20 Funny Place Names Around The World

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There are so many places around the world are famous for. Some attract by their beauty, some attract by their unique look, some attract by religious issues and some attracts by their history of course. We all love to discover the places all around the world to see, to feel, to relate them with our daily life. Here in this article, we have talked about some places by their names.

Some uncommon mysterious names are there all over the world among many places. We have decorated our article with this uncommon places with uncommon names. You can find a true potentiality there for your tourist inside. So, let’s grab a look at this one and have a small virtual tour.

Here Are The 20 Funny Place Names Around The World

1. A City In Bangkok That Nobody Can Say Properly

A City In Bangkok That Nobody Can Say Properly Funny Place Names

This city is a popular one in Bangkok but the pronunciation of the name is a bit tough. In local term, they say the name like “Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin” now it’s your term to say it properly.

2. Accident

Accident Funny Place Names Around The World

This beautiful small town is situated in Maryland, USA. The town is very small and moreover, 400 people lived here. The thing is this city is famous for its view. In which purpose this beautiful has got this name is still unknown.

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3. Elista

Elista Funny Place Names Around The World

The city is the capital of Kalmykia state in Russia. Which was founded in 1865 and made a city in 1930? The city holds the cultural and natural view in itself and it is a tourist spot too. A piece of special information about this one is this city has a population of only over 100000.

4. Fucking

Fucking funny fake town names

This is not a city though. This is a small village in Austria situated near the German border. This city has a population of over 500. The city itself has an old history itself from 1070 AD.

5. Gibsonton

Gibsonton funny fake town names

This place is an unincorporated area which is situated in Florida state in the USA. This place is commonly known as show city. they have an international community of show city and a large museum there to visit for everyone.

6. Hashima Island

Hashima Island small towns with funny names

Hashima Island is an abandoned place commonly known as Gunkanjima, which is situated 15 kilometers from the city of Nagasaki, Japan. This place was known for its underground coal mines from1887. It is abandoned from many times, in 2009 it got opened for the tourist.

7. Hell

Hell small towns with funny names

hell is an unincorporated company which is situated in the state of Michigan, USA. The story behind the name has two theories and there are more cities named hell in this to the world and you can check them out over the internet.

8. Lily Dale

Lily Dale small towns with funny names

Lily Dale is an incorporated area from 1887. It is a camp for free thinkers and spiritualists. You can visit this place if you want to.

9. Longyearbyen

Longyearbyen funny island names

Longyearbyen is the highest populated settlement on Svalbard. The settlement is commonly known as northernmost town in the world. This is a perfect place to explore the Arctic. This place has typical weather in both summer and winter.

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10. Manshiyat Naser

Manshiyat Naser funny kingdom names

Manshiyat Naser is a ward, situated near Cairo city. The city is commonly known as the garbage city. Although this city has streets, shops, and apartments there are problems with clean water, electricity and drainage system for all the civilians of this city.

11. Missoula

Missoula funny kingdom names

Missoula is a city which is situated in the state of Montana, USA. This city has a university and lumber factories here. Now the whole city is almost blank without some natives. The beautiful places make this city a choice to visit.

12. Monowi

Monowi cool city names in the world

Monowi is an incorporated village which is situated in Nebraska, United States. According to 2010, this whole place has only 1 people who lived there. Monowi is the name of the native flower. The village contains too many wildflowers there.

13. Rennes-le-Château

Rennes-le-Château cool city names in the world

Rennes-le-Château is a very small community, situated in southern France. This small village of France attracts thousands of tourists every year for its both end mountain range and wildflowers in Autumn. The beautiful trees and the upper view of the city are really stunning.

14. Roswell

Roswell cool city names in the world

Roswell is a city in the states of New Mexico of USA. The city is vastly known as its popular alien incident and you can find many restaurants, parks, stores and book shops related to the alien term. So if you are fond of UFOs, you can have a short visit there and know the full story.

15. Supilinn

Supilinn cool city names in the world

Supillin is a small tiny village in Tartu. This small village has a population of only 1840. If you want a life without the interaction of other people, then this could be a place for you.

16. Swastika

Swastika cool city names in the world

The swastika is a small village in northern Ontario, Canada. This village has a small train junction over there and a beautiful park. There was a gold mine long before ago and the place has almost no population. You can see the street signs of no population over there.

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17. Thames Town

Thames Town funny names for villages

The Thames town is a new town in Songjiang District about 30 kilometers from central Shanghai. This place is an ancient place and there are a lot of things that attract tourists to visit there.  A lonely place with all kinds of facilities out there, so if you want to come, you can.

18. The Dwarf Village

The Dwarf Village Funny Place Names

This common remote village is situated in China. the biggest thing is this village is almost full of 40 % is dwarf. The tallest dwarf is 3’10” and the shortest one is 2’1″. the villagers along with dwarfs, there are almost 80 peoples in the village. If you are interested to see this village then you are welcome to see this.

19. The Villages

The Villages Funny Place Names funny creek names

This place is amazing and beautiful with 50 + golf courses all over the village and very popular for peoples who have money to spend. Blossom gardens, lake, club hall, and rides are there for the purpose of entertainment. They called it friendly hometown of Florida.

20. Centralia

Centralia Funny Place Names

Centralia is a ghost town in Pennsylvania, United States. In recent days no one lived there actually. There was a coal mining business which was started in 1856 and after some years due to weather it got closed and then the population grew very few. One of the mines was exploded and it brought the temperature to 172 °F.

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