20 Most Corrupt Countries In The World

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Corruption is a fraud and unlawful behavior by people or a government employee in professions of authority.

Every year Transparency International, International non-government organization, has published the Corruption Perceptions Index yearly rating nations by their regarded levels of corruption, as delimited by practiced estimates and opinion surveys.

The CPI represents data sources from self-governing organizations specializing in governance and profession environment investigation.

However, I am going to show you some countries that are mostly corrupted countries according to Transparency International. Here the 20 Most Corrupt Countries In The World.

1. Angola

Angola Most Corrupt Countries In The World

Angola is an African country with a population of about 25 million that suffers from particularly high corruption.

From approximately three decades of conflict and vulnerability, Angola extends to face the main challenges of dull governance and widespread corruption at all levels of society.

Corruption in Angola takes several forms from bureaucratic, political and grand corruption to stealing of public resources or regular looting of state assets.

The government has introduced some reforms to fight the problem but so far, they have been too weak and backward.

2. Burundi

Burundi Most Corrupt Countries In The World

Burundi is one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in the world with people of nearly 9 million.

The densely populated country has suffered from destructive warfare, faces the main challenges of dull governance and widespread corruption at all levels of society.

Certainly, corruption is quite one of the numerous major obstacles in Burundi.

According to the Global Hunger Index in 2013, Burundi has listed the starved country in the world in terms of percentage. As for the 2014 CPI rate, the country gained 20 points.

3. Cambodia

Cambodia Most Corrupt Countries In The World

Cambodia, placed in the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia, has one of the greatest financial records in Asia, with an increase averaging six percent over the last decade but corruption persists the country’s main hindrance.

Anti-Corruption Law makes the problem even bigger since it affords no assurance to whistleblowers who can be imprisoned for up to six months if they report corruption that cannot be verified. 

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Cambodia ranked as the 20th most corrupt country with a score of 21, according to the 2014 CPI.

4. Chad

Chad Most Corrupt Countries In The World

Chad is the 5th biggest country in Africa in terms of area. Most of its 10 million residents are farmers and herders who live in poverty and from hand to mouth.

The country’s contemporary records have been marked by instability, endemic corruption, and human rights violations which pervades all sectors of society.

Oil exploitation is regarded as the main source of corruption in Chad as the government has used the revenue for its own profit.

5. Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo top 20 most corrupt countries in the world

The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the most populous countries on the list with a population of almost 80 million.

Since the country arises from a long period of conflicts, disorder, and instability, it extends to strive with repeated political disasters, weak governance, mismanagement of the rich natural sources and infinite corruption.

The Democratic Republic of Congo ranked as the 20th most corrupt country with a score of 22, according to the 2014 CPI.

6. Eritrea

Eritrea top 20 most corrupt countries in the world

Eritrea is a multi-ethnic country which is located in East Africa occupying a total area of about 118,000 square kilometers.

Though the economy has experienced a significant increase in recent years, indicated by an enhancement in gross domestic product.

But the positive economic conditions have not decreased the corruption rate.

However, the nation ranked as the 10th most corrupt country with a score of 22, according to the CPI.

7. Guinea-Bissau

Guinea-Bissau top 20 most corrupt countries in the world

Guinea-Bissau, with an approximated inhabitants of just 1,600,000, is one of the poorest countries in the list.

The Western African country belongs among the worst on a regular basis.

The country’s long history of political volatility and disorder has lead to many principal problems such as a notable economic decay, poverty, high violation rate, etc.

Ineffective governance and the lack of any anti-corruption skeleton are the main objects into a corrupted nation.

8. Haiti

Haiti top 20 most corrupt countries in the world

Haiti is the only Caribbean country on the list of corrupted country.

Despite its beautiful nature and holiday resorts as well as a tourist attraction, the country is also infamous for its political volatility and infinite corruption.

Blended with the corrupt business environment and ineffective judicial framework, it has to lead to a miserable situation.

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9. Iraq

Iraq most corrupt country in the world 2019 list wikipedia

Iraq is a Western Asian country with approximately 36 million people. Huge corruption has been a regular figure in every level of Iraqi people’s life.

The corruption is usually co-occurred by extensive fraud, procurement scams, money laundering, oil stealing, and extensive bureaucratic bribery.

