20 Curious Facts About Hitler You Probably Didn’t Know

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Today here we are to talk about the most controversial person perhaps. Can you guess? yes, it is Adolf Hitler! He had a reviled personality in history. His opinions, beliefs,  and ideas that cause war and death of million peoples. Today we have arranged our article about this famous personality and hope you will enjoy this.

He was a defining character in history. Today we will look back to the past and identify what he did to achieve his targets and how Germany survives on those days by his order. There will be facts about his personal and professional life too and we hope you would find something mysterious beyond this article.

Here Are 20 Curious Facts About Hitler You Probably Didn’t Know

1. Hitler married Eva Braun and committed suicide the day after

Hitler married Eva Braun and committed suicide the day after Facts About Hitler

It was a long time, Hitler denied to marry Braun to keep his image sharp. After that, he decided to do this when the Germans were about to lose. Then they got married. On the same day, their dead bodies were found.

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2. Hitler had a controversial relationship with half-niece.

Hitler had a controversial relationship with half-niece.

Hitler’s half-niece was was Geli Raubal, who stayed in Hitler’s apartment in Munich. After, Hitler became very oppressive and possessive of her. He stopped her from doing anything without permission when he heard rumors of her relationship with his driver.

3. Hitler and the Church

Hitler and the Church Facts About Hitler

Hitler once wanted the Vatican to acknowledge his beliefs and authors that is why in 1933,  and the German Reich and the Catholic Church signed an adjustment which tells about the protection of the church if they continued committed to the government.

4. Hitler’s own version of the Nobel Prize

Hitler’s own version of the Nobel Prize Facts About Hitler

Hitler had banned  Nobel Prize during his time, Then he revealed his personal one and this one was known as “the German National Prize for Art and Science”. You know what? Ferdinand Porsche was one of the awardees for being the man who worked for Volkswagen Beetle!

5. Hitler’s collection of Jewish artifacts

Hitler’s collection of Jewish artifacts

‘Museum of an Extinct Race’  was the brainchild of Adolf Hitler but that not happened. It would be a place where his collection of Jewish artifacts would place.

6. Eiffel Tower’s elevator cables

Eiffel Tower’s elevator cables

This was when Paris goes under the control of Germany in 1940! They cut off the elevator cables of Eiffel Tower.  The thing deliberately was done to constrain Hitler to climb the steps to the top.

7. Hitler and the women’s cosmetic industry

Hitler and the women’s cosmetic industry

The Warwolf ( Hitler ) originally planned for the obvious banning of the cosmetics industry to cover the way for a total war economy! Still, to avoid unpleasant Eva Braun, he thought about the second way.

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8. American Genocide of Native Americans

American Genocide of Native Americans

Adolf Hitler frequently recommended the “efficiency” of the American Genocide of Local Americans!

9. Hitler and art

Hitler and art Facts About Hitler

Do you know, Hitler had artistic preferences?  After he moved to Vienna in the early 1900s, This man thought of proceeding a career in the arts, He even appealed for the Vienna’s Academy of Art back then

10. Hitler’s family environment

Hitler’s family environment

Adolf Hitler grew up in an absolute family environment. Though, His father was a man of hot temper. This was also been remarked that Hitler incorporated many of his father’s personality and characteristics.

11. Why Hitler was frustrated at Germany’s surrender in WWI

Why Hitler was frustrated at Germany’s surrender in WWI

During World War, Hitler was going through a gas attack, after then the report of the truce was delivered which indicated the end of the mega war. And this became the cause of Hitler’s anger and he believed that the Germans were corrupted.

12. The general who refused to commit suicide

The general who refused to commit suicide

When Germans were about to lose the Battle of Stalingrad, then Hitler thought of,  the current army chief should take his own life. But he (Army Chief) said “I have no intention of shooting myself for this Bohemian corporal.”

13. Why he did not like soccer

Why he did not like soccer

Adolf Hitler had cultivated a distaste in football because German victory over non-Germans is not guaranteed rather they try to manage the combination.

14. Hitler’s original complete name

Hitler’s original complete name

Do you know, Hitler’s father had changed his name in 1877. And this is why it was being tough to say Hitler’s complete name which was “Adolf Schicklgruber”.

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15. Hitler’s ‘honorary Aryans’

Hitler’s ‘honorary Aryans’ Facts About Hitler

Hitler’s personal servants and close friends were of Jewish descent! Therefore, the major announcing of Hitler’s party recommended for his removal from SS. Yet, he along with his brothers were allowed release by Hitler, and they were regarded as ‘honorary Aryans’.

16. Hitler’s ‘noble Jew’

Hitler’s ‘noble Jew’

When Hitler was a boy, his family could not afford the substantial fees for a doctor. Fortunately, There was a Jewish-Austrian doctor who never took any charges for him and his family for providing medical assistance. After coming as a chancellor, the doctor was given ‘everlasting gratitude’.

17. The lawyer who cross-examined Hitler

The lawyer who cross-examined Hitler
The lawyer who cross-examined Hitler

Hitler was asked to the witness box by a Jewish lawyer whose name was Hans Litten and he cross-examined Hitler for 3 hours. When Hitler cames as the leader of Nazis, this Jewish lawyer got arrested and tortured for half a decade and then he committed suicide.

18. Hitler as a Disney fan

Hitler as a Disney fan

He had a love for Disney. Hitler described Snow White as one of the world’s best films back at that time. Actually, sketches of Doc, Pinocchio, and Bashful,  connected to Hitler were rescued.

19. Hitler’s burial

Hitler’s burial

Hitler’s body was concealed four times before cremated and the ashes were thrown into the wind.

20. Mustache design

Mustache design Facts About Hitler

Before, his mustache was like a handlebar type. During World War I, Hitler trimmed his mustache, and then he changed the design to his popular toothbrush style. And the rest of the life he maintained it.

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