20 Funny and Disturbing Google Street View Images

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Google Street View service has become an indispensable part of our life. Google Map features give us the opportunity of virtual traveling through the streets all over the world without any money. Maybe it’s not known to us that Google street view has some of the weirdest, funny, creepy and disturbing images of the world. We have some 20 images for our viewers. So, let’s enjoy those funny and disturbing images of Google Street View service.

1. You are going to hear me because a tiger is on the loose

You are going to hear me because a tiger is on the loose

Tiger naturally born in Forest and survive their life in Jungle. Actually, they are the inhabitants of the forest. But here is a tiger which on street. It looks strange as well as terrible too.

2. Sex doll somewhere unknown

Sex doll somewhere unknown

The doll is one of the peculiar pictures that was taken from google street’s view. Here a man would go somewhere with a sex doll.

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3. Middle fingers to Google Street View Car

Middle fingers to Google Street View Car

Here are three young people who were going to something funny by showing their middle fingers. Do you know what the symbol of showing middle fingers? If you do not, just google it.

4. BJ somewhere in Karla Burriana

BJ somewhere in Karla Buriana

What do you see in the images? A man on driving, right. Just see deeply and guess what happened there. This picture also was taken from google street’s view from the Burriana in Spain.

5. Mannequins In The Trash

Mannequins In The Trash

Here are some of Mannequins. At first sight, you may think as the dead body of human being. But actually, they are not. Just some of the broken and old Mannequins which was throwing by someone as waste.

6. Taking a whizz

Taking a wizz

Look at the picture which was taken from google street. A man just urinated in the back of a car. Maybe he was not tolerating the pressure.

7. Brazilian guy vs. booger

Brazilian guy vs. booger

Taking booger from someone’s nose is not ugly for ownself. But it is peculiar when someone sees. Here a man of Brazilian who was caught by the google street view on the exact time of booger.

8. Accident caught live on Google Street View

Accident caught live on Google Street View

This is one of the terrible accident which was caught live on Google Street View. The Google view is one of the witnesses of the accident.

9. Public handjob live on Google Street View

Public hand job live on Google Street View

This picture is one of the strange, odd, shameless as well as funny pictures. Here a man, doing a handjob on the street to see a woman in front of him. The peculiar one is taken by the google street view.

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10. Detroit man with a gun

Detroit man with a gun

Look at the picture. Here are some of the people who were stands with armed. Google street view took the pictures from somewhere.

11. Police and a suspect somewhere in South America

Police and a suspect somewhere in South America

A white police pickup with a man of the suspect. The picture was taken from South America. Here a police officer captured a man who may suspect for something.

12. Bakehouse & Cafe with Llama

Bakehouse & Cafe with Llama

Here is a man with a llama, an animal of the South American with broad hair which is look like a small camel except for a hoist, in front a Bakehouse.

13. Naked man in a trunk

Naked man in a trunk

In the picture, you may see a naked man in a trunk. This picture would be funny, but there would also be a terrible event. Nobody knows the history behind the picture, but by google street view make it a funny one.

14. Creepy! Nothing but scary (location unknown)

Creepy! Nothing but scary (location unknown)

The first sight of the picture, you may think it is a group of terrorist or it a picture of a film. The masked man looks terrible, creepy as well as funny.

15. Sex on fire

Sex on fire

This a rare odd picture of the human being. The picture is taken at the time of their passionate love.

16. Kids with guns

Kids with guns

In the picture, we can see two children with hand guns. They target two peoples. It may look real. I think it is actual, not real, they may just play with it.

17. Baby on the loose

Baby on the loose

Here a picture of a toddler baby. The cute baby may be lost because there have no guardians.

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18. Awww


A young girl falls on the street and her friend would laugh to see it. It looks funny as well as hurt for the girl at the same time.

19. Some ass for Google Street View Car

Some ass for Google Street View Car

Think! What would happen when the picture is seen by his knowing people? Ufff! Of course, they will laugh to see it. Here the man may put off his pants to see the Google car. Or he will try to put on it by hurry to see the car.

20. Somewhere in Brazil

Somewhere in Brazil

In the picture, we can see some of the young men who were captured by the policeman. Maybe they were the suspected some of blame or they doing something wrong. The policeman arrested them. The moment captured by the google.

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