However, the nation ranked as the 6th most corrupt country with a score of 16, according to the CPI.

10. Libya

Libya most corrupt country in the world 2019 list wikipedia

Libya is the fourth largest country in Africa and the 17th largest country in the world with an area of almost 1.8 million.

The country is affected by recent militant conflicts between troops loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and common people.

The country has encountered a climactic decay in both commercials as well as social levels.

Apart from ultimate corruption, the country suffers many structural problems including a lack of organizations, ineffective governance, permanent structural unemployment, etc.

11. Myanmar

Myanmar most corrupt country in the world 2019 list wikipedia

Myanmar is a Southeast Asian country with a remarkably high corruption level.

Across five decades of military government left the country mired in poverty and troubled by corruption.

The scores Myanmar stretched in this year’s CPI was the 21 points.

12. Paraguay

Paraguay most corrupt country in the world 2019 list wikipedia

Paraguay is among the most corrupt South American countries with a population of around 7 million.

Corruption in Paraguay remains a significant obstacle to the development of powerful democratic organizations and sustainable economic development.

Recent Paraguay earned 24 points in the by CPI.

13. Republic of Congo

Republic of Congo corruption index by country

The Republic of Congo has a troubled and destructive history which is located in Central Africa., it was a Marxist–Leninist single-party country until 1991.

After that, multi-party votes have been held but a democratically elected government was dismissed in 1997 by the civil war.

14. Syria

Syria Most Corrupt Countries In The World

Syria is another corrupted country which is located in Western Asia.

The country has been affected by the violent past and a large number of extreme military revolutions.

The continuous Syrian civil war makes the country one of the weakest peaceful in the world.

15. Tajikistan

Tajikistan Most Corrupt Countries In The World

Tajikistan is a mountainous landlocked country in Central Asia with a population of nearly 8 million.

After the civil war in 1997, a newly established political durability and foreign aid have allowed the country’s economy and living standards to grow.

But similarly to other former Soviet states, corruption remains a big issue in Tajikistan.

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16. Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan Most Corrupt Countries In The World

Uzbekistan’s neighbor Turkmenistan closed up even in a worse place. The country is also very rich in natural sources.

It occupies the world’s fourth-largest resources of natural gas and abundant oil resources but similar to its neighbor’s country.

Turkmenistan cannot take full benefit of the raw elements due to its inexperienced government.

17. Uzbekistan

Turkmenistan Most Corrupt Countries In The World

Uzbekistan is a landlocked country in Central Asia like Tajikistan with a population of over 30 million.

The country has very rich natural reserves, particularly gold, copper, uranium, gas, and oil but the regional government proceeds to maintain economic controls that hinder immigrant investment.

Consequently, the economic position in the country is far from what the country could be, creating a breeding ground for negative sensations such as criminality, human rights injustice but particularly widespread corruption.

There are laws in place to stop it, but the implementation is very vulnerable.

18. Venezuela

Venezuela Most Corrupt Countries In The World

Venezuela is another corrupted country in the world that is located on the northern coast of South America.

The country has marvelous natural beauties and high biodiversity but it is recognized as the most corrupt country in the world.

Venezuela has nothing to be proud of at all. 75% of Venezuelans believe that corruption is widespread throughout the government.

Apart from corruption, the country has been also struggling with a long-running economic crisis, high inflation, and poverty. Venezuelan earned 19 points by CPI.

19. Yemen

Yemen Most Corrupt Countries In The World

Yemen is a developing Arab country in Southwest Asia. Recently, Yemen has been composing in a set of road protests against starvation, unemployment, and corruption that has been one of the most vital problems of the country.

Corruption in Yemen is threatening the development of effective and lucid organizations, a functioning parliament, governmental organizations, etc.

20. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Most Corrupt Countries In The World

Zimbabwe has been obtained by a sequence of powerful nations and empires which is located in southern Africa.

Corruption in Zimbabwe has become endemic within its administrative, private and public sectors.

The country has rich diamond sources and diamond commerce has been a significant cause of corruption as well as some other sorts of crime such as human rights abuse, smuggling, etc.

Transparency International announced in 2008 that the country loses an unbelievable 5 million USD to corruption regularly.

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