20 Facts About Tea You Didn’t Know About

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Today we are here with some amazing facts on tea. where are our tea lovers? Do you know, this is the most popular drink after water worldwide? So, this is the item we have chosen this time and we hope you would know.

In this article, we have talked about and discussed some amazing facts about tea. We know we have many readers who love tea, and this article might get something great to them. So, not getting any more delay, let’s jump into our photo gallery.

Here Are 20 Facts About Tea You Didn’t Know About

1. Fact 1

Facts About Tea

Okay, that’s a great topic, to begin with! 85% of the tea that is consumed in America is ice-cream tea! That is very difficult here too and we hope you’ve already checked if you are an American.

2. Fact 2

Facts About Tea

This is a story of boring tea, you know, tea lost its influence in the United States after the Boston Tea Party. And today coffee in this state is even more popular and continues.

3. Fact 3

Facts About Tea

Many of you know that, but we are here again to remind you of that fact. Tea is the most widely consumed beverage on Earth after tea! Yeah, and you can’t deny that just. This is real.

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4. Fact 4

Facts About Tea

Did you know that only people can join in areas where tea was sold! before it was usually smuggled in England and sold at coffee houses then?

5. Fact 5

Facts About Tea

Here’s something amazing again, but before we admit, you should know that. Black tea makes up 75% of tea consumed worldwide by chance. So, what’s your tea favorite? Or black or regular?

6. Fact 6

Facts About Tea

There’s a variety hidden in tea in China. Highest expensive and exclusive tea in this country created on the hills and gods goddamn Tea. In China, black tea is known as red tea.

7. Fact 7

Facts About Tea

The entire article is solely about tea and you get hit one after the other. You know, solid tea blocks were used up until the 1800s in Siberia as income.

8. Fact 8

Facts About Tea

Already many of us know that China produces the most tea in the world and now India is closely following the trend. Is somebody from our Chinese readers? It’s there for you.

9. Fact 9

Facts About Tea

As we discussed earlier, iced tea is another very popular American innovation, although it is rumorous that it was invented by a British tea merchant named St. Louis World Fair in 1904. What do you say about this?

10. Fact 10

Facts About Tea

As you must know, Ireland drinks the most per capita tea in the world and Britain is second. So, what’s your land like? If you are from a country where people drink a lot of tea, then just let us know.

11. Fact 11

Facts About Tea

Well, in certain countries tea is concerned as a favorite drink and in some places, it considered as something greater than that, do you know It is the national drink in Iran and Afghanistan?

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12. Fact 12

Facts About Tea

You should know that. You may. Lipton is the best-selling international tea company, and we hope you have this if you’re a tea lover. This company is always renowned and the taste is delicious.

13. Fact 13

Facts About Tea

Okay, now is the time to return to the U.S., this is a rewarding piece of information. South Carolina in our world is the only state with a big tea plantation! Would you believe that?

14. Fact 14

Facts About Tea

Tannic acid can supposedly help in the removal of warts in black tea! If you want to know more about it, you can do this by Google and learn more.

15. Fact 15

Facts About Tea

Well, Tea wasn’t always popular in the UK. It’s a piece of old information. This arrived in 1657, but it did not really take off until the second half of the 18th century.

16. Fact 16

Facts About Tea

This is an interesting fact that the Eastern world drinks tea for almost 5,000 years and the West drinks tea for only 400 years! On this, what are you going to say?

17. Fact 17

Facts About Tea

The U.S. invented Tea Bags in 1904 and some purists felt that this was the worst invention ever! And this is the country with high rates of tea exports.

18. Fact 18

Facts About Tea

And this thing is giving another mood, with Ritz Carlton, which is in Hong Kong, being the world’s most expensive high-tea dinner. This lovely place costs almost 9,000 dollars each.

19. Fact 19

Facts About Tea

This is probably the most important truth about this article and this will be agreed by all tea lovers. You know, over 1,500 different types of tea are available? In China, the bulk of them is identified.

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20. Fact 20

Facts About Tea

You know this is something very interesting if the tea is served in China, guests repeatedly tap their fingers on the table to thank the host! Yeah, that’s so true.

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