20 Famous Real Robots In History

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Humans always have a great fascination with robots and this kind of science fiction characters. The whole thing has begun in the early 3rd century BC. A china story writer tells some character which sounds humanoid. As our society and technology advances, we assume that character in real and in 2020 you can see the facts on your eyes.

In the mid-1800s there was some huge contribution of formatting robotics and their demands. Nowadays robots are not only using as a toy or something that recreates us. We can see the huge contribution of robots in our regular life. In this article, we have discussed 20 fictional characters about famous real robots that inspire to make something new or they have made from the original one. Let’s have a look.

Here Are 20 Famous Robots Real

1. Astro Boy

Astro Boy

This was a famous series produced in Japan on Osamu Tezuka, an atomic robot. This character is also referred to as Astro Boy. Astro first appeared in a Manga series cartoon in 1952.

2. Bender


This robotic concept came from building a robot that is working in industrial metal. He used smoking cigarettes drinking beer. This robot is capable of living for less than a billion years and no one can not transfer the memory of this robot.

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3. Bishop


This is effectively a film scene in which this android robot serves the US Marine Corps and has a rank officer designation. This famous real robot could use his skills to fight a xenomorphic infestation in the film. He was deactivated in the film later due to some selflessness.

4. Data


This android creature had a rank in a USS company as Lieutenant Commander. This robot had incredible abilities and compulsions. He could comprehend people’s feelings and suffering. When he created this one, the creator of the robot set an emotional cheep into the creature.

5. ED-209


ED-209 is a film franchise android fictional Robocop. It was first displayed in 1987 and that became the comical source of the movie as heavy machine robotics. This robot had a big intelligence shortage, What has often been shown.

6. Evangelions


Some enormous robots that were driven by a kid who was just 14 years old. The Marduk Institute of Animation Series created this comic. The form of Japanese folklore Oni developed these enormous robots. The pilots were kids and it became very popular.

7. HAL 9000

HAL 9000

That’s not a physical robot, it is known as a heuristic algorithmic computer. This computer-controlled robot was shown in the film “Discovery One”: Space Odyssey. This was actually the ship’s principal brain, which could also interact with the passengers.

8. Johnny 5

Johnny 5

Names as the 5th robot produced in the Cold War, because this was the 5th famous real robot in history. It was the principal protagonist of the brief film circuit, published in 1886. This robot was produced with man’s cheap emotion and can read the body’s pain.

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Speaking about the famous television series “Knight Rider” that caught the hearts of many spectators around the globe. This was a semi-autonomous Michel Knight vehicle with a strong connection. The vehicle had a lot of tracking characteristics.

10. Lion Force Voltron, Defender of the Universe

Lion Force Voltron, Defender of the Universe

An animated Voltron, defender of the universe, super-sized robot. The series featured five young drivers able to combine a supergiant Voltron robot. To save the galaxy from outside space enemies, the Voltron Forces were created and a series of cartoons based on it was also made.

11. Major Motoko Kusanagi

Major Motoko Kusanagi

While it looks very appealing, Major Kusanagi is indeed a cyborg who operates as the team leader in Section 9 of public security. In the anime series Ghost, she appeared in the shell: stand-alone complex. As a man that chooses to acquire supernatural power, she can tell her past.

12. Mechagodzilla


The Ames, the humanoid apes who want to attain world domination, were formed Mechagodzilla. It was like Godzilla, who destroyed towns in his very first series. But later on, it came in as its initial form with its heavy equipment and sophisticated weapons.

13. Mega Man

Mega Man

During its initial growth, he was Dr. Light’s laboratory assistant. It was transformed into a fighting robot and built to accept and utilize enemy skills. The mega-man Zero and Sigma have been in the mega-man X series after years.

14. Megatron


This figure was known as a negative or evil robot faction. Megatron could be seen as being a machinegun, a tank, and other types. He is recognized as the Optimus prime’s nemesis and played a part in the battle as an Autobot.

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15. Robby the Robot

Robby the Robot

This creature was an icon of science fiction and appeared in “The Forbidden Planet” for the first time. This7-foot famous real robot complies with the three main robotics laws. In the film, Robby was programmed by Dr. Mobius as a helper for the Earthlings and can speak monochromatically with others.

16. RoboCop


“Peter Weller” first appeared in the film called “RoboCop” in 1987. Bob Bottin created the suit with a million-dollar budget. The whole film performed this personality as a policeman. This one and a famous film were a cartoon series.

17. Rosie the Maid

Rosie the Maid

“Rosie the maid” was first published in 1960, a feature of humanoid robot fiction from the famous animated series, “The Jetsons.” She performed as a housewife and a family midwife in the series. She wore an apron and was frequently seen with an aspirator.

18. T-1000


More famous in the liquid metal form of Terminator 2. Skynet or Arnold Schwarzenegger developed T-1 000 for decommission T-800. This could take whatever form and form it wishes. It can even recover from severe physical harm and it is so common because of that.

19. The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant

This iron giant is indeed a robot that dropped and crashed from the orbit. He was founded by a young kid named Hogarth. The primary protagonist of this formation was “The Iron Giant” (1999)

20. The Robot

The Robot

The film “Lost in Space,” without a title, was launched into the famous real robot. This can reveal the feelings of people and also communicate with people. This creature also knew how to play guitar while he showed his weapons and his superhuman forces to others.

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