20 Pictures That Reveals The life in Cuba before Fidel Castro

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There was a revolution held in Cuba named The Cuban Revolution. It was an armed revolt, conducted by Fidel Castro. Before Castro’s revolution, Cuba was one of the most advanced and successful countries around the world. After the revolution there were many changes and today we are offering you some pictures before the revolution and you need to decide, the life before Fidel Castro was good or after the revolution, it demands better?

Some people can come in an argument by saying yes and some will say no. We think these pictures will make you easy to make decisions at this time. So, let’s have a deep look at some special photos of life in Cuba before Fidel Castro.

20 Picture Of Cuba Before Fidel Castro

1. It’s Coffee Time

 It's Coffee Time cuba history

Cuban President Fulgencio Batista is having a coffee with his wife. How interesting the president’s life in Cuba before Fidel Castro.

2. No Discrimination

No Discrimination batista cuba

Some paralyzed boys are there to having a race in a big garden.

3. Traveling

Travelling batista cuba

Checking the tickets of the passengers, 1948.

4. Miss Cuba

Miss Cuba cuban revolution

Miss Cuba was a fashion show held regularly till 1967.

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5. Looking at the project

Looking at the project cuban revolution

Former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower was talking with someone.

6. Coca-Cola Headed

 Coca-Cola Headed cuban revolution

Coca-cola was sold back then in Cuba. This picture shows Coca-Cola leaders’ life in Cuba before Fidel Castro.

7. Before the fight

Before the fight cuba history

Before a war, the former Cuban military officers were talking.

8. High-Class Society

cuba before the revolution  High-Class Society

Peoples back then in Cuba raised as high facilities included education.

9. Classic LifeStyle

Classic LifeStyle  cuba before the revolution

A High-Profiled woman was trying to ride Triumph 1000cc in 1943.

10. Freedom

Freedom fidel castro facts

You could move freely even in Governmental places.

11. Exposure

fidel castro facts  Exposure

A true exposure for women was there back then Cuba in 1939.

12. Street Shows

Street Shows fidel castro facts

Street shows were held to recreate the rich families. The photo was taken in 1912.

13. Che’s Exploration

cuba before 1959  Che's Exploration

Che Guevara was looking for a mechanical Injector in 1950.

14. World War Effects

World War Effects cuba before 1959

After world-war there was no such big explosion was held in Cuba.

15. Business

Business cuba before 1959

Havana port Cuba, Back in the 1800s. You might also like life in Cuba before Fidel Castro, here the oldest lifestyle of them.

16. Sports

cuba before 1959 Sports

Cuba Football Team played in Quarter-Finals in FIFA in 1938.

17. Transportation

Transportation cuba before fidel castro

Beautiful roads on Havana in 1912.

18. Speech Independence

Speech Independence cuba before fidel castro

A marine is talking with her wife before leaving for the sea in 1948. This great Speech Independence picture shows a stylish life in Cuba before Fidel Castro.

19. Heritage Places

 cuba before fidel castro Heritage Places

The city Havana had too many places felt heaven back on those days.

20. Women Culture

Women Culture cuba before fidel castro

Women could participate in every single ceremony with men in 1913

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