20 Hardcore Facts About Spartans

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Spartans’ army was not only amatory soldiers but also they were masters of the verbal combat as well as could put look on a rivals’ mouth instantly. Do you know what are the main facts about Spartans? The soldiers of the spartan were made of highly disciplined citizens who trained word for word from early manhood.

In addition to that, they have gained at the height of Sparta’s power between the 4th and 6th centuries BC. Trained soldiers were one of the most feared military forces in the greek world. Here is a list of 20 Hardcore facts about Spartans’ army you might not have known before.

Here Are 20 Hardcore Facts About Spartans

1. The Spartan Army

The Spartan Army Facts About Spartans

The legendary legislator of Sparta, Lycurgus, who developed the Spartan army and inaugurated the military-oriented reformation of Spartan society. It was known that the reforms worked in accordance with the Oracle of Apollo in Delphi and were directed towards “adequate virtues, that included equality among citizens, strength, austerity, and aptitude. By using the discipline and honor of warrior society to domesticate state youth and develop leadership, Lycurgus created harmony, simplicity, and strength in Sparta.

In most of the cases, Lycurgus positively responded to the proposal to build a protective wall around the city but some ancient philosophers and historians have mentioned it and are credited with establishing the Constitution of Sparta. It is believed that Lycurgus grew slowly in Sparta and invented Gerousia, the Spartan council of elders. To be told, Today, the term “Spartan” has become synonymous with fearlessness and resistance.

2. Philip Response to Write “If”

 Philip Response to Write "If" Facts About Spartans

Philip wrote a letter saying ” if invade Laconia, I will drive you out” before invading Laconia. The spartan ephors who was the man of steel also responded to the letter with a single word, “If”. Knowing more facts about Spartans’ army the spartan ephors became more intelligence, which was considered as their response to a letter from Philip II of Macedon.

3. Laconian Speech

Laconian Speech Facts About Spartans

Some people of Sparta believed the blunt Laconian speech was considered as a result of a lack of education literature and art. Although Socrates rejects this idea as well as stared Spartans are an excellent education in philosophy and speaking. As I know, a few amounts of people of Sparta having a reputation for their blunt as well as sometimes pithy remarks, the word “reticent” come to. Considering far and away it was named after the region of Greece including Sparta, Laconia.

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4. Money Made of Iron

Money Made of Iron Facts About Spartans

The historian of First-century, Plutarch who said Lycurgus commanded, “Money is made by iron should be current, perfect weight and quantity of which was but very little worth”.The constitution of facts about Spartans, the coinage issuance was forbidden to discourage the pursuit of material wealth. To create money Spartans used iron obols, Instead of gold or silver. These were meant to encourage self-sufficiency and maintain focus on preparation for war.

5. Spartan Strong Soldiers

 Spartan Strong Soldiers Facts About Spartans

Spending more time Spartan soldiers were assumed to be strong and fit enough to play the part of the country. If you have any confusion then you can check this, Aelian (Miscellaneous History: 14.7) recorded that mentioned the  Spartan law and required training of Spartans soldiers to stand naked in public. Besides, each soldier’s bodies could be inspected after every ten days for their goodness. If any soldier of the Spartan didn’t adhere to the standards, they were punished and condemned badly.

6. Diet In Ancient Spartans Soldiers

Diet In Ancient Spartans Soldiers Facts About Spartans

One day some Spartan soldiers ate black soup, which was made of pork boiled in pig’s blood, flavored with salt and vinegar. The soldiers of the spartan consumed the food with the purpose of becoming as strong and healthy as possible. But the diet in ancient Spartans soldiers was limited by local resources of the Greek landscape. 

7. The Battle of Thermopylae

The Battle of Thermopylae Facts About Spartans

The Battle of Thermopylae was considered an extreme danger battle in Greece. It was disclosed in the Zack Snyder film 300 and I saw many soldiers’ weapons destroyed when they forced the opponent group. Consuming many weapons the battle didn’t stop and the Spartans soldiers continued their fighting with massive confidence. If you follow  (Histories, 7.223), “ in the end, Spartan soldiers combated to use their hands and teeth when they consumed all weapons.

8. The horrific Slaughter of Civilian

The horrific Slaughter of Civilian Facts About Spartans

Spartans made a rule for Citizens of the country were forced to dress in rags. They must shave half their beards so that everyone could see their disgrace. All spartan soldiers were adamant and they were fearless, cowards were not treated kindly. Without the permission of the spartan leader, if anyone runs away from the battle, he will be punished by his dead.

