Top 20 List Of Military Coups

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A powerful country measures on some of the features including economy, technology, sciences inventions, and Military power. To colonialism, imperialism and to dominate the others inhabitants, a country needs to be strong in diplomatic, intelligence and Militants. From pre-past to present, there have many battles and war occurred throughout the world. Questions would come, for why? An answer would be for spreading power across the world or dominating the other community. Beside those, Military violent would occur for democracy, for internal conflict and so on. Military violent would also occur for the purposes of snatching land and power. Here are 20 List of Military Coups that were really so violent.

Here Are The Top 20 List Of Military Coups

1. Glorious Revolution, 1688

Glorious Revolution, 1688 military coups in latin america

Glorious Revolution was well known as the war of the Bloodless Revolution. The Military coup took place in England between Catholicism and Protestantism of Christian religion. So it is also be called a conflict of religion besides the political. By the militant coup, the Catholic King James II of England was overthrown and who was replaced by his Protestant daughter Mary. The revolution ultimately came with a huge changed in England\’s government and its Parliament.

2. 18 Brumaire, 1799

18 Brumaire, 1799 List Of Military Coups military coups in latin america

The 18 Brumaire is a bloodless revolution in French from which General Napoleon Bonaparte defeated and overthrew the French Directory on November 9 in 1799. However, it was a system of government under the Directory in France and a making way for the despotism of General Napolean Bonaparte. However, at last, the Senate of France allowed him to rule by the command which automatically steered to an empire.

3. Wuchang Uprising, 1911

Wuchang Uprising, 1911 military coup

Wuchang Uprising was a fight between the Qing Empire, imperial forces and the Tongmenghui, the revolutionary forces of the Chinese. The armed revolution against the Qing dynasty took place in Wuchang, Hubei in China. The militant coup was one of the first successful uprisings led by New Armies who were inspired by Tongmenghui. Though the power and troops of the revolutionary forces of the Chinese were less than imperial forces, they won the revolution. The total casualties were 5000 both of the teams including 1000 of Tongmenghui.

4. October Revolution, 1917

October Revolution, 1917 List Of Military Coups

The October Revolution is officially known as the Great October Socialist Revolution in present Russia which took place on November 7 in 1917. The Revolution occurred between Bolsheviks, the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labour Party, and Provisional Government. In the battle, few of red soldiers died and wounded, on the other hand, provisional Government soldiers were all imprisoned and some them were killed by Bolsheviks. The result of the revolution was responsible for the creation of the past Soviet Union.

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5. Iraqi Coup d’état, 1936

Iraqi Coup d’état, 1936

Iraqi Coup d’état is best known as the Bakr Sidqi coup. The militant coup was not only the first military coup in modern Iraq but also the first among Arab countries. Bakr Sidqi overthrew Prime Minister Yasin al-Hashimi. The Militant coup permitted him to install Hikmat Sulayman as Prime Minister when he was just acting as an existing empire. Though taking over the army, Bakr Sidqi murdered by Jafar al-Askari who was the minister of defense. Then he was exiled by al-Hashimi to Istanbul in Baghdad.

6. Kyūjō Incident, 1945

Kyūjō Incident, 1945 military coup

Kyūjō Incident was a military conflict between two groups of the Empire of Japan’s military group. This coup occurred on August 14 to 15 before the announcement of the surrender of Japan to the Allies. The rebellion group of Japan led by Major Kenji Hatanaka. Major Hatanaka would not surrender to the Allies, though Japan was to surrender to the Allies after attacking the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. They revolt to broke the rules and regulations of Japan and the revolution was failed. After the end of the revolt, Hatanaka and his allies’ army had to commit suicide according to the traditional Japanese.

7. Czech Coup, 1948

Czech Coup, 1948

Czech Coup is broadly known as ‘the 1948 Czechoslovak Coup d’état’. The militant Coup was part of the Cold War. After World War II, the battle occurred between the National Social Party and the Communist Party. Though the National Social Party tried their best to defeat the Communist Party, who ruled the county since 1920 after the battle of the October Revolution in 1917, they could not win the battle. However, The Communist Party remained in power before breaking the Soviet Union in 1989.

8. Egyptian Revolution, 1952

Egyptian Revolution, 1952 military coup

Egyptian Revolution was also known as the Egyptian coup d’état of 1952. The military coup occurred between the Free Officers Movement, led by Mohammed Naguib and Gamal Abdel Nasser, and King Farouk in Egypt on July 23 in 1952. King Faroke was supported by the United Kingdom and Saudia Arabia. On the other hand, the Free Officers Movement was supported by the Soviet Union and the United States. By the conflict, Brtish occupation ended from Egypt and got independence as the Republic of Egypt as well as Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. This revolution was the response to the spread of the Arab Cold War across the Arab World.

9. Cuban Revolution, 1953

Cuban Revolution, 1953

The Cuban Revolution was a historical conflict between president Fulgencio Batista and  Fidel Castro, a Marxist leader. The revolution began on July 26 in 1953 and continued until to depose the president Batista in 1959. The revolution had a powerful side effect on domestic as well as international. However, end of the revolution, Fidel Castro turned into the country as the Communist country by inspiring Lenin, a Marxist therapist of the Soviet Union. The casualties of the armed revolution were about 5000 more with wounded.

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10. Revolucion Libertadora, 1955

Revolucion Libertadora, 1955 military coup

Revolucion Libertadora was a civil war in the history of Argentina which was occurred in 1955 between the Catholic supporter and President Juan Peron’s supporter in the government of Argentina. However, when the relationship with the Catholic Church to President was so worst, the Catholic bishops accused of the situation and denounced him. At that time, President Peron was lost a large part of military support as well as lost his power. However, the casualties of the revolution were all but 365.

