Top 20 Greatest Warriors In History

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A warrior is a soldier or fighter, mainly individual one in ancient times who was very courageous and encountered in the fighting. However, there have been many exceptional and individuals in several fields of human endeavor throughout history from arts to science, philosophy to politics, business to technology, religion to secularism, but none of those greats has scattered more blood than the greatest warriors in history.

Now we are going to introduce you to some of the great warriors who served as well as took fame for their nation and themselves as well. Now take a deep breath and get ready to find out the bloodiest, most wild, and fierce warriors who ever lived by their courageous work. Here are the top 20 Greatest Warriors in History.

Here Are 20 Greatest Warriors In History

1. Alaric the Visigoth

Alaric the Visigoth Greatest Warriors In History

Alaric the Visigoth was a Visigoth king who has the distinction of being the one who fired Rome. That upgraded him to an honorary Roman civilian and greatest Warriors in History, presenting him an admired member of the Roman Empire. Following the sack of Rome, Alaric led his flocks south to Campania, taking Nola and Capua onward the way. Alaric directed toward the Roman province of Africa where he expected to provision his army with Rome’s secret breadbasket, but a tornado wrecked his ships, temporarily blocking his crossing. The only Mother of Nature could defeat Alaric the Barbarian.

2. Arminius

Arminius Greatest Warriors In History

Arminius was a German general during the beginning part of the first century CE and he is memorialized for being a crude warrior and a certified badass who gave the Romans the defeat of their lives at the Battle of Teutoburg Forest, where he completely defeated three Roman armies and their assistants. Even though Arminius was lastly destroyed and killed, his triumph at that battle was so majestic and so ferocious that it had an unbelievable long-term influence on both the old Germanic tribes and the Roman Empire.   The Roman armies would never again strive to permanently defeat and hold Germania behind the Rhine River.

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3. Attila the Hun

Attila the Hun

Attila the Hun was born in today’s Hungary and he became one of the most brutal and fierce rulers of the area. He was infamous for his violent gaze and according to historian Edward Gibbon, he repeatedly rolled his eyes as if in delight at the terror he motivated. He also threatened his enemies by pretending to own the sword of Ares, the Greek god of war, and judging from his cruel attacks and battles against the Roman Empire, his demoralizing tactics worked just precise.

4. Basil II (The Bulgar-Slayer)

Basil II (The Bulgar-Slayer)

Basil II was one of the rudest, terrible emperors in history. He was a Byzantine ruler of Greek origin from the Macedonian government and ruled the vast Byzantine Empire for approximately fifty years, from January 976 to 1025. At his death, the empire extended from Southern Italy to the Caucasus and from the Danube to the boundaries of Palestine. Basil II was always fighting more brutally than any other member of the army.

5. Count Roland

Count Roland Greatest Warriors In History

Count Roland was a prominent French warrior and an ancient folk hero who was praised in the poem Chanson de Roland, which was written someday during the eleventh and twelve eras. Historically Count Roland was Charlemagne’s leader on the Breton border and his best warrior. According to myth, he was destroyed in a pass in the Pyrenees when Basques cut off the rear protector of the Frankish army returning from its aggression of Spain in 778.

6. Eric Bloodaxe

Eric Bloodaxe Greatest Warriors In History

Erik Bloodaxe was a Norwegian monarch, prince and the last independent king of York. He became emperor of the Northumbrians twice, first in 947 and second in 952. He has considered as one of the most legendary names in Viking history, incredible skill, and fearlessness on the battleground and his warrior vitality.

7. Hannibal Barca

Hannibal Barca Greatest Warriors In History

Hannibal was born in Carthage in 247 BC, during a period when the kingdom had lost along with significant war with Rome and with it many regions. But Hannibal was determined to reconquer many of those areas once he became a grown-up. It is considered that Hannibal was one of the greatest Warriors in History and army leaders of the antique world and an intelligent tactician.

8. Horatius Cocles

Horatius Cocles Greatest Warriors In History

Horatius Cocles was a legendary Roman hero who protected the bridge across the Tiber when the city was undertaken by the Etruscans. He and his army defeated many enemies troops. This ancient hero was lost his one eyes in the battle but he could not give up his determination.

