Malpractices During Elections

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Hello everyone, today we are going to discuss something political. As we know that the current world political situation is highly exaggerated at this time. Countries are fighting to find true “democracy”.

The election is the very way to find this desired thing. Today we will discuss some elections which are sullied with a violation, bribery, and corruption.

The most fraudulent elections will take place in today’s section and you will be amazed to see this with images and short briefs. So, let’s dive into the image section and no a bit more how truly violence feels like.

20 Facts About Malpractices During Elections

1. Belarusian presidential election (2006)

Belarusian presidential election (2006) Malpractices During Elections

If you search over google on this, you could see more photos. Alexander Lukashenko, who got 84.4% of the vote, achieved complete victory in the 2006 Belarus presidential election. Western observers, however, considered the elections fraudulent. “The elections have failed to fulfill OSCE’s democratic election obligations” the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) stated.

2. Canadian federal election (2011)

Canadian federal election (2011) Malpractices During Elections

It was the 2011 federal election to elect Members of the 41st Canadian parliament and the “Robocall Scandal” vote. It was the disgrace of the accusation that robocalls and calls from real-world people were used to suppress voting and that a computer was perhaps used to create a counterclaim in the Guelph Conservative campaign office. Nobody believed that Canadians could ever make such a duty.

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3. Chadian presidential election (1996)

Chadian presidential election (1996) Malpractices During Elections

The presidential election in Chadia held in Africa on 2 June 1996, the first of all in the country’s history since independence, was a multiparty election. However, broad and reliable accounts of electoral scam and intimidation by the government against opposition forces were disturbing the election. These reports had been verified by both local and foreign viewers.

4. Egyptian presidential election (2005)

Egyptian presidential election (2005) Malpractices During Elections

The first controversial presidential election in Egypt’s history and one of the more controversial was the 2005 Egyptian presidential election. The fifth successive six-year term of Hosni Mubarak, former President in Egypt, was won, with formal outcomes that showed that he won 88.6 percent of the vote. However, his adversary, Ayman Nour, said that the findings of the previous poll showed that he obtained more than 30% of the votes.

5. Hungarian parliamentary election (1947)

Hungarian parliamentary election (1947) causes of election malpractices

The Hungarian parliamentary elections of 1947, the last democratic until 1990 and the failure of the region’s Marxism, came to history as the “blue ballot.” This was the Communist Party of Hungary, which lost the previous election, strengthened its provisional control with violence, threats, and intimidation.

6. New Hampshire Senate election phone jamming scandal (2002)

New Hampshire Senate election phone-jamming scandal (2002) causes of election malpractices

The telemarketing company contracted by the State Republican Party was used to perpetrate electoral manipulation by the 2002 New Hampshire Elections Senate. The procedure was using the telephone lines of a vote-free procedure (GOTV) by means of a call center. In the end, more than 900 calls were produced for 45 minutes to agitate the Leaning Democrat.

7. New York gubernatorial election (1792)

New York gubernatorial election (1792) causes of election malpractices

The election of the governor and lieutenant governor to New York in 1792 was held in April. It is known that this election was one of the most fraudulent in American history. But in technical matters votes in Otsego, Tioga and Clinton counties were discredited and not discharged, providing a small majority of George Clinton in the Official Results. John Jay got more votes than George Clinton.

8. Peruvian general election (2000)

Peruvian general election (2000) causes of election malpractices

The general elections held in Peru in 2000 were highly debatable and were widely regarded as misleading. The president of compulsory elections was Alberto Fujimori and he won his third term. Yet, the elections were rotted with accusations of bribery, fundamental bias, and outright electoral cheating obviously.

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9. Romanian general election (1946)]

Romanian general election (1946)] causes of election malpractices

According to Western observers, a number of threatening tactics have taken place within strict military environments, and the Romanian general election in 1946 which resulted in the victory of the Romanian Communist Party (PCR) and its associates.

10. Russian presidential election (1996)

Russian presidential election (1996) election manipulation

Once the Soviet Union collapsed massively and Russia was once more converted into a superpower shortly before Putin, Russia became a shadow of its former gratification. There was a shadow. This was Boris Yeltsin, and in the dark moment, he had another black eye for Russia, his contentious election in the 1996 presidential election.

11. Sri Lankan parliamentary elections (2000)

Sri Lankan parliamentary elections (2000) election manipulation

These elections are one of the most violent in contemporary times since 70 individuals were murdered on election day alone, including six. The SLMC, as well as the United Nations Parties, were publicly accused of fraud and threats to the reigning People’s Alliance Party!

13. Syrian President Election ( 2004 )

Syrian presidential election (2014)

A first multi-candidate election was held in Syria during the presidential elections of June 2014 in centuries since the stroke of the Arab Socialist party Baath. There was a continuing Syrian civil war and a population of Syrian refugees voted several days in the Syrian embassies in certain foreign nations before a vote was held in Syria.

13. Thai general election (2006)

Thai general election (2006) rigged elections in history

Because of the electoral outcomes of the elections, Thaksin Shinawatra took an extraordinary step in making the elections undemocratic and was decreed unnecessary by the Constitutional Court, shortly after the election. King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand did not approve the winner.

14. Turkish presidential election (2014)

Turkish presidential election (2014) rigged elections in history

Well, it’s a recent story and you might have seen this over the internet.This extraordinary election was strongly examined in the face of blatant media prejudice in favor of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, allegations of bribery, overuse from opinion polls and abuse of formal government funds during the contentious campaign of Erdoğan, by political opponents and global observers alike. He is still the president though.

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15. Ukrainian parliamentary elections (2014)

Ukrainian parliamentary elections (2014) 
illegal practices in elections

It is about the Neo-Nazi Party (Popular Front), which took the most seats in a European nation parliament whose individuals had bravely struggled against Hitler in the Soviet Union over a half-century earlier. If not precisely dishonest, the election was certainly messed up.

16. Ukrainian presidential election (2004)

Ukrainian presidential election (2004) 
illegal practices in elections

In the 2004 Ukrainian presidential elections, alleged press preference, bullying and dioxin poisoning of Yushchenko’s candidates were extremely accused in political settings. Most global observers have noted that these elections have been one of the most controversial in latest years globally.

17. Uruguayan general election (1971)

Uruguayan general election (1971) poll rigging

The outcome of the 1971 election in Uruguay was extremely dubious and very narrow in the eyes of citizens. With fewer than 13,000 votes the winning candidate, Juan María Bordaberry, won the election. In some electoral circuits, there were proportional suggestions of fraud.

18. US presidential election (1876)

US presidential election (1876) most corrupt election in history

This was certainly the most contentious presidential election in history in the US. After the incident, the ruling party resolved the situation. The compromise of 1877 after the election was quite unofficial. There are some unwritten agreements that laid the groundwork for intense arguments about the presidential election back on that time.

19. US presidential election (1960)

US presidential election (1960) most corrupt election in history

Many research studies show that John F. Kennedy is one of the most esteemed and admirested US presidents of 100 years ago. And his victory in the 1960 presidential election. Some people claim that this was controversial. Some reports say that Mobster Sam Giancana and his crime syndicate of Chicago played a part in Kennedy’s win. Which you can find over the internet.

20. US presidential election (2000)

US presidential election (2000) election rigging and how to fight it

Can you remember the nasty record of the votes in Florida? Wherein those very debatable elections the presidency of the United States was decided? George W. Bush became the fourth president in US history who failed to gain the majority of the popular vote after winning the election ( get from wiki source). Following these elections, numerous polls and surveys were conducted which gained varying views on who should have won.

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