11. Pakistani Coup d’état, 1958

Pakistani Coup d’état, 1958

Pakistani Coup d’état was one of the most heated conflicts in Pakistan history between President Iskander Mirza and Awami league leaders, and Prime Minister of Pakistan, Husain Shaheed Suhrawardy in 1958. President Mirza revoked the constitution of Pakistan and declared the Martial law across Pakistan. And then, he appointed General Ayub Khan, the commander in chief of Pakistan Army, as Prime Minister. Anyway, Ayub Kahn forced him to resign from the power of the presidency and exiled to England.

12. Burmese Coup d’état, 1963

Burmese Coup d’état, 1963

Burmese Coup d’état was an armed support revolution in Burma now (Myanmar) which held in 1953. The revolution was led by Ne Win, a military commander of Myanmar. He and the socialist Union Revolutionary Council announced Burma to make into a single party state. Anyway, Ne Win took over the power of Burma by arresting the Sao Shwe Thaik, the first formal president of Burma, and his followers. As well as many of chief followers were disappeared and murdered by Ne Win supporters. Even, Universities of Burma also closed for two years during the revolution.

13. Chilean Coup d’état, 1973

Chilean Coup d’état, 1973 List Of Military Coups

Chilean Coup d’état was an armed revolution in the history of Chile which occurred on September 11 in 1973. After three months to the first failed coup revolution to overthrow President Salvador Allende. While the Chilean military deposed the president, General Augusto Pinochet misused the situation to seize all the power as well as demonstrate an opposite-communist military tyranny which lasted for 17 years. The first three months of the list of military coups saw an organized political massacre where thousands of socialist and communists disappeared and murdered.

14. Saur Revolution, 1978

Saur Revolution, 1978

Saur Revolution was well known as the April Revolution as well as the April Coup. The Civil war occurred between the Republic of Afganistan and the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan. In the militant Coup, Mohammed Daoud Khan, the 5th prime minister of Afganistan, was killed by the PDA of Afganistan and air force “Mig 21 and US 7s”. They not only killed the president but also killed all his family members’ cruelty. However, PDA takeover the power of Afganistan and they established a newly named country that was the Democratic Republic of Afganistan.

15. Iranian Revolution, 1978 -1979

Iranian Revolution, 1978 -1979

The Iranian Revolution was also known as the Islamic Revolution. The militant coup against the imperial government was led by Shah Mohammad Reza. And the revolutionary council led by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini occurred in January 1978. During the revolution around 2,781 dissenter and revolutionaries were murdered in 1978 to 79. Anyway, Khomeini pursued support by announcing a much larger number. According to him about 60,000 men, women, and children were martyred by the Shah’s rule.

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16. Equatorial Guinea Coup d’état, 1979

Equatorial Guinea Coup d’état, 1979 military coup

Equatorial Guinea Coup d’état was a horrible militant coup in history not only Guinea but also over the world. The coup happened between president Francisco Macias Nguema and his nephew Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo. The president was overthrown by his Nephew Teodoro. Teodoro Obiang succeeded in the revolution and captured his uncle and sentenced to death for the crime of genocide against the Bubi people. The president Francisco Macias Nguema was executed on September 29 in 1979 by firing squad. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo was not only executed only his uncle but also many of his family members including his brother. Anyway, the casualties of the coup were all but 400 killed and some of the wounded.

17. Martial Rule in Poland, 1981-1983

Martial Rule in Poland, 1981-1983

The Martial Rule in Poland was an attempt to crush political opposition. The government of the People’s Republic of Poland declared martial law on December 13 in 1981 to July 22 in 1983. During the time, thousands of anti-activists were imprisoned without charge, when more than 100 others were killed. The military government led by General of the Army Wojciech Jaruzelski led to the ban of democratic revolutions. Streets were fired by the patrol from day to night by thousands of soldiers. And curfew was imposed, all communications disconnected, all organizations were disapproved as well as all school to university classes were suspended.

18. Venezuelan Coup Attempts, 1992

Venezuelan Coup Attempts, 1992

The Venezuelan Coup Attempts was the first coup attempt which was happened on February 1992 that led by Hugo Chavez with the Movimiento Bolivariano Revolucionario (MBR) when the 2nd one happened on November 27 and was directed by others in an attempt to depose the President Carlos Andres Perez when Chavez was captured. The second coup attempt that succeeded took over the state on television and major airbases. The Military Coups resulted in the death of about 14 soldiers and wounded more than 50 soldiers and more than 80 civilians.

19. Orange Revolution, 2004 – 2005

Orange Revolution, 2004 – 2005 list of Military Coups

Orange Revolution was mainly a series of protests and political events against the presidential election of Ukrainian. The revolution began to protest massive corruption, fraud, and voters ‘intimidation’. Though the revolution first began in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev. Then It was spread nationwide with a series of civil disobedience acts. Anyway, the president had to overthrow, though it was not a bloody revolution.

20. Malian Coup d’état, 2012

Malian Coup d’état, 2012 List Of Military Coups

The Malian Coup d’état was the result of displeased with president Amadou Toumani Toure. The Tuareg rebellion attacked the capital of Mali including military barracks, the president’s house, and the state television center. By the armed rebellion in 2012, all but 1,00,000 common citizens and 15,000 soldiers were killed and many of them were wounded. And the result of the conflict was independence in the northern region of Mali.

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