First World War,  this powerful weapon “huge tank” and its successors were used by many countries.

6. Maxim Machine Gun

Maxim Machine Gun

This self-powered machine gun can fire 600 rounds in a  minute which is same to the firepower of 30 bolt action rifles. This deadly machine gun was linked with British conquest. It was used in the Battle of Shangani where 700 British soldiers fought off 3,000 warriors. The British only used 4 Maxim guns in that battle.

7. MOAB GBU-43B Massive Ordinance

MOAB GBU-43B Massive Ordinance

MOAB (Mother of all bombs) or the officially named GBU-43/B Massive Ordinance was known to be the most destructive non-nuclear weapon to be ever designed.

This warhead was tested on March 11, 2003. Its explosion can destroy 9 city blocks with a radius of 137.61m. Later it was known that a larger version of 13 tons was developed later.

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8. Monster Mortar

Monster Mortar

With a caliber of 975 mm Monster Morter is known as the world’s largest cannon. Joseph Paixhans has designed this monstrous cannon.

It gained a bad reputation during the Siege of Antwerp in 1832.

9. Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier

Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier

This warship has two nuclear reactors. These nuclear reactors don’t need to be refueled for 23 years.

To affect global politics this ship’s appearance in any region is enough.

10. P-270 Moskit

P-270 Moskit Most Powerful Military Weapons In The World

Made by the Russian, supersonic ramjet powered cruise missile, has a speed of Mach 3 and thus it makes hard for enemies to counter-attack. Enemies have very little information about this missile because of the active military weapons’ secrecy. They only gathered very little basic information like some measurements, calculated speed etc.

11. P-800 Onyx

P-800 Onyx

 Its recorded speed is between Mach 2.9 and sometimes it goes up to 5.7. This makes it way faster than P-270 Moskit. This Russian made powerful supersonic anti-ship cruise missile can sink a US carrier. That’s really powerful.

12. Pumhart von Steyr

Pumhart von Steyr

In the 15th century, Austria this humongous weapon with an 80 cm ball diameter was used. You can now find this monstrous bombard in Heeresgeschichtliches Museum at Vienna house.

13. RPG-71


RPG or Ruchnoy Protivotankovyy Granatomyot or hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher is the most used anti-armor in the world. 

This destructive powerful weapon is used by both forces, military, and insurgents. RPG can play a very effective role against heavy artillery on the battlefield.

14. Schwerer Gustav and Dora

Schwerer Gustav and Dora Military Weapons

This heavy artillery was used in the time of the Second World War by the Germans.

This artillery was 80 cm railway siege guns known to be the largest caliber rifled weapon in history. In the world of ammunition, this artillery’s shells are the heaviest.

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15. Shabab missiles

Iran's new medium range missile, Shehab-3, is shown in public for the first time at a military parad..
Iran’s new medium-range missile, Shehab-3, is shown in public for the first time at a military parade in Tehran September 25.

This is a long-range missile that can reach up to 5,000 km. This missile is called by the name of Shabab.

Its developments were held under strong surveillance. But the assumption is this warhead would be used in an invasion by Israel.

16. Agni

The Agni Most Powerful Weapons In The World

Developed by India The Agni missile is more likely a medium to the intercontinental-range ballistic missile. It was named after one of the five elements of nature.

17. The Airborne Laser/Boeing YAL-1


This is like an active defense system machine. This was designed as a missile defense system to destroy upcoming missiles or tactical ballistic missiles(TBMs). This machine has a YAL-1 Airborne Laser Testbed, (formerly Airborne Laser) weapons system is a megawatt-class chemical oxygen iodine laser (COIL) which is mounted inside a modified Boeing 747-400F. This project’s funding was cut in 2010.

18. Tsar Bomba

Tsar Bomba

All of us have seen those huge mushroom cloud explosions in history books. Those massive bombings were caused by these bombs.

The Tsar Bomb had a mass of 27 tons. These bombs are able to create a fireball with a radius of 3.5 km.

19. Tsar Cannon

Tsar Cannon

Made in 1586, this engraved cannon was known to be the largest howitzer ever made. It’s 5.34 meters long and weighs around 38 tonnes.

This powerful weapon is no longer in use. Now it’s being displayed at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia.

20. B41 (MK-41)

B41 (MK-41) Most Powerful Weapons In The World

This monstrous gravity bomb is known to be the most powerful nuclear warhead ever. This bomb was already withdrawn in 1957. The B-52 Stratofortress and B-47 Stratojet were the only two bombers that carried it.

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