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9. Aristodemus

 Aristodemus Facts About Spartans

Aristodemus was one of the most soldiers of Spartan. Due to his physical problem, he was not present at the last stand against the Persians in Thermopylae. Although he was considered ‘Aristodemus the Coward’ because he was not fit and he became afflicted by an extreme disease of the eyes and was too ill to fight.  After cured by incantation he attended the Battle of Plataea but he died horrifically after charging to kill several Persians.

10. The Spartan Army Used The Phalanx Formation For Fighting

The Spartan Army Used The Phalanx Formation For Fighting facts about sparta

The special force of the spartan army was infantry-based and they batted using the phalanx formation technique. It was considered as a dense grouping of soldiers who were armed with long spears as well as interlocking shields. At the beginning of the time, the Spartans didn’t perfect for fighting and they could not know proper methods of fighting. However, they had enough time to be trained by rigorous training and discipline.

11. Fighting Shield

 Fighting Shield facts about sparta

Shields were very important things amongst the Spartan army. It was considered as the life-saving weapon when soldiers would attend to fight against the opposition party. Moreover, all military families would pass down their shields to each generation as family heirlooms. If anyone loses a sword or spear in combat would go without consequence, but losing a shield was a sign of disgrace. Using shield soldiers could protect themselves in battle.

12. Zack Snyder’s depiction of Spartans

Zack Snyder’s depiction of Spartans sparta facts for kids

This battle is considered as a selective genocide. In this battle, soldiers used several types of bronze chest plate protection hiddenly. Zack Snyder’s facts about Spartans were going into battle with bare chests was one of the many stylistic choices the film made. In fact, It will be perfect if Spartans would normally have used chest plating that was made from bronze and would be up to 1 inch thick.

13. Spartan Wardrobe

Spartan Wardrobe sparta facts for kids

Who doesn’t love action figure man? It is one of the important features of Spartan wardrobe was the use of the deep crimson red color. Can you imagine why they used this color dress in battle?  It is the same color of blood due to this Spartans would wear this color in battle. Wearing Crimson dress would allow hiding any blood loss in order to not give their enemy any notice of wounding.

14. Spartans Long Hair

Spartans Long Hair sparta facts for kids

According to their leader Lycurgus, Spartans were known to keep long hair and a large head of hair includes beauty to a good face as well as terrors to an ugly one. However, due to historical reason, Spartans started to keep long hair and having long hair was it identified them as a low class.

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15. Effective Weapon Dory

Effective Weapon Dory facts about sparta and athens

Dory is deemed as the most effective weapon in battle. It is the main weapon utilized by spartan soldiers. The dory handle was made of wood, and the spearhead was made of iron with weight counterbalanced by a bronze butt-spike. It was the most important weapon, 7 to 9 feet in length. Homer declared the word “Dory” to have the meaning of wood and Spear.

16. Housing Rule and Regulation

Housing Rule and Regulation facts about sparta and athens

Do you know when a Spartan member can get a good place to live? It is too difficult. The spartan leader made a rule for the general soldiers. He told that soldiers won’t get to live barracks until they were at least 30 years old. However, the main facts about Spartans’ soldiers could marry after the age of 20, they just allowed living together until the age restriction of the obligatory military housing head passed.

17. Spartan Women

 Spartan Women facts about sparta and athens

Spartan women enjoyed more with her muscular husband and they were unique in freedom. Spartan boys would be seen as women’s equal not their masters.  Although Spartan men at the age of 30 were required to take a life partner. Most probably women would wear a gorgeous dress with a hairstyle and men would wear men’s clothes and they had to wait a long time for the marriage.

18. Spartans Slaves Culture

Spartans Slaves Culture facts about sparta and athens

It was nothing but a curious tradition during that period.  Spartans had many slaves they generally would work in agriculture and economically support the Spartan citizens. Every slave of the Spartan was very active to do any work. Basically, they would work for Spartans citizens’ satisfaction. Sometimes they would be punished by the unethical behaviors.

19. Warrior Culture

Warrior Culture spartans history

A seven-year-old Sparta boy would leave home and being military training at the Agoge. It is out of description that the present education system or quality of the high education system of this country much more backward compare to other countries.  Although a state gave the offer of an education program that mainly focused on warrior preparation but also thought dancing and entertainment.  Sparta was most affected by Warrior culture allowed only male citizens to be a soldier as a profession.

20. Training Process

Training Process facts about sparta government

A 12-year-old young boy who started the training to join as Spartan army.  This training will continue until it is completed at the age of 20. That means they will consider full warriors by the state and ready to join the spartan army.

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