20 Biggest Rescue Operation In History

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No one ever expects to be kidnapped or taken hosting but it is rising alarmingly day by day. Do you know thousands of people find themselves fighting for their life? It’s a reality!  Even more life-threatening situation occurs due to human errors, terrorists and natural disasters. In most of the cases, people are facing such situations can rarely do anything except hope that a rescue mission is already underway.

Sadly, I would like to say life isn’t anything like an action movie. Focus on human life if they feel any problem. The persistent terrorist threat is a common thing in almost every country. To control a rescue mission is not an easy thing, it involves risk on the part of the rescuers. Here is a list of 20  biggest rescue operations in history.

Here Are 20 Biggest Rescue Operation In History

1. Beslan School Hostage Rescue

Beslan School Hostage Rescue Biggest Rescue Operation In History

Who didn’t cry to see this operation?  Russian security forces stormed the building to use tanks as well as thermobaric rockets. Approximately 1,100 people were taken hostages by the Riyadus-Salikhin Reconnaissance and Sabotage Battalion of Chechen martyrs Group on September 1, 2004, at school number one in Beslan. This was the biggest rescue operation turned out to be bloody as more than 330 people were killed, about half of them children.

2. France Hostage Rescue Mission

France Hostage Rescue Mission Biggest Rescue Operation In History

Denis Alex is a French hostage in south Somalia from Islamists left two French soldiers and 17 terrorists killed on January 2013. The soldiers of the operation were praises for their tremendous work. Besides the operation was started by the DGSE secret service of France as well as it was sparked by the intransigence of the Islam terrorists refused to arbitrate.

3. Gran Sasso Raid

Gran Sasso Raid Biggest Rescue Operation In History

Who doesn’t know the history of Adolf Hitler?  Gean Sasso Raid was known as the operation Eliche. During World War II, he had rescued Italian director Benito Mussolini. He would always work depend on Adolf Hitler’s order, he had done the rescue operation on July 24 and 25, 1943 while Mussolini was being transported by his captor’s in Italy. During that time, toppers overcame his captors to rescue Mussolini as well as protecting him until he was able to get on the aircraft and escape.

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4. Moscow Theater Hostage Rescue

Moscow Theater Hostage Rescue Biggest Rescue Operation In History

True be told, this agent however negatively affected and killed approximately 130 of the hostage. Nearly 50 armed Chechen rebel fighters allied to the Islamist militant separatists’ movement in Chechnya took over the Dubrovka theater. The rescue operation was executed by Russian Spetsnaz force when the rebels held  850 hostages. In order to save hostages life, Russian Spetsnaz force-fed an unknown chemical agent into the theater’s ventilation system before storming in.

5. Nigeria Rescue Mission

Nigeria Rescue Mission Biggest Rescue Operation In History

Nigerian forces set out on a daring mission in Nigeria. In order to rescue Briton Chris McManus as well as his Italian colleague France Lamotianare from the hand of AlQaeda. Two hostages’ life were considered to be in mortal danger during this biggest rescue operation. In addition, three teams hadn’t the choice to launch their daring raid. They are about to start their operation but unfortunately, the terrorists had already executed the innocent captivate before they could be released.

6. Operation Barras

Operation Barras largest mass evacuation in history

Operation Barrage was the most dangerous operation that took place in 2000. Sadly African rebels are known as the west side boys took 11 British soldiers as well as a local Sierre Leone liaison officer hostage. Five soldiers were rescued via negotiations but the remaining seven were rescued using the special air force service and boat service. However, approximately 25 rebel forces were killed and 10 were captured, including their leader of the group.

7. Operation Eagle Claw

Operation Eagle Claw largest mass evacuation in history

The operation Eagle claw took place in 1979. It happened when the Delta force, as well as Army Rangers, attempted to rescue 53 Americans were captured in the U.S embassy in Tehran. In spite of trying, both the Army Rangers and Delta force failed to rescue the operation. Their helicopters had been caught by an unforeseen sandstorm and a mid-air collision took place between one of their helicopters and planes. In the end, this rescue operation was stopped dramatically.

8. Operation Gothic Serpent

Operation Gothic Serpent largest mass evacuation in history

Despite the fact that two Delta soldiers were killed and three captured.  American soldiers were eventually rescued by an American, Malaysian and Pakistani military convoy in what is deemed one of the most intensive close battle skirmishes since the Vietnam War. Moreover, the hostile ordeal occurred in the ruins of two MH-60 Black Hawk helicopters leaving its crew trapped inside a kill area. Unfortunately, 24 UN soldiers died due to the Somalian terrorists’ attack.

