20 Funny Things That Happened In 2014

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Let’s go to the year 2014. though 2014 is over, the events which were happened that year are still remembered today. Any year of December is a magnificent time to look back at the past year and remember its most significant stories and moments. Unquestionably, 2014 was one of the most destructive, passionate, violent and bitter years, but it too brought some pleasant and delightful things. Here are 20 Funny Things that happened in 2014. Just check out those 20 photographs.

20 Funny Things That Happened In 2014

1. North American cold wave

North American cold wave

The opening of 2014 was identified by an intense weather event that affected parts of Canada and the eastern United States. Temperatures dropped to abnormal levels resulting in many businesses, school, and road closings as well as mass flight abandonment. The event is not forgettable. The event was one of the most significant and gigantic things in the first 21st era.

2. Sochi Winter Olympics

Sochi Winter Olympics

The year 2014 was a year of various important, significant as well as major sports competitions and among them, the Sochi Winter Olympics was unquestionably one of them. The winter competition was held from 7 to 23 February, it was the initial Olympics in Russia as the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991. The hosts country is Russia who obtained the games with 33 medals in total, followed by Norway and Canada.

3. Ukrainian Crisis

Ukrainian Crisis

Sadly, February of 2014 was also the period when the objections against Ukrainian president Yanukovych intensified in the Independence Square in Kyiv. Pro-Russian Yanukovych escaped the Ukrainian capital but violent, long-term unrests flashed up in the Russophone parts of the country. Political violence was the most dangerous issue in Ukraine.

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4. Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 lost

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 lost

The time of 2014 was also a year of surprisingly frequent aircraft collisions. The first plane that vanished was Boeing 777 bearing 227 travelers and 12 aircrew members from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The plane got lost on March 8 and, despite the highest and most costly search in aviation history, there has been no evidence of any flight wreck, resulting in many informal theories about the disappearance.

5. Sinking of the South Korean ferry

Sinking of the South Korean ferry

April in 2014 brought a disaster that got the whole world’s attention. On April 16, MV Sewol, a South Korean ferry, turned while transporting 476 people, mostly secondary school students. In all, 304 passengers died in the accident while only 172 survived, many of students were saved by fishing boats and other industrial ships that came at the view of 30 minutes before South Korean coast guard.

6. 20th Anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide

20th Anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide

April 2014 was also the month of the 20th ceremony of the Rwandan Genocide. It was one of the morn days not only in the history of Rwanda but also over the world. During the civil war, the estimated 100-day period from April 7, 1994, to mid-July of the same year in 1994. Rwanda became the view of one of the cruelest and horrifying mass murders ever charged. In the genocide, about 1 million Rwandans, mostly Tutsi and moderate Hutu ethnic groups, were murdered.

7. Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped

Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped

April of 2014 was an unusually gloomy month. On the night of 15 April, about 276 female students were seized from the Government Secondary School in the city of Chibok in Nigeria. Responsibility for the kidnappings was claimed by Boko Haram, an Islamic Jihadist and terrorist association based in northeast Nigeria. The students have been assaulted to switch to Islam and into marriage with members of Boko Haram. We don’t know what happened the missing girls.

8. Soma mine disaster

Soma mine disaster

On May 13, 2014, became the day of the dangerous mine collapse in Turkish history. On that day, a blast at a coal mine in the city of Soma created an experimental mine fire, which flared until May, 15. In sum, 301 people were destroyed but some politicians challenged that the number of losses was higher.

9. Iran´s effort to save the Asiatic cheetah from extinction

Iran´s effort to save the Asiatic cheetah from extinction

In the time of 2014 was a year when many creature species died out but there were also many splendid conservationist efforts to protect some of the critically threatened species. Iran was hurrying to save the Asiatic cheetah, a kinsman of the more famous African cat, once reaching from the Red Sea to India.