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9. Miltiades


Miltiades was one of the greatest Athenian warriors as well as ruler. The brilliant Athenian military tactician and administrator led the Athenians and their collaborators to triumph over the Persians at the Battle of Marathon where he actually defeated the Persian fleet and assaulted the most powerful empire in the world at the time to resign in embarrassment and return home after failing to defeat Greece.

10. Prince Rupert of the Rhine

Prince Rupert of the Rhine

Prince Rupert of the Rhine was a German Prince and later an Empire. Despite looking softy the man was extraordinarily aggressive. At the age of fourteen, the German prince had entered the military and he went on to have a very distinct, colorful profession though he is most known for leading the Royalist cavalry during the English Civil War.  Though Rupert was a creator, an artist, a businessman, and a few other things, it was his fighting skills and brutal warrior genius that made him stand out.

11. Pyrrhus of Epirus

Pyrrhus of Epirus Greatest Warriors In History

Pyrrhus of Epirus was the king of the Greek Molossians, and he is one who gave the Romans underworld. He was the first and only warning to Rome during its prime at the opening of the empire. Actually, he was the only man who kept striking the Roman armies. Some historians believe that history would have been inconsistent if Pyrrhus had not been assassinated in Argos.

12. Richard the Lionheart

Richard the Lionheart Greatest Warriors In History

Richard the Lionheart was a king of England, after known as the ‘Lionheart’, and renowned for his achievements in the Third Crusade, although during his ten-year ruled he spent only six months in England. He is portrayed as a notably skilled warrior who displayed no kindness to his opponents and his most prominent characteristic was his bravery and daring.

13. Scipio Africanus

Scipio Africanus Greatest Warriors In History

Scipio Africanus was one of the most intelligent and successful Roman administrators in history and he was one who beat Hannibal at the Battle of Zama in the Second Punic War. Even though Scipio was one hundred percent Roman, since his triumph was in Africa, following his achievement he was permitted to take the agnomen Africanus. He next accepted the name Asiaticus when obeying under his brother Lucius Cornelius Scipio against Antiochus III of Syria in the Seleucid War.

14. Spartacus

Spartacus Greatest Warriors In History

Spartacus was unquestionably the most prominent and greatest Warriors in History. He was one of the slave leaders in the Third Servile War, a major slave upgrade against the Roman Republic.

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15. Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu was a martial professional activity during the turbulent late Chou dynasty. However, he became a myth for writing about Chinese soldiery strategy and martial arts in The Art of War, a book that continues to have an extensive influence on both Asian and Western culture.

16. Vercingetorix


Vercingetorix is a France national hero as well as a prominent warrior. Vercingetorix managed to combine many sovereign Celtic societies to do battle against the attacking Romans. He battled courageously and ferociously to keep the Roman army from invading Gaul, as France was then called. His troops were ultimately defeated at Alesia, and Vercingetorix was compelled to surrender after battling the powerful Roman army with all he had.

17. Vlad the Impaler

Vlad the Impaler

Vlad the Impaler was born in 1431 in Transylvania, the central region of modern-day Romania, and governed for many years. he’s better known, Dracula. Vlad’s victories over the invading Ottoman Empire were viewed and celebrated throughout not only Romania but the rest of Europe. However, the man who became as greatest Warriors in History and considered as the Lord of Darkness. And he was a real person and, for that matter, a hell of a fighter.

18. William Wallace

William Wallace

William Wallace became famous worldwide as a Braveheart warrior. The people who know European history already knew what a glorious warrior the mythical Scotsman was. Wallace is regarded as one of the most significant Scottish national heroes for fighting to his death to free Scotland from the English government.

19. Xiahou Dun

Xiahou Dun was a military officer to warlord Cao Cao in the late Eastern Han administration and later he became a legend. During a battle, he was hit by an arrow and lost his left eye. In front of his amazing fighters and opponents, he pulled out the arrow and poured his own eyeball. Following the event, enemy troops across China were distressed by the fear of ‘Blind Xiahou, The One-Eyed Warrior’.

20. Yue Fei

Yue Fei Greatest Warriors In History

Yue Fei is regarded as a national figure in China and the terminal symbol of uprightness, nationalism, and faith. During a25 years army career, Yue Fei fought in 126 fights, largely in middle China, and nevermore lost a personal battle. Moreover, he raised through the ranks from individual to Overall Commander of the Imperial Forces.

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