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9. Operation Magic Carpet

Operation Magic Carpet largest mass evacuation in history

Operation Magic Carpet took place from June 1949 to September 1950. Approximately 49,000 Jews were transited to Israel by British and American Transport planes by creating about 380 flights from Aden. This biggest rescue operation implemented by a community of Yemenite Jews from persecution and sacrifice.

10. Operation Magic Fire

Operation Magic Fire largest mass evacuation in history

Operation Magic Fire took place in 1977 when Germany’s GSG 9 involved the rescue of nearly 84 passengers and five flight crew members. This horrible event was happened by four members of the Palestinian terrorist organization known as commando Martyr Halime. This terrific hijacking was ended by Germany’s Commandos who rescued the hostages and killed three and captured the fourth terrorist.

11. Operation Prime Chance

Operation Prime Chance mathunny mathews

The SEAL was known as the most responsible special force of the U.S. During the Iran-Irak war, this special force took the responsibility of rescuing people. The operation prime chance was an effective deterrent as well as included some advanced tracking and missile technology in the world. SEAL force didn’t disclose a specific result of rescuing after.

12. Operation Red Wings

Operation Red Wings largest air evacuation in the world

Undoubtedly the SEAL is the most powerful force of the U.S. Operation Red Wings took place in 2005 when SEAL went to the Kunar Province, Afghanistan to neutralize Taliban leader Ahmed Shah. Unfortunately, the SEAL team was confronted by nearly 200 Afghan fighters. Using seven helicopters SEAL team tried to rescue but they failed. In spite of enough power force, they failed dramatically against the Taliban and two SEAL dead.

13. Operation Urgent Fury

Operation Urgent Fury largest air evacuation in the world

In 1983, Delta force attempted to break into the Grenadian prison to rescue all of its imprisoned political figures. Operation Urgent Fury was a pathetic event in the country. Unfortunately, the Grenadian military stopped the mission by firing at the Delta force helicopters.

14. Rescue of Dr. Dilip Joseph of Colorado Springs

Rescue of Dr. Dilip Joseph of Colorado Springs largest mass evacuation in history

Dr. Dilip Joseph was kidnaped by the Taliban outside Kabul, Afganistan. He was not released until December 2012. Getting this information the U.s special force “SEAL” went to rescue Dr. Dilip Joseph of Colorado Springs. Sadly, this mission calls off and one SEAL dead.

15. Rescue of Jessica Buchanan and Poul Hagen Thisted

Rescue of Jessica Buchanan and Poul Hagen Thisted

 Jessica Buchanan and Poul Hagen Thisted who were taken hostage by Somalian pirates. In order to save their life, U.S special force ‘SEAL” prepared themselves to go there. By any means, the U.S special force reached there and rescued both hostages. During the biggest rescue operation, nine of the Somalian pirates were killed by the U.S  special force. 

16. The Rescue of Jessica Lynch

The Rescue of Jessica Lynch

Both Army Rangers and Navy SEALS  took the responsibility to rescue a 19-year old private First class named Jessica Lynch who was captured as a part of a convoy in March 2003. It became one of the most controversies parts of the Iraq War.

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17. The Rescue of Kurt Muse

The Rescue of Kurt Muse largest airlift real story

In spite of enough effort, an American civilian was arrested in Panama for his involvement in the installation of covert anti-Noriega radio transmission in the country. By hook or by crook operation Acid Gambit was the main plan to rescue Kurt Muse. Unfortunately, this master plan didn’t mentalize until operation just Clause entered the scene in December 1989, when Delta operation attacked the prison cells through their roofs and retrieved Muse

18. The Rescue of Roger Locher

The Rescue of Roger Locher

The commander of the 7th Air force canceled the whole strike mission set for Hanoi to rescue Roger Lacher on June 2, 1972.  In order to save people’s lives, the direct task force associated 199 aircraft,  50 helicopters, bombers, and tankers. The commanding officers of the operation had recognized that the one thing keeping the soldiers motivated was certain that if they were shot down they would do everything in their power to rescue them.

19. The Rescue of Shiran Franco

The Rescue of Shiran Franco Biggest Rescue Operation In History

The Israeli delegation was sent to rescue civilians trapped under rubble. This pathetic incident happened during an earthquake that propelled northwest Turkey in 1999.  During the operation, Soldiers got a nine-year-old Israeli citizen Shiran Franco who along with her family was entrapped for a total of 96 hours. After releasing from the dangerous situation, Shirian was severely dehydrated but miraculously endured. There were in total of 20 survivors and 140 recovered bodies.

20. World War II’s Great Raid

World War II’s Great Raid Biggest Rescue Operation In History

It is known as the most epic as well as the complex mission of world war II. The great riad took place in 1945 when 121 volunteer U.S army rangers declare on the biggest rescue operation to save more than 500 allied prisoners of war. This onfall lasted for 30 minutes and freed more than hundreds of soldiers.

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