20 Fish Tank Designs For Living Room

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Hello Everyone, how are you all? Today we are going to talk about something exceptional again. Owning an aquarium is good for your mental health and this could decorate your room also. I have a beautiful aquarium in my bedroom also and giving time on this creature gives me a feeling of peace.

In this article, we have collected 20 bizarre photos of the aquarium and these photos are from many areas in the world. This is how you could know how beautiful these places are with the placement of this aquariums. So, not getting more late, let’s dive into our photo gallery and see the photos.

 Here Are 20 Fish Tank Designs For Living Room

1. Design 1

Fish Tank Designs For Living Room

As we know fish tanks have always dragged people´s attention, many restaurants and cafes all over the world want to have some to renovate their interiors. Here is a stylish aquarium, which can be found in T-Rex Café in Florida

2. Design 2

Fish Tank Designs For Living Room

Today, home built-in fish tanks have been more and popular and their usage is not limited to just living room walls anymore. As you are skillful enough, you can make this original aquarium coffee table like above.

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3. Design 3

Fish Tank Designs For Living Room

Proportionally, viewing this fish tank probably wouldn’t give you a relaxing feeling but the designer says it’s an absolutely safe and very well-balanced design.

4. Design 4

Fish Tank Designs For Living Room

This is made from cylindrical acrylic glass, this majestic aquarium is located at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin, Germany. Which is filled with 1,000,000 liters of water, and including over 1,500 fish of 50 different species, this beautiful aquarium can also be perceived from the inside when using a built-in glassy elevator.

5. Design 5

Fish Tank Designs For Living Room

And Apple fans can also have their own version of an aquarium. You can take an old Mac case and fit it with a custom drafted fish tank,  then you can get something like this cool Macquarium.

6. Design 6

fish tank in wall cost

Do you love to have an aquarium all around you, visit this hotel located on the Maldives island of Rangali? This is generated by the international luxury brand Conrad Hotels & Resorts, this special hotel has been voted twice as the best hotel in the world.

7. Design 7

fish tank in wall cost

Some people who are scared by immense masses of water and large fish might want to consider this tiny wonder by Russian artist Anatoly Konenko. This is the world´s smallest aquarium holds just two teaspoons of water and can only support a few miniature stones, plants and the tiny zebrafish.

8. Design 8

fish tank in wall cost

There are no rules that, aquariums don’t have to be necessarily occupied just by fish. The small jellyfish tank looks modern and relaxing. Nevertheless, the jellyfish seem to be a bit circumscribed in there.

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9. Design 9

fish tank in wall cost

Many of us used to view fish tanks in some bars and pubs but the QUA Bottle Lounge in Texas has tilted the usage of an aquarium in a bar to another level. This is the dance floor of the lounge which is built on a huge 20,000-gallon tank with sharks and stingrays!

10. Design 10

in wall aquarium

This bathroom sink is another place where you can install your piece of life. Where two circular holes on the sides are designed for feeding the fishes and the entire top glass can be removed.

11. Design 11

in wall aquarium

Do you know the fish tank can also be used as an original space divider in an office? Probably, the roaming fish on the background doesn’t rattle the employees of the office.

12. Design 12

in wall aquarium

This tank was designed by a famous Japanese aquarist Takashi Amano, this fish tank creates a unique ecosystem.

13. Design 13

wall mounted fish tank bad idea

As no one likes waiting for the bus, but watching these colorful fish swimming around can make the wait more enjoyable. This has built under The AqurioMania project, and the bus stop is located in Brazil.

14. Design 14

wall mounted fish tank bad idea

Might you have come across a shoe in an aquarium but you probably haven’t seen an aquarium in a shoe. And that’s exactly what the creative W+K Tokyo Lab put together for one of their drives.

15. Design 15

wall mounted aquarium installation

So, don’t you think to fall asleep under this unusual 2460 liter which is almost 650-gallon fish tank design must be very pleasant and refreshing?

16. Design 16

how do you feed fish in a wall tank

So, don’t you think to fall asleep under this unusual 2460 liter which is almost 650-gallon fish tank design must be very pleasant and refreshing?

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17. Design 17

how do you feed fish in a wall tank

This actually looks like weird pipelines is actually a water-filled tunnel connecting two regular fish tanks. The unique decoration was one of the main attraction at the Liquid Potion Lounge, which is a coffee bar in Illinois.

18. Design 18

fish tank room divider

This is for who want their fish tank to be striking and colorful should go for a marine aquarium with saltwater fish and live coral reefs!

19. Design 19

fish tank room divider

Do you want an aquarium at work? You can have this fish tank, which is installed directly into your office desk.

20. Design 20

fish aquarium design ideas

We have already mentioned the world´s smallest aquarium so it is fair to tell you about the largest one as well. Which is Covering more than 100,000 animals of 500 different species in 38 million liters (10 million gallons) of water, the world´ largest aquarium is The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia. This aquarium is home to such large marine creatures as whale sharks, beluga whales, manta rays and even Bottlenose dolphins!

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