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10. 2014 FIFA World Cup

2014 FIFA World Cup

In June 2014, more than billions of people from all over the world set their eyes on Brazil, where the 2014 FIFA World Cup was held. The Football World Cup was a competition considered by interesting primacies, ancient documents, great performances as well as many surprising results. Germany won it after beating the host country 7-1 in the semifinal and beating Argentina 1-0 in the final match.

11. Islamic State expansion

Islamic State expansion

The time 2014 of June was also the period when the Islamic State announced a worldwide caliphate, pretending religious, political and armed authority over all Muslims worldwide. The Islamic State converted infamous for its remarkably cruel and unfavorable behavior and destructive propaganda that involved videos of beheadings.

12. Israel – Gaza conflict

Israel – Gaza conflict

In July 2014, another area enhanced a military zone. The battles between Israel and Hamas, a Palestinian Islamic organization, increased to such an extent that on 8 July, Israel lanced a military movement in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. In the battle, above 2,000 people were killed, maximum Palestinians, but the result is confused because both sides claimed triumph.

13. Hailstorm in Russia

Hailstorm in Russia

The period of 2014 was also a year of incredible meteorological events and exceptional weather events. On July 12 of 2014, the Russian sea beach town of Novosibirsk was hit with a large summons that came suddenly out of a heat-wave with temperatures of well over 100 F (38 C). It happened so fast that people on the beach could not leave.

14. Malaysian airplane shot

Malaysian airplane shot

The year of 2014 was bad luck for Malaysian Airlines. On July 17, its Boeing 777 listed as international traveler flight MH 17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur collapsed after being shot down. In the disaster, all 283 travelers and 15 crew members on the ship died. The plane was shot in the Donetsk area in Ukraine where the Ukrainian army battled against pro-Russian separatists, charging each other for the shooting. But it was one of the big disaster made by a human being.

15. Ebola outbreak in West Africa

Ebola outbreak in West Africa

In the period of 2014, Ebola virus outbreak apparently began as early as the origin of the year but it wasn’t till summertime when it climaxed summoning thousands of fatalities. There have been numerous Ebola outbreaks in history but the outbreak was the first one with a loss case outside of Africa. A 42-year-old man from Liberia died of Ebola in the United State of America.

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16. Passengers lifting a train to free a man´s leg

Passengers lifting a train to free a man´s leg

Amongst a lot of the bad and heartbreaking stories of 2014, there are also rare events that might revive your trust in humanity. One of them took place in August in 2014 in a railway station in Perth, Australia, where a man’s leg caught trapped between the train and the platform. All the passengers of the station together raised the train in order to free the man’s leg. It was really an incredible event that proved humanity.

17. Ferguson protests

Ferguson protests

On August 2014 was identified by a set of protests and civil confusions that began the day after the deadly shooting of Michael Brown, an 18-year-old black man in the U.S. on August 9, in Ferguson. The event sparked a dynamic discussion about law enforcement’s association with African-Americans, and policemen use of force policy in Missouri as well as nationwide.

18. 2014 Supermoon

2014 Supermoon

What do you see in the picture? It is a picture of Full-Moon or supermoon. It was known as the Supermoon Sunday, August 10 in 2014 was a day that drew the attention of astrophotography followers worldwide. It was officially called “perigean full moon”, the supermoon was a universal phenomenon that occurs when a full moon closely coincides with perigee. The supermoon from August 10 was the biggest supermoon of the year.

19. Death of Robin Williams

Death of Robin Williams

2014 was also taken some sad dies of some famous celebrities. On August 11, Robin Williams, a great American actor, and comedian died at the age of only 63 after committing self-destruction at his home in Paradise Cay. His departure shocked people around the world with numerous other celebrities paying praise to him, including President Obama who said of Williams, “He was one of a kind. He arrived in our lives as an alien, but he ended up touching every element of the human spirit”.

20. George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin marriage

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin marriage

Happily, there was also some joyous news in the celebrity world in 2014 beside morn news. On September 27 in 2014, famous American actor and filmmaker George Clooney married British-Lebanese humanistic lawyer Amal Alamuddin in Ca’ Farsetti, a glorious castle in Venice in Italy.

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